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Reckoning: Epoch Time Between Illusionary Worlds · 2:09am Jan 26th, 2017


E is Equestria while V is Valley. 7 days on E is = to 2 months in V but when the bridge between E and V are open, time is ≠ to V instead = to E. I must find the time difference between E and V by days...
6 (d = Days)
60d / 7d = 8.57d (Let us imagine that every month on E is 30d, this is where I get 60d, 2 months adds up to 60d)

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Should I Delete The Day Of Reckoning? · 4:06am Nov 28th, 2020

Hey there, everyone. Due to the amount of feedback that I've been getting about both one of my stories and one of my characters and the fact that I've been constantly bothering others about them (And I'm sorry if I still am), I've decided that the best course of action would be to get rid of both of them all together. But first, I need your opinion on whether or not I should do it. If so, what do you think I should do instead? If not, then what can I do better?

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Odium's Relapse (Last Ask For Help, I Promise) · 4:26am Jan 29th, 2021

Look. I know that I've been asking for too much advice and comments on both Odium and The Day of Reckoning story, but I promise you that this will definitely be the last time I talk about that.

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I'm going to give all the Odium stuff a complete makeover. · 2:00am Apr 10th, 2021

I've decided to rewrite the whole Day of Reckoning story in its entirety. By that, I mean, by given everything, including Odium himself, a complete makeover in order to make it a hundred times better than it was before. But first, I need to know all the problems that the current story and Odium had in order to make sure they're all fixed and improved. Can somebody do that for me through either a list, or more or less a paragraph?


Today, I stood up to my dad...and it felt amazing. · 10:46pm Jul 25th, 2015

So I was helping my dad to thread some wires under our outdoor patio roof for some lights he's put inside of some plastic meshing, and he asks me to pass him a 'plastic piece'.

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The Codex has been completed, at least to this point. · 1:06am Sep 18th, 2015

Check out Shinzakura's post over here:

The Codex Innocencia has been completed, at least for now, and will be updated with every new chapter of Seven Days in Sunny June continuing forward.

Feels good for it to finally be released. Check it out here:


Great news, everypony! :D · 9:14pm Dec 7th, 2015

Disclaimer: If you cannot handle sarcasm, do not continue reading. Side effects of not understanding sarcasm include confusion, misunderstanding, and general disgust of this blog post.
Like the blog title said, I have great news!

waaaaiiiit for itttttt

I have pneumonia!
Apparently I've had it for almost a week and a half, and my doctor doesn't want me to go to school until Wednesday, if then. Gotta love makeup work from the week before exams! :D

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