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An independent Wolf who's wise, kind, and loving; who only cares for the safety and well being of others. He wishes only to be loved and treated fair. A wondering soul searching for his longed dream.


Reckoning: Epoch Time Between Illusionary Worlds · 2:09am Jan 26th, 2017


E is Equestria while V is Valley. 7 days on E is = to 2 months in V but when the bridge between E and V are open, time is ≠ to V instead = to E. I must find the time difference between E and V by days...
6 (d = Days)
60d / 7d = 8.57d (Let us imagine that every month on E is 30d, this is where I get 60d, 2 months adds up to 60d)

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Manahuu, A Goal has been set... · 5:21am Oct 26th, 2016

I dream of becoming someone who you can look up to and call or cry for when you are in dire need of aid or protection. I dream of becoming that creature who in turn would stand by your side for a cause that is both noble and true for the reason of yours and everyone's sake. And I DREAM... of being a well-known writer, gamer, artist, and acoustic guitarist who later disappears in the silent wind after a long, stressful, and enduring stride across the world of writing. Though

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A Conscious Breath of Clarity and Respite · 4:59pm Aug 26th, 2016

Mana'hu everyone, I apologise for my recent absence and my disappearance for the past few months. I have been taking some time away from writing and the My Little Pony community to think to myself. I understand it has been a long time and for those who know me personally, I apologise for not telling you or helping with your work. I have just worked so much that I need some time to myself. Again I am sorry for my recent absence, I shall explain myself soon but for now, I wish to write by myself

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Fading Flames of a Phoenix · 4:42pm Feb 12th, 2016

A grim time has appeared in my presences, and it is an upsetting one. Not far in the past, my travels led me to a strange light that lived deep within the books of our world, and this light would shine greatly with speeches and words like no other. This light took the form of a wide bird which would spread its wings far so that the world may see them. It bathed itself in fire and would fly to the highest point in the sky. I approached this high spirited form with bliss and asked if he may aid

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Do you wish to be a proofreader? · 6:52pm Dec 11th, 2015

How would you feel to be a creature who can make their own decisions in a story? I have been working on a project for some time now and I have no one to share it with. It saddens me to know this; to feel alone in a way. Would anyone care to help a young pup such as myself? One who will be honest and true when speaking their mind. I would like you to be a pre-reader and a huge help for this project. I await your answers. Please message me or comment in this Blog if you wish to help this sad

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