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Story Status · 5:06am Aug 27th, 2014

So, as I've been receiving a lot of comments on it lately. What Bound Them is... alive. Sort of.

That is, What Bound Them is not going any further in its current form. Basically, I'm unhappy with the way the story was progressing following the troupe arriving in Canterlot. Besides that, I've recently started a new job which has taken up almost all of the free time formerly reserved for writing projects, and I've started writing other things as well - things that, hopefully, I can actually get published.

So basically, I've been unable to find the time or the drive to continue the story as it is, but, on the other hand, I have come up with what I believe is a way to re-do the Canterlot portion of the story in a way that I am much happier with.

For those who enjoy the story as it stands, I appreciate that, and I'm not going to be deleting the chapters entirely. I'll have to look up the site rules on where it is and isn't okay to post duplicate or extraneous portions of a story - perhaps I'll set up another story where I can shove the "failed draft" bits, so that those who enjoyed them will still have the option to read them if they wish. But I've written myself into a bit of a corner, and as I've mentioned elsewhere, I feel like the Canterlot arc kind of killed a lot of what made the story fun to write.

Before I sign off here, though, I have to say: ABSOLUTELY NO PROMISES. Work is still my number one priority, as are my more professional writing projects, but I do enjoy writing What Bound Them and I dislike leaving you all hanging. If I can find the time, it will continue.

For now, I ask that you please be patient, and thank you for your continuing support.

EDIT: For those curious, the current things up for revision are as follows:

- The story up to and including chapter eighteen ("The Blizzard") will remain as-is.
- Chapters nineteen and onward will receive heavy revision, though the basic idea (Spike and the rest journeying to Canterlot and SPOILERS HAPPEN HERE) will remain intact.
- Chapters twenty-two and twenty-three ("What Broke Them", "Ragnarrokr") will likely be removed in their entirety. While they were pretty fun to write, they give away too much at once in a very forced manner, and are a big part of the reason I am unhappy with the story as it stands.

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Comments ( 11 )

You could put the old chapters in a google docs file, then link the file to us through a blog or on your user page.

2405252 That's a good idea. Thank you. I'll keep looking for options while I try and write the revised chapters, but this is probably the best one.

Well good luck with what you chose to do, should be interesting.

Man I'm Glad The Stories Still Alive It's Such A Good Story! :pinkiehappy:

If You Do End-up Finding Time And Get Back To The Story. Are We Going To Or Supposed To Find Out About What Happened To Twilight Later In The Story Or Will He Find Out In Canterlot Even If It Is A Different Way. Also Is Discord Still Going To Have The Same Backstory and/or Be In Canterlot? If You've Even Figured This Out Yet Of Course, Thanks :pinkiehappy:

On A Side Note Is There Anyway To Block Out The Words So That You Can Only See Them If You Hover Over Them Like On Blogs And Forums? Thx :rainbowkiss:

2405669 Discord, yes; Twilight, I'm not entirely sure yet.

Yes!! Finally!!:pinkiehappy:

2405669 Yeah, put in whatever you're saying, and then [/spoiler) but use a bracket, not parentheses to close it.

2405840 Awesome Thanks Really Hope You Manage To Find Time :pinkiehappy:

2407377 Thanks so like this?

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