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Interesting, I'm looking for more. I wonder why Sunset was hostile and what she did when she came to Earth.

Please continue this story. It's very interesting.

Holy hell! My mind pictures things, much to my charging in this case, very detailed when it comes to reading descriptions in stories. At some parts I was pretty much disturbed.

Though when I read about 'the seven' I had the seven deadly sins in mind for some reason. But seriously, what kind of fucked up, degenerated crossbreeds between Satan and Cthulu would be able to corrupt and perverte a single person's soul and mind to such extreme measures that even the word 'insanity' would be a mild label for Sunset's state of mind before she was, thankfully, killed off???

Oh, the plans I have! Such terrible, wonderful, plans! :pinkiecrazy:

Well then... let the slaughter commence? I guess? But now Celestia and 'Sunset' can be daughter and mother, better than the alternative, what would have happened if Lovecraft Sunset would have returned for a visit. Much, much, much better.

In fact, there are not enough 'muches' to express it. :rainbowlaugh: And not many people could claim that they woke up in the body of a, what was she called again? An 'elfish sex-goddess'.

I knew it! Just burn it with fire! Before it lays eggs of course. :ajsmug:

But I have one thing to say to the following...

Don't be surprised if you gained a sudden fetish for public masturbation, cravings for peanut butter, or feeling discomfort while wearing something that covers your stomach.

I don't see a problem with any of the mentioned quirks.

And additionally...

Gry Solana—Born on October 26th, 1997. Gry's a Scorpio, likes snowboarding, skateboarding, and mountain biking. Gry has a photographic memory, an allergy to bullshit, and a fetish for furry futanari

Coincidence? I think not! Though are the 'ponies' in your fic now humans with elfish-like traits or anthros or what are they?

Spoilers for like... the next chapter. Shush.

Hahaha .... truth be told before this chapter I thought gry was a woman ... getting gender changed for him is gonna be a trip. I'm missing something... three hallways I get one was sunsets ... was one hallway gry and the other his subconscious??

The premise is fascinating, the prose is excellent, and the future is full of possibilities! Tracking and looking forward to more!

Holy shit. This is more interesting then winter right now. More please! You got me hooked.

One is grys, ones sunset, the other is a vault with the soul memory

Update notice and no update? Weird.

I published an unfinished chapter by accident. Sorry love.

It's 20% complete.

No worries! I've had that happen too. Looking forward to more!

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Patience my love. Patience.

<Inset Smeagol Meme Here>

Seems like this will be an eventful story. Can't wait to see what Gry does after he is awake and processes everything that happened. Can't imagine how Celestia will react when she finds out what happened. I'm looking forward to future chapters, and I can tell this will be an entertaining series of events!:pinkiehappy:

There is not that many story's out their that I say this but,WOW JUST WOW I can't wait to read what happens. NEXT TIME ON DRAGONBALL-Z,OH WIAT I MEAN LAST SUNSET:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Thanks! <3

I'll try to make most of my chapters for this above 4000 words each. The current one is 48.6% complete at 3600 words.

And I'm glad you enjoy it so far. <3

Only a few stories (less than five now) have EVER gotten a emotional reaction out of me, I am happy to say yours has been added to that list :applecry:

You got my blood pumping and KEPT it there, I wanted to jump though the screen and HUG, no DEATH HUG Sunset! I can only hope that SOMETHING of her (in this mental memory form) still exists in all those Core Memory's so he can bring it back in some way.

" Shining Armor. "

Well... he going to die spectacularly, someone have popcorn?

Shining what the fuck did you do bro? You pissed off the wrong people boyo. Better get your spf 1 trillon million as well as infinite air tank and enough warm clothes to survive the fucking ice age.

This is definitely going some interesting places... ...and if Sunset doesn't get Dr. Strange to fuck her, then she clearly isn't doing her job.

Its also /Benny/. How would she not want to? Ha! Still, this is going to be fascinating in where its going. You're pulling from some diverse sources and unique mixtures. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes!

Hymn .... if shining tried to do that to sunset makes you wonder if cadence is allready under a spell. Or worse twilight.

The i know something and am not telling evil version look.

The tendrils, tubes, ropes, vines, and strings penetrated every muscle, every bone! Even my tongue, ears, fingers, toes, nose, breasts, and pussy. My circulatory-system looked like its coated in fiber-like hairs

I was drinkin' mah coffee, and when i saw this i was goin' to pretend i was choking but guess what... i really started chokin'. Hehehe... i saw my entire life before my eyes

"In other words—" I leaned forward with a cheeky grin, "—I evolved."

Can't decide if this is a good pokemon or prototype reference.
Yo dudes, help me to decide this one

Ooooh, i just finished reading
So we have a prick armor here huh
Welp. Time to start my studies on quantum physics and cellular regeneration... bye

I just realized how unintentionally dirty that sounded.

Could be both.

So I heard Shining gets disintegrated? Sounds fun.

I just noticed something. Isn't her top (coverart) a bit transperent?

How long have you been staring at the Coverart? :trixieshiftright:

... 2 minutes, something seemd off. I watched at it and kouldnt find out whats wrong with it. Thill I noticed that her skinn was shining through her top :twilightblush:

Ah geez are you doing that thing where you publish the chapters earlier but keep them hidden until a later date? They won't show up in people's trackers if you do that. I had no clue this story had been updating.

It's my fault. I published 1 before it was done and this created a chain of confusion. It should be fixed for next year.:ajsleepy:

Wow....there is a serious disconnection between the love and attention that Celestia seem to have for Sunset and what Sunset seem to have experienced....

Possibly mental magic shaenigan?Or it is just that Celestial want to atone for her mistakes and lack of attention for her freaking “daughter”?Or maybe it’s Sunset Perception of things that have been altered by her anger and loneliness or other factors?Regardless,something is very very wrong here.

Ah and interesting to see that Gry experienced the rage of Sunset with such clarity(maybe too much clarity if her reaction is anything to go by?).Anyways,such rage seem downright unnatural to me.I repeat myself but something is very very wrong here.(or maybe not?I don’t know)Oh and Gry thought about the fact that the gards are here for restraining her....well I don’t know if she is right or if it’s just her anger that speak but it’s clearly not good.And the situation was going so well too....

Really interested in this story.Continue the good work!


Possibly mental magic shaenigan?Or it is just that Celestial want to atone for her mistakes and lack of attention for her freaking “daughter”?Or maybe it’s Sunset Perception of things that have been altered by her anger and loneliness or other factors?Regardless,something is very very wrong here.

Something's very wrong here seems to be theme in Winter's visions of Equestria. While we don't have the full picture yet Celestia's already admitted she neglected Sunset and either didn't know or didn't care about what Sunset went through.
Also the conversation with Dr Strange (and Celestia's lack of reaction) gave us one small piece of the puzzle, this Equestria has concubines/sex slavery and Shining Armour (tried? succeded?) wanted Sunset to be used by the royal guard. Sunsets time in the human world would have changed her moral/ethical view, adding this to the hate pile, while Celestia doesnt see anything wrong with it. Just these three things hinted at so far have turned humans into murderers.
Although I don't understand if Sunset is an orphan that Celestia "adopted" or is she Celestia's daughter but "hidden" as an orphan for security/image?

things are escalating like a super sonic rocket
I like it:pinkiecrazy:

wait a minute. you're making a VRMMORPG... for a degree in ENGLISH. Okay that's fucking awesome. Hopefully you have some time to write and publish new chapters.

Also, a meta comment, I really enjoy how you're able to make Celestia a villain, willing or otherwise in your stories. I mean, it's not uncommon but you do it rather well.

Look's at notes... List of villains...many...

Obsidian Sunrise smirks

Still working on the update thing... Don't mind the dates. Most of them are wrong. Chap 4 lullaby was posted on Feb 1 2019

Before I read this, I must know: What does gry mean?

Gry = Scandinavian/Norwegian for Dawn

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