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Pfft! :rainbowlaugh: Bwahahahaha! That's just too funny!

:rainbowlaugh: omgomgomg XD if only rainbow dash was there!


I enjoyed your inner monologue here, I smiled quite a bit reading this.

There were a couple of errors here and there but it wasn't anything that could ruin my day :pinkiesmile:

Onto the next chapter!

This chapter felt a lot more polished! Very few mistakes this round, I only picked up on your use of "soup" instead of "soap" which is what I believe you were going for. Once again, I enjoyed your comedy!

Admittedly, little dirty at one point...:trollestia:

...but it definitely worked!

I'm enjoying where this is taking me, however, 'Winter Rose' is a little Mary Sue-ish with her ability to levitate cupcakes nailed in about five seconds. I understand it's meant to be a guy, but I just thought that fine controls of the wings would take longer to learn!

Keep going, see you on the flipside.

6877969 You certainly like Rainbow Dash, don't ya?

By the way,

"I can see the universe!"

Once again, I chuckled. Spitfire might want to see her crash, she's going to have to go through hell first!

Also, what is 'the twins incident?' You've withheld that for a couple of chapters, I am interested.

6883142 Glad you like it. Sorry for the stuish parts, but every charachter needs an op skill sooo I know how to balence her out. Shock hasn't quiet set in yet. The twin incedent. Hmmm XDXDXDXDXD NOT TELLING YET.

Once again, I'm enjoying the story.

But, umm...

The back of my head pounded like a motherfucker with down syndrome holding a jackhammer.

Excuse me? I have a twisted sense of humour but that's maybe a little uncalled for.


Keep them coming!

Didn't think that Rose realised how brash they were when they were belittling Feather!

Don't make the pony cry, anything but the pony!

"Who's side are you on?" Spits turned to face an unamused Feather.
"The innocent side."

Feather is the Switzerland of this story.

"That is some interesting goals. One would assume that someone such as yourself have some ulterior motive?" Luna smirked. I lifted the Pony Sutra and turned the pages to the thestral tongue spell. I handed it to the Moon Princess.
"I want that," I smirked back. Luna's face went red.

I found this very amusing.

Children, nasty buggers. But so is Rose

D'awww freakin Yus!!!

Yes Please make more this is... Well there are no words for how good and funny I find this sooo.... Yea.:applejackunsure::heart:

7024203 This is on my priority list...So don't worry. :pinkiesmile:

"Feel free to criticise."

Well, okay.

You need an editor. Or at the very least a proofreader, if only to stop you from getting "soup" mixed up with "soap", or from using "women" when you mean "woman" or all the weird ways you form certain sentences.

That aside, there are some parts that seem forced, like the part where the character is afraid of Spitfire just 'cause, but otherwise it seems like you've got a plan. So that's good.

AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!I can't wate to see her reaction when she sees what's in the bag!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

funny as always please keep it comeing

This story is incredibly funny:pinkiehappy:

I hope those looks of horror where toward the injuries that she resceved not toward her killing the dogs

Aoutch ,,,thats not good.

Chicks dig scars, but if they cant mend and restore that eye then Rose will bee having problems with her ranged air attacks and dog-fighting (Ha!) when she loses most if not all of her depht perception. Not a good thing to lose for a flying creature that travels fast trou the air and need to judge distance (try closing 1 eye and read its freaky).

But this is the magical land of talking ponys so maybee they got a solution.

And the horror for killing the dogs ?, I personaly dont think so. With a swat cheif and a Sky-Captian of a elite military branch with the standing orders about killing humans in cold blood, and beeing in close proximity to 2 demi-god class ageless entitys (Spitfire). I would say, nervus maybee fearful ath the most, for a little time ahead.

Did she hit that dank mc twisty flop

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day to write these story's I really appreciate it. just sayin :scootangel:

This chapter.... The feels....:heart:

7039139 You're welcome, I like writing them, and I have nothing better to do anyways.

My heart now has type 3 diabetes

When you say side story, it makes me think of side quest. I'm one of those people that do all the side quests in RPGs, so I say yes to the side story idea.

A side story sounds fun.

"Soup molestation" I lel'd, hard.

Lol already almost Don 21. Man I'm fast and I am working on two at a time!

Yay update!!!1Also there was an error:

but after Midnight explained 5o me that she was serious

7042389 Fixed. Sorry my T is just under the 5 on my phone. Curse you big thumb syndrome!

This fic makes me laugh more than most comedy shows, Cant wait for the next chapter.

:fluttercry: aww and it was getting good

Summer Rose

Ok, it can be just a coincidence, but this is a bit suspicious, do you know about RWBY?

I wanna punch Celestia now. No wonder she gives all the important tasks to twilight and her friends, its because she doesn't know how to lead or handle dire situations.

Still great, and i want moar.

I finally convinced myself to read this today, and so far it has been hilarious. Looking forward for more.

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