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What if Rainbow Dash didn't become an Element of Harmony? What if someone took her place? What if her destiny changed the day she was born, and somepony else became an Equestrian hero? What if Rainbow Dash was just your average small town Pegasus trying to live her life and enjoy the little things?

This is the story of the person who took the place of one of Equestria's greatest heroes, who tried to convince everypony that she wasn't who she said she was, but no one believed her. And when she tried to make things right, someone else took the destiny as the Element of Loyalty. Now, stuck in the body of Rainbow Dash, Zephyr must figure out how to return the real Rainbow Dash to Equestria. All the while dealing with the everyday life of a common pony.

"And I am NOT crazy!"

Author: This is the Equestria Girls One.

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