• Published 22nd Mar 2018
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Life at the End of the Rainbow: Pony Edition - Winter Rosario

What if Rainbow Dash didn't become an Element of Harmony? What if someone took her place? What if her destiny changed the day she was born, and somepony else became an Equestrian hero? What if Rainbow Dash was just your average small town Pegasus?

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Introducing: A Totally-NOT-Insane mare!

"When life gives you lemons, fuck them in the ass and give them Lemon-Aids!"

—Rainbow (Zephyr) Dash.

"Well, Miss Dash. I think we have finally made a breakthrough!" cheered Doctor Clear Mind. "How do you feel knowing that you'll be able to leave the Hospital and return to society as a mentally healthy mare again?"

I let out a solemn sigh. It's been two years since being admitted to Canterlot's Hospital for the Mentally Ill. In those years, I've spent my time waiting in a padded cell, eating pudding, painting, therapy sessions with my Doctor, and trying to escape the Hospital. The reason I was in the Hospital in the first place had to do with trying to convince Princess Celestia and many others that I wasn't Rainbow Dash...that I was someone else trapped in the mare's body.

In hindsight, shouting and yelling at the top of my lungs in the middle of the market; declaring that I'm a Human male in a Pegasi mare's body wasn't the greatest of plans. Then again, doing that in front of Princess Celestia like a lunatic also didn't help my cause. All it did was get a squad of guards to plow me into the ground and drag me off to the insane asylum to treat a gender problem I didn't have (which eventually led to confronting me about homosexuality issues I also didn't have), as well as treating a bunch of other variants of identity psychosis the Doctors thought I had. It was one giant cluster-fuck of problems that had me disowned by my (Rainbow's), family, got me on the newspaper for being Canterlot's "latest" crazy mare, and fired from Cloudsdale Weather Factory.

In one week, I practica—no—ruined Rainbow Dash's life. All I wanted to do was get out of her body and return it to the pony that it originally belongs too. I didn't want to be a Pegasus, a mare, or the pony responsible for saving all of Equestria from all the bad guys in the world! That destiny belongs to the prismatic, loyal, athletic tomcolt Wonderbolt! Not a computer programming gamer nerd! Even if I wanted to be in Equestria, I would have wanted to at least be in my body regardless of the gender change.

Now, two years later, I still think I can figure out where the real Rainbow Dash is, and I still plan on giving back her body. The few issues currently stopping me at the moment have to be is being trapped in an insane asylum, funding, and magical knowledge I currently lack. I cannot trust anypony at the moment nor do I think anypony would believe me. I really didn't want somepony to tell my Doctor I'm "relapsing," and have me be brought back to the padded white room in a straightjacket.

So in those two years I waited, pretended that the Doctors were "curing" me. Plus, having to admit a few things about who I was made it all the more believable. I'm a guy in a mare's body, that doesn't mean I'm automatically straight. Though, the Doctor Clear Mind reaction to my version of Lesbianism wasn't something I expected. Last I can recall, the mare to stallion ratio was three to one. You would think mares only relationships would be the norm, but not in this Equestria! It was extremely rare, and herds were whats in. Not only that but in a herd, mares don't have sex with each other! Just the stallion! Polygamy doesn't work like that!

All members of an intimate relationship need that group connection so not to show favoritism to one person. That's one of the main reason polygyny doesn't work all that well. If one person gets all the attention, that leads to competition, which leads to fighting, and fighting leads to break-ups. When I explained my reasoning to the Doctor, I swear I saw his entire worldview self-destruct right in front before my eyes. I later found out from a nurse that many herd break-ups were caused by that very reason: Competition caused by favoritism.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, the Doctor thought being "mares only" was really strange and because of this fact. He concluded that being unable to find somepony capable of reciprocating my feelings led to me spiraling down a path of loneliness, and self-destruction of my identity. This hypothesis conveniently tied up all my false psychosis in a neat little knot and gave him a means of treatment that should work on all the problems I don't have. Do you know what that treatment entailed? Well, it involved embracing who I am of course! With a side dish of counseling on relationships with Princess Cadence on Wednesdays, deep meditation on Fridays, and having someone "teach" me on how to pick-up mares only interested in other mares. Like myself!

Rainbow Dash is going to kill me.

All in all, boosting my self-esteem, convincing me that how I was born wasn't wrong and other junk I could care less about. At the end of the day, (today in fact), I was getting out of the asylum. And all I had to do was prove to the Doctor that I embraced the reality that both my masculine and feminine side were one and the same.

What I do care about was how badly I ruined Rainbow's (and mine), reputation. Rainbow was a hardworking, team playing, weather pony who was training to become a Wonderbolt. Ponies liked her, they could depend on her and of course, found her a bit arrogant and boisterous. Now, she is a mentally unstable, job-quitting, Human-believing, wackjob; who was fired for causing a scene in the throne room of Canterlot Castle. Who abandoned her friends in Cloudsdale (who also don't want anything to do with her anymore), and was publicly disowned by her family. She has nothing to her name and in turn, mine. I also don't think the Wonderbolts would take her in anymore after the crap I did in the throne room. Screaming, kicking, and punching a few Wonderbolts really looked bad on her resume. Especially, Spitfire. I can clearly remember landing a few right-hooks on the fiery orange mare while screaming, "You can't take me away! I need help! Princess Celestia's help! Only she can fix us! Fix our souls!"

In any case, the life of the mare I have stolen is ruined, and I plan on fixing it! All I need to do is get to Ponyville, become the Element of Loyalty, and with Twilight Sparkles magical connections with Celestia. I can figure out where Rainbow Dash's soul went, and return it back to her body. Not to mention becoming an Equestria hero will kick-start Rainbow's reputation back to the green, which will is something we both desperately need right now.

Coming back to reality, I gave the dark-gray Unicorn Doctor a practiced smile. I wasn't out of the Hospital just yet and if I blow my cover now. I could end up stuck in a padded cell for the rest of my life. "Great, Doc! I feel as though I can take on the whole world!"

Doctor Clear Mind returned my smile with one of his own before raising his clipboard in front of him with his magic. He shifted through a few pages, looking over them all for a second until he reached the last one. Humming in thought, he turned the board towards me and hoofed me a quill with a fresh dabbing of ink. "Here you go Miss Dash. This is your release form," he said as I took the quill with a wing. "Once you've signed this, you are free to go, but remember. I still expect to see you once every six months for our annual follow-ups to monitor your condition, and if you need to see me again before that time. All you need to do is ask."

"Sure thing, Doc," I acknowledged, and with the shaky writing of my name on the paper with my finger like feathers. I hoofed back the clipboard to the Doctor, practically shaking in excitement to finally get out of the Hospital. My twitching wings further exemplified this emotion, earning me a deep chuckle from the Doctor.

"Well, I might as well let you go. Not being able to fly all that much would drive a lot of Pegasi batty. Especially as one as active as you, Rainbow Dash. Make sure to gather your things from your room, and I'll have the nurse show you out." With that, the Doctor stood up from his chair and reached out with a hoof for a shake. Following his example, I quickly shook his hoof, gave him a nod and said, "later!" before turning around to leave his office.

Canterlot's Hospital for the Mentally Ill was a small complex in comparison to Canterlot General. Located just a block away from the General Hospital, the building was only two-stories tall and spanned two city-block lengths. The General and the Mentally Ill was connected by a courtyard separated by a large fence meant to keep the insane ponies from interacting with the rest of the world. Now, what do they do to prevent Pegasi from flying over this fence? By binding our wings in a very uncomfortable jacket.

The inside of the building was what one would expect of an insane asylum: Padded corners, locked doors, guards everywhere, and nurses armed with giant needles; ready to pounce if a patient got violent. The entire interior was painted white with the exception of the few signs directing places of importance like the food hall or the lounge. If you wanted to find a way out of the place you will have a hard time as there were enchantments in place to disorient patients, which I learned about after a few failed attempts at trying to escape. They were quite effective at stopping ponies from running away.

Walking to my room was a quick trek from Doctor Clear Mind's office. It was literally at the end of the hall on the second floor and east wing of the building. There were a few other rooms with my fellow crazy patients, though some of them I stayed far away from, especially Child Stalker. That stallion was so much wrong. I can't even the amount of wrong there was with him. All he does is stalk foals for months on end and just...watches them. I've heard that he sometimes takes trophies from a few of his victims he found interesting. He gives me the creeps.

Strangely enough, there was another patient named Sunlight Blade who I found quite enjoyable to hang out with. And unlike Child Stalker's weird foal fetish, Sunlight Blade was in the Asylum for something far less creepy. She believes that she is the Knight of Sun, Blade of Celestia Solar, the sole Unicorn capable of protecting her highness in all of Equestria! She was found with a religious shrine to Celestia, which she prays to, masturbates to, gives offerings to, and sings to every, single, day, in her house. Now, make no mistake, her skills with both fire magic and swordsmanship are absolutely terrifying. She took on the entire Solar Elite by herself, and it was only with the combined efforts of the Royal Guard, the Wonderbolts, the last Solar Knight, and Celestia herself that finally took her down after a twenty-two-hour battle of attrition in the castle. Twenty. Two. Hours.

Most ponies thought she was a harmless, kind, shy mare that worked in a bookstore, completely incapable of harming a single soul. From what I've also learned, she was too afraid to talk to stallions and always stumbled around them. Other ponies tended to pick on her because of her timid nature as well, and she would always take it without fighting back or making a fuss.

So, when Sunlight Blade pulled out a sword made from dragon scale that was on fire, as well as don possibly the most epic suit of armor, EVER! Ponies got worried. Well, worried would be an understatement. She walked straight into the throne room in her armor and began declaring that she would slay all the moon-lovers, have Celestia's babies, force the religion of Celestia upon all the non-believers, become the new Captain of the Solar Knights, and all the while proclaiming the holy name of Dawnbreaker! Everypony freaked the fuck out.

Now, the gold-coated mare with a fiery blazing-red mane and eyes, spends her time sulking in her room—Painting pictures of various landscapes with rainbows, rain or clear cyan skies. Though, when she is out of her room, we talk, play games, share pudding and gossip about which nurse is fucking the doctors. 'I'm going to miss her.'

Letting out a sigh, I walked into my room. It was one of the larger rooms with a queen-sized bed, a dresser with a vanity mirror, a desk, a door to my personal bathroom (that gets locked at night), and a chest at the base of the bed. I didn't have much in my room aside from all the books I've borrowed from the Library. 'They should be taken back to the Library by a nurse later today,' I hummed in thought. Trotting over to the chest where the few things that I owned were stored (mainly my Journal, Saddle-bags, and I.D's), and placed it all on my bed. Next, I moved towards the dresser to grab the few clothes I owned and tossed them onto the bed as well, but before I went to pack my things. I stopped and gave myself a quick look over in the mirror.

Two years ago, Rainbow was a sleek, slim, athletically muscular mare that rocked a messy tomcolt mullet. I tried to keep up with her routine. I really did, but it was very difficult to do so. Mostly because my flight was restricted, my time in the gym was limited, and my diet heavily regulated, however. This new routine did have its benefits, and it really shows too. Before, my flank was flat, small, and uninteresting. Now it's curvy, has just enough baby fat to round it out, and my new exercise routine gave it a bit of firmness to balance it out. My waist stayed the same, which combined with my new sexy ass, gave me that hot super-model body. And when I say "super-model body" I really mean it. I've compared my own body to some of Equestria's sexiest models with my Doctor and suffice to say. I was fucking sexy!

I changed my mane style over the years as well, turning Rainbows iconic look to something more feminine. 'I would have been really turned off by being a girl and all around feminine but after two years of having a vagina. I had to eventually embrace it. Also talking to the Doctors really helped in that department as well.' My mane was long and luscious with bangs that flowed over my right eye, while the rest of my hair cascaded over my shoulders. My tail, of course, matched my fabulous mane. I also gave Rainbow's body eyelashes some work, making them long and smokey.

As for how ponies generally look? Well, not like in the show that's for sure. Our muzzles were more dog-like than an actual horse with stallions having a longer muzzle that was more square, while a mares muzzle was more narrow, almost half the size of a stallions muzzle, and round. Not to mention our faces still had that humanistic cartoony-look. Plus, our coats were really soft and fluffy, if a bit short. Also, our wing size is proportional to our body size. Instead of those tiny, dinky wings seen on the show. Pegasi wings reached the front of our chest, almost completely covered our bodies, and the feathers jutted passed our flanks by a foot. All in all, Pegasi wings were perfect for cuddling with. Yes, I said cuddling. It's amazing. Shut up. 'Fuck you Cadence and your practice cuddle-snuggle sessions. Stupid, fluffy horn-head.' Another thing that was different with the ponies had to be their body shape. In comparison to the ponies in the show, Earth Ponies were the closest to looking like actual horses while Pegasi sported a more feline body-type. Unicorns sat somewhere in the middle. With this knowledge, the ponies in this version of Equestria were WAY more attractive than those flat blobs from the cartoon network.

Happy with how I look, I turned back around and put my clothes (mostly sweaters and a few differently colored collars), and my other stuff into my saddle-bags. Speaking of collars, I grabbed a light-blue one with white trim and quickly put it on. The tag, which was in the shape of my cutie-mark, "jingled" like a bell with each movement I made. Nodding my head in approval, I secured my saddle-bags on my back and proceeded to leave the room without looking back.

"I see that you are all dressed and ready to go," spoke a sweet, motherly voice. Turning to the left from the door of my room, there Nurse Sweetheart stood. The older-looking beige mare with a creamy-hazel mane tied up in a bun was giving me a warm smile with deep, chestnut-colored eyes that held never-ending motherly wisdom.

"Yeah, I just wish what I was carrying wasn't the only things that I own," I smiled back weakly. It wasn't a lie either. My only possessions were what I had on my back. After being disowned by Rainbow Dash's parents, they literally threw everything Rainbow had at her house in the thrash; from posters, clothes, to collectibles, and other memorabilia. They even took her life's savings for themselves! The only thing they couldn't take was Rainbow's bank account. That's a blessing if a small and temporary one. And as for how I knew what Rainbow's parents did to us. Well, you can thank Nurse Sweetheart for providing the information. 'Fucking cunts,' I thought darkly.

"You'll do fine, Rainbow Dash," Nurse Sweetheart smiled back before resting a hoof on my shoulder. "I know that no matter what happens in life. You're the type of mare that will always bounce back no matter the strife."

"Thanks, Nurse Sweetheart. You were always such a...sweetheart."


The Nurse chuckled as she took her hoof off me and turned around to leave. She said her goodbyes, and I said mine. It wasn't a heartwrenching experience where I wouldn't come back to the needle-filled prison, never to see her again. We both knew I would be back to visit Sunlight Blade. That mare really needs friends. 'Speaking of Sunlight Blade. I should see her before I go.'

'Trotting through the halls, get the fuck out of my way! I'm off to Ponyville, where I'm going to stay!' I sang in my head while on my way to Sunny's room. Her room sat on the second floor of the west wing. 'There I'm going to dance, and fix Rainbow's life, hooray!' The trek was a familiar and fast one. Sunlight Blade's room had to be one of the few places in the Ward that I frequently visited. Comming in at second place would have to be the game room where the mostly-sane patients could play billiards, cards, board games, and shuffleboard. Ya' know? Typically boring Hospital entertainment, but there was little else I could do aside from reading.

I knocked on Sunlight's door before entering. Her room looked just like mine, minus the view of Canterlot that I greedily coveted. The few other differences were the paint stands, the amazing artwork on the wall, and the mare sitting in front of one of the stands—brush in mouth and colors on a table beside her—stood Sunlight Blade. From the doorframe, I had a good look at her epic cutie mark—a sword made of fire with wings for the hilt and a sun-shaped crystal as the pomel—and her flame-like tail.

"Greetings, Lady Rainbow Dash. How are you this fine afternoon?" greeted Sunlight from behind the stand in a smooth tenor tone. 'Still can't figure out how she knows where I am without looking.' Shaking my head, I walked deeper into her room and from standing behind her, I got a good look at what she was painting today.

"You know, I think I'll miss watching you paint. You really know how to make a forest appear magical. Mystical even," I praised. "Oh! Hi Sunny. How are you?"

"Thank you," she gushed with a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. She then turned around, the paintbrush still in her mouth and dripping orange water-based paint. Her eyes a blazing red, staring into my own with a mix of pride and warmth. I couldn't help but smirk when I booped her nose, causing her eyes to cross and her snout to sniffle. She may be really scary and could kick my ass when provoked, but she's also one of the cutest mares I've ever laid my eyes on.

"And I'm doing fine...I've heard you are leaving the Hospital today. Will you be going soon?" she asked with a look of playful annoyance.

"Yeah, I'm actually on my way to the train station. I have a place in Ponyville I can stay in until I can get back on my hooves," I replied. 'But I have no clue if Fluttershy would house me until I can get a job, and get my own place. Please, Celestia's lower horn. Please let Fluttershy not think of me in a bad light. I really don't want to spend my first week out of the Mental Hospital in the homeless shelter.'

"You seem uncertain. Why?" Sunlight wondered, her posture stiffening.

Letting out a sigh, my ears wilting, I responded. "I learned a while ago that I was publicly disowned by my family. As a result, I lost everything except for my bank account and what I'm carrying on me at this moment. Not only that, but I have no idea whether or not my housing is guaranteed since my only saving grace is a friend of mine who lives in Ponyville."

"You have my deepest sympathies, Rainbow," she cringed slightly. "I know what it's like to lose everything...even though I won't be able to return to society for a long while to experience what you are going through right now."

"Well, it could be worse," I chuckled. "I could have severely humiliated the entire Royal Guard and the Solar Knights for over twenty-two hours."

Sunlight frowned, "I still believe none of them are worthy of being Princess Celestia's, or Equestria's protectors. They will only bring our country to ruin."

"And screaming "Dawnbreaker!" was a good idea to prove your belief?" I asked with a raised brown. She rubbed the back of her head, looking away.

"I wasn't thinking clearly."


"In any case, I hope your new life will treat you well. I know when I look into your eyes, I can't help but see a primordial flame burning brighter than the sun. And so long as that flame burns brightly, you'll succeed at whatever and wherever you go," Sunlight smiled warmly.

I couldn't help but blush at her words. "Thanks, and I'll try to visit whenever I have the time," I said, wrapping my arms around her for a hug. "You're an amazing friend Sunlight, and I'm going to miss you and your art."

Pulling from the embrace, I decided it was time to finally leave the Asylum. With one last goodbye to Sunlight, I left the Hospital and made my way to the train station. My only stop on the way was the bank where, amazingly, I learned I had a fuck-load of Bits saved up in the account. Thankfully, I wasn`t recognized by the general populous for being that one "crazy" mare from a few years ago while walking through the city. I got on the train without being recognized or noticed, making the trip to Ponyville a long and quiet one.

Author's Note:

Had this idea. Here ya' go!

Also, some art!


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