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The Second Chapter is already done, but I'm not going to release it until around 8 or so. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I really like the idea of setting this story in the EG universe because some things work a lot better in a human setting.

Rainbow being disowned and locked up in an asylum makes a lot more sense in the human world than it does in the pony world where they are supposed to be all about friendship, forgiveness and understanding. Plus I gotta believe magic would have quickly determined if she was actually crazy.

However, some things don't work as well:

  1. The person worshipping Celestia requires a bit more explanation here than it does in pony world.
  2. Assuming Rainbow is under 18 some kind of living arrangement should have been made for her ahead of time even if it was just shipping her off to an orphanage.
  3. Rainbow having F-cup breasts is just so ridiculous I can't even picture it. The other changes to her body are understandable but there is nothing this guy could have done to increase the size of her breasts so drastically. I get the idea is she's more attractive now but she doesn't need such ridiculously large breasts to pull that off.

That said I am interested in seeing where this goes.

Answering 2: It depends on which country you live, but both the US and Canada laws that allow individuals capable of living on their own from the age of 16, since that's the legal age that a teen can live alone. One of these laws includes Social Services Job Application Aid, Social Income Assistance, and even Schooling Assistance if your grades are high enough.

I know this since I've been living on my own since I was 16 and got kicked out of the house as well. Also, I wrote she was 18, which kinda makes sense, to me anyways. She must have been held back a couple of grades due to her sports life.

Answering 3: According to this > https://www.worlddata.info/average-breastsize.php Website. THE AVERAGE BOOB SIZE IN THE US IS F!


Yeah, the size makes sense due to the obesity problem, but come on! It's not fair!:fluttershysad:

Also, all girls in my family are E-cup and perfectly fit and healthy. So, bleeeeeeehg

I get that, it's just that with Rainbow it's really hard to picture her with that kind of chest. Even in the stories that give all the girls supermodel bodies Rainbow usually remains the smallest both in chest and height, to match the idea of her being the speedy athlete. It's just really hard to picture her the way you have her here and like I said she doesn't need a large chest in order to be considered attractive. That's just me though.

Also, I wrote she was 18, which kinda makes sense, to me anyways. She must have been held back a couple of grades due to her sports life.

The school was another thing I forgot to bring up. In pony world, it makes sense she could pick up here life after 3 years locked up but here it's a lot more questionable. It seems unlikely she's kept up in her education so it seems unlikely that she could just jump right into High School no problem especially if she's already 18. But you might cover that problem later for all I know so not a huge deal.

I'm not sure if the numbers make sense since I'm not sure you can continue in High School once you're over 18. But again you might already have an idea for this so I won't worry.

To answer the school thing? It's based on circumstance. Most schools in Canada and the Us will allow teens who have been forcefully removed from the Education System to return to standard high school up to the age of 19. However, if you leave again for enough time to get expelled due to lack of attendance, then you have to go to the Adult Campus.

I've also been through this....Life is hard.

I was just going for Anime Levels of oppai for the lulz....:fluttercry:

So the source link for the cover art is just for a gotcha moment?

Well, this is pretty interesting so far.

Not a fan of the whole everyone has big boobs trope, I much prefer a bit of variety. Honestly if an Anime has a cast of girls who all have large racks I generally just ignore it cause those ones are almost never worth watching. Frankly, I think it was a missed opportunity to not just have Rainbow be the only one with a ridiculously huge rack it would have been a nice reversal from what's usually seen in these kinds of stories but I guess everyone is gonna end up being a bombshell.

Also not a fan of Flash bashing, I'm mostly indifferent to him but the bashing he's received is some of the most unearned and unentertaining stuff to ever come from the fandom and I'd hope we were past that nonsense seeing as his character has developed enough for most people to see him as a decent guy.

Hopefully, it's not too prominent.

I only planned on Fluttershy, Rainbow, and one other to be bombshells. Everyone gets to be normal. As for Flash? I have my reasons. >:3

F cup isn't really that overly large. The easiest and most noticeable way to tell breast size is the measure the number of inches the bust juts out from the chest. Most people don't know how to accurately measure them anyway....and I don't blame them. Trying to learn Boob Math was SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS TO LEARN!!!!!
AA/AAA - Under 1 inch
A - 1 inch
B - 2 inch
C - 3 inch
D - 4 inch
E - 5 inch
F - 6 inch

Yeah I looked into it and the problem is definitely with Anime and how those shows tend to exaggerate breast sizes. But I'm pretty damn sure most authors use anime logic when picking chest sizes as well.

Don't listen to him. I like Flash Bashing I don't hate the character but do find it amusing he acting like a over hormone teen, and betraying Sunset...he going to die.

Ok are all the sex scene just going to be aftermaths and no details given or described?

Just this one. The rest will have all the juicy details.

It's not because I was lazy *cough* Not at all. *Cough*


Well other then that complaint I love this story, I thinking on he bit on the photo, the old Dash seem to be on the verge of a break down in the end.
I take Dash's parents aren't Windy Whistles and Bow Hoof? Plus Rainbow's family was rich? I'm also assuming that Cinch beating herself up for the last of revenue.

Cover art looks like a Rainbow Dashified Pyrrha Nikos..

Looking for one that better matches her *cough* personality. *cough*

Please. please for all that is holy and rainbow dash's sexy ass. please update this story

I really like this story hope you continue to work on it!

The life of the girl I've stolen is tarnished, and I plan to fix it! All I need to do is wait for the portal to pony Equestria to open, go in, find Twilight Sparkle, and with her magical connections. I can figure out where Rainbow Dash's soul went, and return it back to her body! But before that, I need to repair Rainbow's reputation, make friends with the human-six, all the while juggling school, work, and improving her grades! It's a foolproof plan! I've even factored in Sunset Shimmer. She'll become my best friend if it's the last thing I do!

So he’s not gonna expose or punch sunset?

"If you'll excuse me. I have other appointments that require my utmost attention today. I'll see you again when the school year starts in September. Until then, have a wonderful summer!" And with those words, a bright smile, wink, and twirl; I left her office feeling jubilant! Luna is essential for my plan on reforming Sunset. If she has a positive outlook of my personality and temperament, then she'll be able to look away from some of the things I might need to do in order to rein in Sunset from her bullying ways since Sunset is crucial for finding the soul of the real Rainbow Dash.

What is he going to do to her?

Flash's blush deepened. I could only glare pure death inwardly at him. I can tell what he's going to ask me without even thinking. If he does what I think he is going to do. Then I'm going to tell Sunset the second I see her. Not only will he dig his own grave, but he'll be giving me the resources needed to become closer to Sunset. Not that I plan to use her for what I want before tossing her in the trash when I'm done. I genuinely want to be her friend. I'm not that evil!

Not gonna lie, I definitely would.

Am I shallow? Cruel? Conniving? Well, not without reason. There is a reason why I love Rainbow so much. Her loyalty to her friends is one of her most admirable traits. In the modern world, the amount of cheating, backstabbing and abandoning of people to climb the social ladder for money and fame is enraging. Forget about a stable marriage. The divorce rate is 49% before the age of thirty, and the most common reason is cheating. Rainbow's heart is a diamond in the rough. I won't let it be tarnished by an obviously disloyal cuck-boy who is brave enough to go behind Sunset's back. Not like I would date him anyway, and if he was a girl? Then I'd be more than happy to pull out the whip, camera, and slap her ass bloody for the entire world to see before selling her to a pimp. Nothing pisses me off more than disloyal assholes. Whatever, I need to calm down or else I'll blow a casket. I know! Let's go to the dealership first and get a rental. Cars always made me happy.

What if he’s not dating her?

Luna rubbed her eyes in astonished-frustration. Dean Cinch, Rainbow Dash's parents, and the companies that backed the young girl; made the biggest mistake they could have possibly made. 'Cinch lost hundreds of thousands in funding, the parents will never be a part of Rainbow's life again, and the companies lost valuable revenue generated from such a talented girl. It's just so...amazing at how dumb they all are! It drives a girl to drink just trying to figure out their reasoning.'

I don’t think you should be calling anyone dumb.


"It's not fair," she sniffled, her eyes tearing up in anguish at the injustice the world thrust upon her since birth.

Don’t worry, luna. Size isn’t everything.

I whipped my body around so fast; he never saw the roundhouse kick to his face coming. Several years of Taekwondo and Karate finally got put to use today. I only wish it wasn’t to send Breeze to the hospital with a shattered jaw. That embracement to the name Zephyr didn’t deserve the honor of being touched by a woman, let alone me!

Why didn’t he try that on the other guys?

From what Fluttershy explained, Sunset Shimmer wasn't as bad of a human being as I thought she was going to be. The most horrible thing Sunset has ever done, was post on MyPlace, (this world’s version of Facebook), that one of the students at Canterlot High was pregnant in order to get her expelled. Other than that, all she does is push people around, threaten, and verbally abuse people. It’s nothing major like sending kids to the hospital or a trip to the police station.

I’m pretty sure that bad.

Silly thoughts aside, I left Fluttershy's house feeling a little disappointed. Sure I could visit or take her out shopping, but I will not live with her. Well, not until she gets her own place or when Zephyr Breeze moves to another country. Seriously, Breeze is a total creep! He steals Fluttershy's panties to sniff them later! Like who does that?! Thank God her parents were so understanding of his need to visit the hospital. They even appeared quite happy about it as well. I would be to if I was his...ew, no. No, no, no, no, just...no. Not in a million years will I ever finish that sentence! 'Think pleasant thoughts. Think wonderful, cute, pleasant thoughts.'

Why would he do that?

I feel like I'm forgetting about something, but I can't place a finger on it. Whatever, I'll figure it out later. I have an apartment to visit with, (hopefully), my future roommate waiting for me.

Was it something important?

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