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The Bronies have now infiltrated the police, prepare for love and tolerance you criminal scum!

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Leave it to a private to fuck things up

He's going to wake up, naked, next to a bunch of sticky mares, ain't he?

7614370 Interesting idea :ajsmug: But not quite

The good stories are subtle when they don't have to be stark.

I feel as though there are some missed opportunities in this interlude. It's not bad, I don't want to give that impression, but we get very little impression of what John's observer thinks or feels about the situation, the vast cultural, technological, hell, even sexual differences between the two species. Perhaps this is an artifact of how the information is being transferred, but it feels slightly disconnected.

Again, this is only an opinion, but a couple of things I thought of were...

The rate at which modern battlefield combatants have to process vast amounts of information is pretty stunning, and would be particularly bewildering for someone trained in the kind of engagements that ponies would be expected to serve in. This would be good to elaborate on.

Modern combat is hours of boredom connected by scant minutes of pants shitting terror. I'm not saying Pre-Industrial combat was any less brutal mind you, but on the modern battlefield people die FAST. You did a good job of illustrating the frenetic pace of modern combat but the stark difference between Pre-Industrial fighting (where typically each combatant is a warrior and individual skill plays a great deal into who lives and who dies) and modern fighting (where combatants are soldiers in the truest sense of the word, trained to operate as a unit who's sole purpose is to kill the enemy like a murder factory, and where a single mistake from an experienced combatant can result in a 7.62mm retirement plan). Hell, none of these ponies has even seen a combat situation. It would be interesting to see if some of them develop mild PTSD from having it thrust on them.

Emotional overtones could bleed through. I mean, we get bits of his thoughts, certainly emotional overtones would be interesting to see. How an alien processes emotions, love, friendship, fear, so on... these are things that ponies could compare and contrast. How alien it is. Herd vs. "tribe". You know? One idea that I had and implemented in QC is that in a herd the individual sacrifices for the greater good, whereas with human, "tribal" reaction is the exact opposite it seems. Fifty people will put themselves in personal danger to save one individual that's part of the tribe. Individuals OUTSIDE the tribe can become almost dehumanized. Think about how ALIEN this would feel to ponies. It makes for interesting material.

Anyway, like I said, there's nothing wrong with what you wrote. These are just some thoughts I had, and I figured I'd share with you since you voiced an interest in improving your story. My intent is merely to provoke thought that may translate into ideas you can turn into good writing, use as many or as few as you wish.

Thanks for writing.

7623524 Thanks very much for your feedback, I do appreciate it.
I have some thing in mind in order to develop from this and am currently working on it.
Hopefully what I'm working towards will improve on some of those issues.

I applaud your quick rate of posting, but this chapter in particular could use a heavy editing pass. There are multiple instances of words being misused in their given context, essentially misspelled but the misspelled words are words in their own right, so they might not necessarily be caught by spell check. I think you need to slow down a hair, give your work a good read or two, or perhaps pick up a beta reader. I'll try to point out the things that bothered me, or where the grammar or spelling could use a bit of work.

retrieving my boots I rapidly put them on before sprinting to the door.

The only pair of military boots I have ever owned that I could put on rapidly enough that no one would catch me before I went out the door was a pair of LOX boots I used to own when I worked in the battery locker, and that was only because they were laceless slip on/ slip off type boots for dealing with hazardous substances. Granted, I haven't kept up on combat boots, and I certainly know nothing about ordinance disposal boots or British combat uniforms, but I do know running in untied combat boots is a good way to turn an ankle, and there ain't no way you're going to tie up a pair of combat boots in less than 15 to 20 seconds. That's enough time for ponies to catch you before you leave, I would think.

As I run. the images

Weird period in the middle of a sentence.

he raises to stand on top

should probably be he rises.


bloody hell off me.

him to loose his footing

him to lose his footing, actually maybe grip would work better, one because he was holding John down, and two because he ain't got no feets.

Reliving every bad thing that happened while I was in the army! My friends dying by IED's which was the one reason I was deployed there!"

Both of these should probably be questions. If you're trying to emphasize excitement while he's asking a question you could probably go with ?!

The effort you put in to save him only for him to die below you.

Another sentence that should be a question as written.

You all have lived without any technological advances in the military yet have still found long lasting peace, If I change that then who knows what will happen to this world."

I would argue they they have lived without any technological advancement in the military BECAUSE they have had a long lasting peace. I get what you're saying, but I feel like the phrasing could be a bit better.

Nodding again he tilts his head to look at me, "I know. But with your technology it doesn't make it any easier, does it?"

"No. It really doesn't. That attack on the compound you saw when I first got to Afghanistan was the first time I had to kill, and from seeing that I realised that killing someone will be harder for all of you. I didn't hesitate to pull the trigger for the first one, it was either him or me, but when I was forced to fight the one with my hands I was pissing myself. He was just trying to survive as much as I was, I was forced to look him in the eyes as I had to kill him, and it terrified me."

This is somewhat confusing. I'm going to walk you through what I got from this, and you can see if what I got and what you meant are the same thing. Regardless, it's a bit awkward.

Ok, so it seems like Chaser is saying, even with your technology, it still isn't easy to kill is it? John seems to reply that it DOES make it easier on humans, since you can kill at a distance and it isn't really as intimate, but that it probably wouldn't make it easier for ponies, since death isn't as much of a reality for them as it is for humans. Is this what you were going for? The problem is the "No it really doesn't. He seems to be saying two contradictory things in quick succession, like... does your tech make it easy? No it doesn't, but guns make it easier to kill someone, which probably wouldn't help you any, fighting people in melee combat up close is hard. Does this make any sense? I'm not trying to nitpick, I kinda get what John is saying but it feels like you had two different thoughts that he was trying to convey and they got mixed up and became confusing because of it.

"We should go and check up on the others, no doubt they are probably shaken up. Women right?"

I get this is meant to be funny, ironic bro bonding sass, but it comes across as really misogynistic. Maybe the point was to be exaggeratingly misogynistic so that Chaser would laugh, but it feels kinda... awkward, which may have been your point. If so, carry on.

I can see the fur around her eyes are slightly damp indicating she had been crying as well.

the fur around her eyes is slightly damp

John, your back," Twilight hops

John, you're back

sanding on her back legs

standing on her... also I think hind legs would be more appropriate here but that's up to you.

attempt to create as much distance between us

attempt to create as much distance between us as possible. Feels like the sentence just cut off.

"They say that it that it gets easier, to kill another.

extra that it

"I can't imagine loosing mine."

"I can't imagine losing mine."

I'd loose mine. At the end of the day no matter how hard we try we will all eventually loose our loved ones,"

all examples of "loose" should be lose.

"I'm Positive.

I thought his name was John. Unless his name is Positive, I think you needlessly capitalized a word here.

Again, this is just a quick editing pass of mine, things I noticed as I read. This is by no means a hard editing pass, and a good beta reader will improve your writing by a large factor. Good luck, and thanks for writing.

7625809 Once again, thank you for your feedback.
I have corrected some of these issues quickly and shall have another check through.
I've been try to get this out before I went back on shift rotations where I would disappear for a week.
And random point with the boots, although it won't come off clear some units are issued combats with a quick release zip along the side as well as the laces on the front. I was issued a set when I was in the Royal Logistic Corps and I still use a set today in the Police

7626094 Makes sense. Again, I was just pointing out a possible continuity error, but it appears you have it in hand.

7635363 In due time my friend, hopefully within the next few days.

Fifteen(15) you have it as 'fifth teen' in the chapter. :twilightsmile:

If someone has a character idea, did you want them to comment, or PM you?

7639850 Thanks for the spot :twilightblush: the odd one slips through the cracks
By all means send me a PM with any suggestions for characters and I will get back in touch with you ASAP

Nice. Drunken conversation is the best conversation. :rainbowwild:

Btw the link is dead, try this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WccfbPQNMbg

I hate it when YouTube deletes videos :applecry:

7647600 Who doesn't love a senseless drunken ramble :trixieshiftright:

Also with the link I have changed it just in case, when testing it and reviewing it again the original worked fine :rainbowhuh: weird

7648806 Maybe YouTube hates me?
when I clicked on it I got the "this video doesn't exist" and searching gave me the one I sent you.
I've got this before, you know the animation 'Cupcakes' with Andrew w.k.'s get ready to die as the song? Try to YouTube search and I can't find the original anywhere.

7649711 Youtube is just harsh to some.
I believe I've fixed the link now anyways, just need to continue on the next chapter now.
Hopefully will be out in the next couple of days.

Is it a mirage? Is it PTSD? Is it a merely a tree? Find out next time on...

Dying Embers!

Beaten by horses.
My training instructor would be so proud.


I wonder if John and Sunny will hook up at some point. Seems to be slowly going that way, i think.:applejackunsure:

How to seal your fate in five words: "I am going to die.":eeyup:

Why not make cast bullets? Its faster, easier and they hold the shape better.

7673063 They were based on the materials used for the production of bullets by the British army. Based on his training he stuck to what he knew rather than try to experiment as he had a deadline.
In the future they may experiment with new material along with other things I shall reveal later in the story

I have a number of questions.
1. Why do the ponies have cordite? Even if they have guncotton, and even if they are smoothing out the combustion rate by dissolving the prcipitating it, the name cordite waz only arrived at because it was shaped into cords or rods for the propellant in naval guns.
2. Why are you using black powder? The muzzle velocity will be much lower, and the massively increased amount of fouling is going to degrade performance very quickly.

Comment posted by Bobbybrony deleted Oct 28th, 2016

7678592 Naval cannons are used by the Equestrian and Griffin navy as explain upon briefly in a later chapter, cordite is also used by artillery units within the Griffin military.
And as explained in a previous comment he had limited time in order to create the munitions required. I plan on adding a chapter at a later date where he helps to further develop weapons for the Equestrian military including weaponry and various ammunition types which use a variety of propellants to replace the current black powder he uses for the time being.

In the end after many tests we were happy to pick a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur which was regularly used in gunpowder back home. the mixture we created seemed to have sufficient force yet didn't cause much damage to the cartridge.

It doesn't damage the cartridge in the short run but it will later effect the weapon in other ways.
I plan on having this come back to bite him in a future update. :trixieshiftright:

Awesome, can't wait for the next chappy!

That Major Gaston seems to have suffered from some psychological trauma... what happened to him..? Interrogation? Weariness of war? Something else?

Find out next time on: Dying Embers!

Ugh.. I gotta stop doing that xD

When I read the title of this chapter I instantly throught of Private Ryan

Good stuff. Could use with an editor for a few spelling mistakes and maybe a prereader or two but other than that it's not bad. Not bad at all.

7683020 I now have a pre-reader for new upcoming chapters
Hopefully he will pick up the errors I miss :twilightblush:

7693022 There's a Spy moping around here!

Training Instructor (after reading confirmed reports of the capabilities of these particular "horses"): "I am so proud!" :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie, you aren't his training instructor. :facehoof:

Yes I am! :pinkiehappy:


7695391 Haha :rainbowlaugh: That's made my day

Here have a well earned moustache :moustache:

While I can see why they would be alarmed that John ate cows and sheep, horses (and other equines) are not obligate herbivores. They are primarily herbivorous, yes, but they can (and sometimes do) eat meat. Just ask anyone who has left a hamburger or hotdog unattended near where they can reach, or who had watched one kill some small animal that happened to be too close to their hooves, look at it, and then decide to eat it.

And, specifically in the show, there are at least two examples of ponies not adhering to a strictly vegetarian diet: Applejack nearly ate a ham sandwich in the "A Bird in the Hoof" episode which introduced Celestia's pet phoenix, Philomina, and Pinkie Pie has mentioned engaging in a hotdog eating contest in the "Fall Weather Friends" episode. That said, given the sheer number of substitues for meat in the series, Equestria does seam to be mostly vegetarian.

Also, for your viewing pleasure: Humansville!:

I Love How he make twilight embarest.

No applejack kiss Me sad:raritycry:

SSgt. Haralt of Hornstone, 49 years old Minotaur Bull, decommissioned veteran Charger of the Minos Army.
Primary equipment: heavy Charger Armor and a short but heavy hellebore.
Fights too honor his deceased Griffin friend Capt. Talk van Silverwing †52.
Van Silverwing died in the first days of the War as Royalist, now only his illegitimate daughter Vera Feathertalon (19) remains of his Family.
Veras mother Liria Feathertalon †26 , a maid of Van Silverwing's household died shortly after child birth, Talk loved Liria very much and loved his daughter Vera even more.
Haralt of Hornstone is the fifth son of the Hornstone Family ruling over the Mountain city part of the double city of "Hornstone and Rubipaw" where the Minotaur Clan of Hornstone and Diamond Dog Pack of Rubipaw ruled side by side for over 800 years now.

Some how I think balbean was worse than what I thought but I don't know a word for what he is to me though I still don't like him killing the prince

Fuck this private:pinkiecrazy:

Demm this guard is a dick:pinkiecrazy:

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