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A Thestral mare who enjoys reading amazing stories almost as much as she enjoys writing them. Come on over to Luna's night and see just what you've all been missing in your sun-lit days.

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oh god twilight messing with someone's things again, that can only go well. *puts on seat belt* I'm ready for the ride to come.

i love how in every story they decide fucking with the possibly dangerous creatures stuff is okay

And suddenly I am glad that I found another story to read that looks good.

The presence of enlarged mamaries does make sense. Large mamaries indicate potential for higher volume milk production for potential offspring, increasing desirability as a potential mate. That said, yes, I am a breast man.

so nice to see a female in equestria story. they are so rare

Intriguing. Thou shall have a follow from Us

Woo! FiE story! And a pretty good one too from the looks of things, even taking into account my general dislike for first and second person views in stories. Now the only questions are what the pairing will be and how long we must wait for the next chapter.


Large mamaries indicate potential for higher volume milk production for potential offspring

As far as I remember actual mammary glands take a small part of the woman's breasts (IIRC breast mostly consist from fat tissue). So size of the breasts don't indicate milk production at all.

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted May 12th, 2017

8107468 That's Trenderhoof, big difference. The good doctor is an OC I made up for the staff of Ponyville General, although our favorite white and pink nurse should show up sooner or later. Sorry for the confusion, I should have known ponies would make that mistake.


Great story so far! Looking forward for more. :heart:

8107008 Technically true, though in healthy, lean humans it might prove more true.

Such an amazing work please keep going

I like this! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Comment posted by LightningThunda deleted Apr 21st, 2017

Who wants to calculate the thaum equivalent of a nuke?:pinkiecrazy:

8120002 I have done the calculations, and have come up with an answer to your question. According to my calculations, one thuam is equal to 10 Joules of energy. Calculating the average nuke to be one megaton of TNT worth of explosive force, and that rounds out to 4.18 X 10^15 Joules. That means one megaton of TNT is equal to 4.18 X 10^14 thuams, or 418 trillion thuams. This can also be expressed as 418 Terrathuams. In other words, one metric butt-ton of magic power!!!

8120569 WHAT!? Holy crap math was never my strong suit but you just made my brain implode from confusion. Good thing I have 4 left in my basement freezer.

Day: one ok ok its only bin one day no need to worry Day: 257 ok the sacrifice is done this Should make the next chapter come in 2 days

8141621 5 days... I think you need a higher quality sacrifice next time....

8153044 Traditionally virgins are pretty popular for the role, but what really matters is that it is someone/something you care about. After all, how can it be a sacrifice if the thing/person you are sacrificing isn't something you care about? I think that is why old myths and fairy tales have people sacrificing their kids for the most important events, rather than just some random person off the street.

Also, even though there were a few songs/bands here that I am going to look into getting for my collection, I hope you are going to have Sarah share some of the more widely known songs with the ponies at some point in the future. 'The Sound of Silence' by either Simon and Garfunkel or Disturbed sticks out in my mind in particular (both are amazing, though I might prefer the Disturbed version more). Octavia's reaction to Apocalyptica in particular would be amusing I think. There are a few more that I can't think of right now (4 am, too tired) but I think the ponies would really get a kick out of them.

All i say is that at the start of the electronic genre, that first song, the guy mentions planet Earth. Since the ponies were paying so much attention to the lyrics so far I though they would make a comment like "is that the name of their world" or something like that. But they did not. Oh well, a minor thing and can't wait for your next installment. Also, :yay: for Rock.

8153439 Thanks for pointing that out. I went back and added a few lines to include that little detail. I had originally planned on having that in there, but it must have slipped my mind somehow. Thank you, and happy reading!!

See you next chapter,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

Well, this has been interesting so far, and I'm eager to see what direction this story will take before I'm really committed to it. I will give it a fave for now.

Now one thing I'm appreciative about this story that other HiE's don't address or are willing to do, and that's toward's the human's possessions. The ponies, regardless to their threat analysis of the human stands at the moment, they were quite eager to confiscate and were sure in their claim to the MC's stuff. For God's sake, they were willing to take her leg if it wasn't for the fact in doing so would cripple or kill her.

That is a thing no one considers, an alien species is not necessarily beholden to respect a foreign being's person, possessions nor their feelings, culture and race. At every point in conversation, almost everyone is just addressing the MC as a beast, a threat and just as sure as themselves due to the fact that she's huge, has boundless magic potential and is an omnivore. They're casually or eagerly awaiting for her to awaken, mostly to kick her ass and probably to use this as a matter of course to why they can take her shit.

Let's see how things'll fair.

Comment posted by goldenboss deleted May 10th, 2017

You put one of teminite's songs in this. Your now one of my favorite fanficion authors.

Hmm, a shaky yet peaceful first contact, that's good. None of that edge lordy shit or sudden bout of cowardice/timidity from the MC, she kept her shit in check and breezed past the first hurdle. *Holds up an 8 sign*

I wish I could like this more than once.

All of them are sentient races in their own right

technically correct all the races are sentient, however all animals are also sentient the word that should be used here is sapient

2 updates in 2 days?I feel spoiled.

Great work keep it up.
You can do it.

Things I want to see in this one:

1. Chapter with Rainbow Dash and Sarah fighting / sparring, please.

2. Also a Chapter with Sarah showing / teaching the Ponies her Ranger Skills / survival skills by spending a week in the (to the ponies) 'scary' Everfree Forest.

3. Chapter where Sarah (being a Combat Veteran) might have a little PTSD; she has a bad reaction to something and the Ponies ask what's wrong...

8162027 I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but you should be glad to know that you hit all three nails on the head, at least for the most part. You'll have to wait and see how things play out though, can't go ruining my own story ahead of time now can I? :trixieshiftright:

Hope to see you next chapter,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

It's always nice to see such a wonderful story get updated so often.:yay::heart:

Love this story

I'm honestly a little disappointed in the Mane 6 and Luna. Even if they believe that Discord is yanking their chain, they should at least entertain the notion on the off-chance he's serious, doubly so given that they all noticed Celestia's reaction.

Along those lines, I'm also disappointed that none of them were able to connect the dots. If Discord reaches across the boundaries of space and time to snatch up a creature able to use a long-forgotten school of magic specifically designed to combat necromancy, what are the odds that he's expecting that there's going to be a necromancer in the near future?

Nice chapter. :pinkiesmile:

OK, that Fluttershy acts like this around Sarah is kind of cute and heartwarming. Kindness indeed. :twilightsmile:

And I think she worries to much. Discord pulled her into Equestria so that she might help, yes, but she's by no means a pawn for that reason. She can still live normally, just with the typical additional adventures of her life as a soldier and a soon-to-be magician.

I can already see how Twilight would want to read the book, too, and how she asks Sarah every now and then if she would be able to teach her this magic.

Finally, I share the opinion of RP below me. That Sarah learns a "long forgotten 9th school of magic to directly defeat necromancy, the undead" already strongly suggests what kind of enemie they can expect in the future.

Well... could be worse, it could be the Scourge. :derpytongue2:

>>Anachronon I can think of another entity worse than what is to come that is similar but deadlier...the Flood.

Rainbow Dash and cute? Preposterous! :ajsmug:

And poor Twilight, her dream of being able to use every form of magic is shattered for now...

I just thought about something. The ninth school of magic is not like the others and works with the energy of the soul, not magic itself. That being said, can't the other Pony races learn Sarah's abilities in theory, too? I mean it was never mentioned that the grandmasters or users were only Unicorns, nor that the user of this magic HAD to be one.

As long as this magic doesn't need a focus like an Unicorn's horn, Pegasi and Earth Ponies could learn Auramancy as well, or not? Everyone has a soul, so every soul produces the necessary energy which is needed in order to use this magic. :applejackunsure:

8170978 Technically it's not even limited to ponies, given our lovely MC could use this power once she came to Equis. When I go into the backstory behind the Shadow Wars later on, you'll come to find that it wasn't just ponies that were using Auramancy to fight the darkness that threatened the world.....

Alright, enough with the spoilers, I'll see you next chapter,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

8171034 For me that was a solid and legit theory, no spoiler. Still, thanks for the answer. :twilightsmile:
I just imagined Sonic Flamebooms from Rainbow Dash and how Fluttershy could use some form of flames as a healing one in order to support. I thought about it for her part mostly, because she's tagged like Twilight and Lyra to be honest. So I guessed that these three might have the ability to learn Auramancy in progress of the story, too. But yeah, no spoiler, so I marked this text as such. :twilightsheepish:

Just a theory: Could it be, that Pinkies reality bending abilities, in this story, are a form of subconcious Auramancy? It would be the best explanation.:pinkiehappy:

I think you should call the carpet something like Discarpet or Carpetcord.

8171882 how about order since he is supposed to be the made from the oppsite of discord

8172842 Thank you for the idea. I actually hadn't thought of that before now. I'm not going to spoil it, but I was able to come up with a new name for the character along those lines. It's going to be a riot when the next Interlude comes out.

Is rainbow dash and Fluttershy together because when she said Don’t mind us everypony, we’ll just be out back going over some of the ground rules when it comes to hitting on other ponies.” Dose that mean that they are together

This was a great chapter, I like the Carpetcord character, very unconventional creative way to make a character.

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