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Ok, looks interesting. And great that you're having fun writing this.:pinkiesmile:

Finally, an intresting displaces fic! Keep it up lad!

As long as it doesn’t become a Gary sui I’ll be glad

As everyone's favorite depressed cyborg said "I didn't ask for this"

Also I personally wouldn't trade a pack of cigarettes for a phone, shits to expensive now a days and I'll be damned if I just give them away for free.

9536428 I can't tell if you're criticizing the story or not. Apologies if that sounds rude, but words on a screen can't convey tone too well.

Nah I'm not criticizing it I was merely joking and giving my own little opinion on something, truth be told I can't criticize your books because their just to good in my opinion.

First gamer story ive read on here and it ain't that bad. I look forword to more with anticipation:raritywink:

"We teach you all combat," She smirked. "From the ground up."

Okay, one, do they not know about Durin from the prophecy? Or was it just revealing enough to only tell them that the moonlord was coming to fuck their shit up? I hate those kinds of prophecies.......
Secondly, I am already liking this. Let's see where this goes!

9584021 To answer your question, it was extremely vague, and did not describe a hero. The most it said was...

Prepare, for thine doom shall be wrought in four winter's time...


So there isn't any prophecised hero, but he's gonna show his face in four years, kick the prophecised doom's ass, and be home in time for dinner? All this after four years of training and preperation, of course.

Comment posted by Vergil19 deleted May 19th, 2019

9630603 I will when I can. Today's schedule is kind of packed, and so is tomorrow's, so Tuesday is the more likely option.

9632092 With any luck there will be more on Tuesday. Today, as I have said before, is a rather packed schedule, so tomorrow is the more likely option for updates.

Give this (apparently adorable) Batpone some more~?

Great chapter i look forward for more

Please update some more i really like this story and i can't wait to see vinyl perspective on what happen please reply

Did the guards not notice THE MASSIVE FUCKING CHUNKS OF FLESH EVERYWHERE?!!??!?!?! Then to, the equestrian royal guards are a big buncha idiots.........

9640111 A perspective shall be given, worry not. Today, if at all possible. Mayhaps another tomorrow, too.

This is honestly one of my favorites stories on this site and i can't wait for more to come please update i really wanna read 📖 some more of this story

9643328 I am sorry to say the next update has been postponed for the time being. Apologies.

Dear author please tell me the next update is coming out soon i really wanna read 📖 some more of this great story it already one of my top favorites stories on this site and i really can't wait for more please reply to me when you can thanks for taking the time to read this

Thanks for the great chapter i am even more excited for what's to come please don't keep us waiting too long for more of this awesome story i eagerly await for more and keep up the great work

Is vinyl going to be a love interest

Please dear author don't keep me waiting too long
I'm so excited to see what you have in store for this
awesome story i eagerly await for more

Honestly dear author i can't get enough of this awesome story please update as soon as you can because i really wanna read 📖 some more of this awesome story i freaking love this story and i eagerly await for more please

Okay so I love where this is going but I have some questions, is Tora a bipedal or quadrupedal and how hard was it to write her with that accent?

9655581 Bipedal, as stated in the beginning, as she is a subrace of Abyssinian, which were shown in the comics and movie to be bipedal. As for how hard it was, I would not know, as Nova wrote her, but I do know he enjoyed writing it.

MLP has such a varied cast of creatures ripe for the picking and use within a story. I do think it's such shame at times that you rarely see them.

So this... does put a smile on my face.

Dear author i really love where this is going and can't wait to see more of this awesome story i eagerly await for more please keep up great work

... Is her accent supposed to be equivalent to Australian?
Because if it is, it's a butchery.

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