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Interesting. The start was a bit intriguing and well made, but there was a lot of information, too much in my opinion, although I wouldn't call it rushed. A lot of people are not going to be happy about the whole Alicorn thing, I am talking about experience, but besides that, I think it's going to be a good story.

Solo Level

i looked at the first chapter of "Solo Leveling" manga and i like it. i hope this story can live up to it

I like it . Make more please

Pretty interesting....
I need more

Pretty Good please update

Solo Leveling is a manga that is almost the same as The Gamer manga. I started reading the Solo Leveling manga and it's good. Always start with Chapter 0 for the Solo Leveling manga if your interested in it.

Might want to put this in the looking for editors group as the grammar is atrocious

(“I am enjoying this. A nurse with huge juggs but too bad I'm only a few moments old.”) The nurse brought me to a room filled with infants of different species. I was baffled by the different creatures within this universe; an insectoid creature inside of a transparent cocoon, an infant minotaur with baby horns, some canine puppies inside a playpen sleeping, a seahorse-like anthropomorphic baby sleeping in a water horse-like actual griffin roasting in a nest, even a freaking centaur. The nurse placed me in a crib, shush me to go to sleep. I pretended to fall asleep as the nurse left the room and shut off the lights. I opened my eyes to see that the room was quiet as a church at midnight.

wait, they are planning on eating that baby griffin? get them *army of bird lovers takes up torches and pitchforks to take up the cause* finally find a use for those old things.

Hymn ... will celestias power still effect him in the dungeons. Also will dungeons he uses keys for have time limits... because he could open a e rank dungeon and turn it into a base after clearing out all monsters but the boss. If its a undead dungeon it probably means a undead boss meaning the boss wont starve to death meaning he can wall off or colapse the area leading upto the boss.

“Wait a second, sis!” They looked at the green stallion in a suit “You’re a Pegasus and Huntsman is a unicorn. It’s a possibility that he has both because of you two! So he’s a hybrid, not a natural Alicorn.” They looked at him and realize what he said.

In other story that is NATURAL ALICORN INFACT

(“Fuck you whoever gave me this power! Okay, so I get 18-20 years or reach Level 10 until… I become stronger. ‘The Path to be Strong… what is it and why does it sound familiar?”) XXXX wondered as a new screen appeared in front of him.

That power could make you a god. But train hard

At the moon “Ah-cchoo!” Sneezed, Nightmare Moon, as she looked at the planet “Did somepony actually said good things about me?!”

Yeah. Would you visit... Soul Level!?

Meanwhile farther in the forest Sky was rushing through the forest as she glides over a river “That stupid brother. He has magic and wings and Mama & Papa sees him as the favorite! So, I’m showing them that he is not the favorite!” She continued to run until she bumped into a blue Earth Pony Stallion. “Oof!”

Susie? Stop it you ruined and tormented your brother for nothing!

“Yeah… we have some princesses, but they don’t rum the world, just some nations until they become Queen. My old world was run by a union of all leaders of different nations alongside with Hunters; humans with magical powers who get them by who knows how they enter portals to parallel worlds’ dungeons filled with monsters & crystalized minerals filled with Mana.”

RBWY universe or those other magic worlds

Well you got my attention. The weakest possible Artefact I could allow is Barrier Enchantment Breaker . Basically breaks the limiting power Debuf and could twist it in the oposite. With addition to spell hidden cloack of the illusions. It's current level it hides if the debuf is not active hiding the power until you draw it back.

if you manage to upgrade it it would make minor fake debufs to the max level when could make any kind of fake debuf.

Cauton pretending to much to be something may create debuffed alter ego.

Of course if it is allowed.

The Barrier enchantment breaker is only allowed to this level. In progress I could allow it's power to go from sort of forbidden power from the previous one which is else where.

PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY MOOOAAARRRR!!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Reincarnation... Got to love it :heart: Winged Unicorn?

Greetings. Can i ask you how i set the reading limits in your Storys? It seem to slipped me so far.

Glorious humor :pinkiehappy:

Hes a Hybrid it seems. Winged Unicorn or horned Pegasus?

Solo... I wonder if he will shot first :trollestia:

Indeed a Story worth waiting for :raritystarry:

Isnt that a bird Term? Like with Horses: "Breaking em in" - teaching em to accept riders on there backs . And so on...

That Name finding... PRICELESS :trollestia:

Holy Shit... Was that execution accepted by Celestia or not! That makes massiv differance...

Both is acceptable

I hope Nightmare meets Solo at some point in the future. Damn fine humor and situation analyse

This missions... Nice :trollestia:

Depending on the variations hes better at flying or spellcasting

Your a bloody Genius :pinkiehappy:

You can archiv only so mutch 'Solo'. Together your stronger :raritywink: Im going to have a fieldday with his name based puns :pinkiehappy:

No, the word they were looking for was roosting, being the avian form of resting. Roasting is a method of cooking that often involves a bird of some sort. Thus, my horror.

Im a bit conserned about hes being covered in blood and her Sister isnt even phased about it... Or was she in shock?

'Shield Hero' has audiobooks in Youtube worth 30 plus hours uncut! I strongly recommended it!!!

(“Great… so I’m in an alternate universe, I’m an infant evolved anthropomorphic animal and I have to waste my years trying to talk and walk. What else does this world have besides some evolved animals?”) A door knocked.

“Come in." The door opened as a sexy female minotaur with a hot body in a professional nurse’s uniform.

(“Okay! I am loving what this universe have!”)
YOU DON'T SAY!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

“No. Your infant child has both the horn of a unicorn and the wings of a Pegasus.” All the family members looked horrified as they all looked at me.

Don't forget about the Earth Pony part, if so. Could be a recessive trait in his parents. :unsuresweetie:

Also if you capitalize Pegasus, you should do that for Unicorn.

“Well… I was thinking of Sky Trooper since he has the eyes of a troop.” Said Mother but Father didn’t like it.

“Sky? I thinking of Magic Caster be more appropriate.” Answered Father but Mother showed some anger.

Sky Caster? Over Cast?

Omg more please and what his level mah men

Yes. I am pleased to see u are here

(“Is this the right decision, Luna?”)[/quote

yea it is cause if luna found out about colts and fillies being kidnapped by slavers and the "nobles" were behind it then they are gonna face a level 9010 angry moon goddess

I am really enjoying this story keep it up

Ahhh so celestia wasn't evil it was just nobles doing whatever they felt their entitled to. Oh and starswirls either racist,incompetent, or corrupt take your pick. Will the main 6 be in this story. With the captain being fired I thought we might see shining.

Thanks for the Info

Amazing details. Why wasnt Celestia shocked to see him having Horn ( for Magic use ) Wings ( for flight ) and apperantly earthpony like strength?

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