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Grettings! I am Torulf, Jarl of imaginations. All I can say is that I am very good at writing but very bad at drawing artful pictures for my stories. The only reason that I write is for fun.

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This story is amazing keep doing the great work

I just read this also I was listening to "Fight like hell" a doom song from JT music, anyways this chapter was great, well done and all, some mistakes but overall really great, I'll track this and keep eye on, please keep up the good work ! And remember DON'T Rush it, I'll wait for ya

Who the hell disliked this comment just for saying the chapter/story is good, just why

Keep going Torulf21. I want to hear her scream right now.😈

Wait and see, this story is getting better soon😉

Besides a lot of grammar errors and WAY to many exclamation points this was very good! Xd

Is he going to go through with this? Cause, it sounds like a bad idea if you ask me.:applejackunsure:

I really like this story but can you please stop changing the guy's armor, it gets confusing at least to me👌

Oh I forgot to tell you please do keep this up you're doing a great job as it is it would be a shame if you were to allow it to fall to the wayside and not complete the story

Looking forward to more!!! :pinkiehappy:

Racism is what causes wars. And you, you made it loud and clear.

that religion, money (gold, oil, rare wood etc.), and food are some other big causes of war

This is pretty good, but can you stick to one set of armor, or atleast a few sets, it gets confusing after a bit, but overall pretty good bud, keep up the good work

Congratz, you got featured. 11/9/2019

Thank you all guys, but I'm sorry because like Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail the main character CAN'T stick to one set of armor. Because depending on his situations he must change his armor that suit his needs. Each armor designed for each different problems, know what I'm saying?

Go through with what?

Idk why but this story didn’t Appear in my feed even though I follow you.
On the other note great story

This is really good.

I gave it a 8/10

This is pretty great and overall very good, I love how you did nightmare moon, please keep up the good work, but don't rush anything..oh and I give this 9/10. 9 because you could always do a bit better with somethings, well, have a good one bud

I'm kinda curious to see where this goes. Xd

Enchanted Armor - The user can create a suit of armor with enchanted magical properties and with their own special abilities, they can even be used to resist certain attacks because of the magical aura that surrounds the suits. The user can even utilize magical spells from their armor for attack or defensive purposes in any way, shape, or form.
Enhanced Hammermanship - Users are able to demonstrate brutal aptitude and great proficiency in using hammers to inflict heavy blunt force damage and/or trauma, making the user very dangerous in close quarters combat. The user can also break down structures and take out heavily armored enemies.
Indomitable Rage - The user has unnaturally strong rage that is never ending and ever growing, enabling them to be immune to all forms of pacification including Patience Manipulation, Patience Inducement, Serenity Inducement. Through their rage the user can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender, literally using their anger to fight through the pain, possibly up to the point of cheating death and pushing themselves past their own limitations. Their rage can also act as a makeshift source of power for their strength

Dude you just described a dwarf

Wait why dude worrying he got street cred out in the lands of ponyvillie didn't nightmare moon say they were from there why he worrying they defied the ruler before what's stopping them from doing it now

Ok u rite I submit

sorry couldn't help myself

Is a music that I want to put on here but I don't know how it is to put see what I have become that is a what it is it's cool and awesome and it would probably put with this

Hey look it's the dumb six, what you going to do ? Talk me to death ?
That is how I feel most time with main six, I loved the chapter nightie is good Queenie, also our good old human is gonna have one FUN time tonight !

You get a favorite for this story, and a follow from me. This is the kind of character i like!. Heavy weapon power, for the f*cking win!.

"You teamed up on a female and you practice slavery, and worst of all you wanted me dead! AND YOU DARE BEG FOR MERCY FROM ME!" I roard in anger as I delivered the finishing blow on his head and killed him.

Did he finish him of by curb stumping his head in?, or did he do it with the hammer.

Interesting. I'll keep that in mind Torulf21.

Where do you do the power lottery thing?

"He's the dark presence my daughter foresaw and the one who will bring destruction to our land. He must die!" She yelled.

Dang she a biiiiitch!

Chapter was good, more fucktards dead and that is always good, keep up the good work bud

"Whoa there, that is my crown sir." I heard a femine voice, I looked to my right and saw a female griffon. She was white as snow with a ice blue beak and yellow eyes .

i'm just getting a message saying "403 forbidden" when i click the link.

Also. Great work!👍

Now this doesn't have to be the next chapter, but what would happen if Arton would meet a few villains from the show?

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