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Grettings! I am Torulf, Jarl of imaginations. All I can say is that I am very good at writing but very bad at drawing artful pictures for my stories. The only reason that I write is for fun.

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Please, feel free to give honest opinions aboute this story:)

Also be so kind to suggest/provide artful pictures that would fitt in the story;)

Good job but I would ask for the translations to return.

honestly good story I like it the only problem is some of the words are not spelled correctly but I still can't wait to see more chapters

Make sure you always give translations, so not to confuse others. Please respond to this comment.

I am enjoying this so far keep up the good work though I have to agree a traslation on the swedish would be nice other than that its a nice read :pinkiehappy:

Alright, alright I'll bring translation back, just give me a minute or two please and I'll get it done👌

Translation has returned as requested.

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted Jul 13th, 2017

Yay for new chapters also just for translation keep up the great work :yay:

Well that went well.

New Chapters comes when ideas helps.

All I need is more inspirations.

Bra jobb min vän really liked the chapter keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Are there any specific details in this story that you people like?☺


Comment posted by Evo deleted Nov 19th, 2019

Good story I hope there will be more about mane 6 in the future

“Despite rape not been illegal, I personally do not wish to have to rape a fellow sentient creature but if there is no other way,” she finished her statement with a hidden warning of what would happen if I said no. The meeting had been brief but in the end I had learned three vital things; one the girls were coming in three days to apologise, vilket jag skulle vägra (to which I would refuse), two, I was too attend the grand galloping gala and three, if I didn’t rut one of the princess I was getting raped, perfect.

So? Just make your sperm weak again and tell them what you told Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon, that you are infertile

I would if I didn't told Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon about my ability to make my sperm weak. For they could tell Celestia about it and demands that I should make them strong again. 😓

THIS would be the perfect reaction of humans on Earth as well. If someone would be able to summon demons the person in question would automatically declared as "evil" or a "monster", because there can NOT be any other explanations.

Demons = Evil (Not verified fantasy books of humans who NEVER met any demons in their life said so)

Always this acting on fear and assumptions... :facehoof:

Then there is the bit where Night said that in Equestria males are "not slaves as it is the case elsewhere". The heck? So there are places where people have an amazonian-like mentality and think that females are superior?

I smell rebellion! :rainbowdetermined2:

So running without telling night or crysalis, that is not very honorable. Even IF they share the same way of thinking.

What Night was trying to say is that while the rest of Equestria treat males as slaves. A few small places such as Ponyville and Appleloosa, the males are given equal treatment. But even so, that dosen't prevent the mares to rape stallions because it's legal. 🎓 (clarity)

Sounds kinky, but hey, other culture and all that. :moustache:

So when does the empire building come into play for a empire of equal rights made by him? Also you mentioned the gender ratio for the equestrian races, not the other races such as griffons, Minotaur, etc. Are they all the same and if not emprie building with more allies? Well at the minimum at least he has Chrysalis's hive as an ally

shit went bad real fast

I think he was more concerned with life at the moment. while we are aware that he is pretty powerful, we are unaware of Celestia's power compared to his. this means he could be many levels below Celestia in terms of magical capability and strength, with the only exception being his summons and traps.

on other terms, this story has progressed well, both in story and writing. plus the writing has improved exceptionally compared to the start. if I could suggest one thing though: perhaps you could leave the Swedish in the dialogue and thoughts, I'm sure this would save you a lot of grief of constantly translating between languages. it is mostly not needed when there is narration is occurring. this suggestion doesn't need to taken seriously, just sharing my thoughts. keep it up! :yay:

Well, this guy is in the Cat kingdom, so he has A LOT of pussy to satisfy. Right? Right?!... *leaves the room*

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted Jul 20th, 2017

How tall is he

This is literally like the chapter from The Mystic Cipher. Chapter 3: Bug man to the rescue!
1: Escapes the country of Equestria because he was going to become a slave. (In a sense)
2: Goes to another country to try and make a new life.
3: Stops a young female from getting raped.
4: Gets to meet her father, who works as a blacksmith and wants his daughter to mate with the person who saved her.
5: Snobbish nobleman wants to buy smithy but owner doesn't want to sell it so noble challenges blacksmith to a death match.
Either these are amazing coincidences or The Mysic Cipher inspired this chapter.

Is that a bad thing?

Not really, just means his content inspired you to make something of your own. I don't know what Tundric Spirits opinion would be about it though.

Spoiler Alert

The main character's relationship with Svarog will be this (replace the word 'little' with ¨Old Pervert¨).

Hope you can keep the chapters coming.

He's originally 5.8 ft tall, later on he'll be 7.9 ft tall.

Internet slang for something really hot

Thanks for the clarity.

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted Jul 23rd, 2017

Sad to read Night Blossom died.

Kosa, an arrogant, petty, snobbish, sexist, spiteful, self proclaimed 'holier then thou' little bastard

it's pricks like him that need a damn good beating, but with alexs boosters said beating might be more like a curb stomp battle

I heard about harm fics, but this? Dude, come on, don't overdo it. :applejackunsure: I first thought he would, if even, agree to satisfy a few of all the females who asked him for help with their "problem", but NOT that he just takes simply all into his herd and starts his own population (He has now already 13 freaking mates... I don't even...).

And how in the hell can he just "cure" heat? (And I mean a better explanation than "magic")

But this Kosa guy is already toast after Alex's little "download".

This guy is getting more and more like Odin. His descendants will cover the realm.

Not sure how I feel about her killing herself

Yeah. I have a feeling that that will come up again. Maybe as an epic quest?

I'm kinda looking forward to his reaction when he finds out

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