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welcome my fellow brony, prepare your self for combat!, acts of valor!, and CAKE!!! I'm going to have to science the shit out of this.....

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Great story. Will we see more of Bill later on?

Question, what the hell is a Tulpa? I mean like it seems this story has a lot of unusual elements about your protagonist with little to no explanation. Nick apparently has a familiar in the shape of Zangetsu, knows about Angels and Demons, could summon weaponry in his dreams, was unafraid of Bill, and is ruthless on hostage situation. Yet, no effort explains how the hell the guy became the way he is. I'll be honest the story is good, but try to explain why the guy behaves the way he does rather than make him one of the stereotypical ultra badass that is quick to adapt to the environment.

Another thing I forgot to add. How the hell did Nick, a guy who's probably on his 20s at most, developed enough lucid dreaming skills to trap Luna, a goddess that has dealt with nightmares and dreams for centuries? It's a good story, but the guy is becoming a Gary Stu. Also, you might need an editor as there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors

7253708 to answer your question a Tulsa is a sort of imaginary friend that if develops enough it will become sentient. It's a dream. He trained under bill whom is far better than luna in the dreamscape/mindscape rest will be explained tomorrow as my typing skills with a phone sucks.

This is nice! I kinda hope he can patch things up with the ponies though.

7253849 don't think i did not noticed you putting the song "make a man out of you" from the 1st mulan movie:rainbowlaugh:

Spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere! I can help you if you want. Just send me a pm

7255457 maybe another time, I sorta have an editor, but last I checked he was busy with other stuff. send me a pm to contact you on Skype and we can talk.

7255927 when is de next chapter? I love this story

7255960 you love this story? you don't sound to sure when your asking if you do :trollestia: and the next chapter is being made right now, should be out in a couple of hours. hey, do you mind helping me with something?

is luna ok shes been in there for a months in his mind:derpytongue2:

7255992 it's in the next chapter, which should be out later tonight.

7256022 so im adding my story to the human magic group into two folders. one is alchemy because, well... the source of all of his power is the PHILOSPHER'S STONE. but I haven't really been able to decide on what other folder I should put it in. after I post a couple more chapters do you think you could give me your opinion on which it should go in?

7256043 that's just it, it's alchemy and... I can't decide which else to put it in.

7256054 magic granted through dealings with magical beings, reason: he made a deal with bill cipher

Channelers, reason: he channels his magic from the Philosopher's stone

Artificially/accidentally gained magic, reason: same reason as channelers his magic is artificial

Ancient secrets and magical artifacts, reason: he used a magical artifact to gain magic

7256080 hmm, with that logic I think I'd go with the channalers. if he loses the stone then all his powers go away and he is stuck in his last form before losing it.

7256098 cool but i think u should put in the other folders too

7256111 the rules only allow me to put it into two, otherwise I would.

7256182 cool no biggie just cannot wait 4 de next chapter, now that i think about it, this is de 2nd story i have read dat involves familiars

Ha, poor Luna. I want to see when Nick has to fight the Princesses and their guards. I want to see him kick their asses.

Luna getting wrecked in the mindscape. One of my favorite clichés! Onwards!

You have an editor, but they haven't done anything yet... And if I went through this and pointed out all the mistakes, I would be here all night. Welp, here's 1 out of about 136.

He often wished it was possible to explore the world beyond his boundaries, but he could only go so far from nick before he fizzled out and reappeared in nick's head a week later.

Nick, Nick's.

I could be a secondary editor if you so desired... Some fics have about 5 editors/prereaders/proofreaders. If I could edit directly, I would likely be far more willing to point out errs and how to fix them. However, If you only want one, that's fine.

7256526 I suppose I could let you edit it. but today is not a good time. tomorrow sound good?

This was a very eventful chapter! I laughed my butt off on the ending. And I loved how Bill interacted with not only the celestial sister's but Faust herself! Looking forward to the next chapter

GOD DAMMIT!!!! This chapter does not have enough words to satisfy me

So you update every 3 in de morning now?

Damn, I wanna kill that Steel guys. Fucking monster, or are you the real monster by making him? Hmmm... meh. Anyway love the story and now we wait for the next chapter! Can't wait for moar!

Quick! Que the 80's porn music! Oh, also this update was great! Short, but great.:yay:

We want more as well as Nicks abilities

7258355 Make sure it's cheesy porn music. and ya great chapter

7259545 you kidding me? It's so cheesy that it deserves the porno stache.

2. I shal be keeping an eye on this story.

Here I am, scratching my head in confusion at this chapter

7260165 I'm completely lost on this conversation... :rainbowhuh:

7261906 I..... wha...?:rainbowderp: I mean where the hell did the 80's porno music and porn stash come from? :applejackunsure:

though his I.Q. had at least doubled and he could learn at least twice as fast.

If he originally had an average IQ, that means he has a higher IQ than Steven Hawkings, and a potentially greater IQ than Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein, along with two chess grandmasters, and if he was originally slightly above average, he would be able to have the third or fourth highest IQ in history. In other words, he would be one of the smartest goddamn people to ever exist. If he was slightly below average originally, his IQ would still be greater than that of Steven Hawking and one of the aforementioned chess players, and potentially Albert Einstein. If his new IQ is less than Steven Hawkings and the IQ has at least doubled, the maximum he could originally have is 79. THIS MEANS HE'S EITHER SMARTER THAN STEVEN HAWKINGS, OR HE'S ORIGINALLY ABOUT AS DUMB AS A ROCK AND COULDN'T GET A JOB THAT'S BETTER THAN GRUNT WORK/MENIAL TASKS AT THE BOTTOM OF SOCIETY. If he is supposed to be super intelligent, he needs to act accordingly.

Also, you're not that good at capitalizing names and the word "I" mid-sentence.

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