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Why do i have a feeling about this story

I DON'T like that Galaxy "Guardian"! 😡

This story has a great start to it

good start keep it up

Bring me another (Throws dishes to the ground)

What powers are you thinking to put in the story

i can t wait for more

Quickly, Luna poked her head around the door and said, "Oh and also, you've been given the title of Baron and now own Ponyville."

smart move with this tital he is now a Citizen and have to follow there orders and he must now gard ponyville. Basicliy they put a leash on a powerfull
being that could be a threat and when he goes against them the elemants are there.

lol didn't think anyone would get that

i did :D they turnt him in a gard dog and if you tink about it by giving him the town where the elemans are they forcing him to stay close to ponis who can stop him basically saying if you are good than you will have a nice live as a nobel if not than have fun being a stone statue, what they don t know is that he keeps geting stronger with that book

Well then. Looks like I’m going to have to scrap that big reveal lol

lol sorry if i did spoiler i just guest

it's cool beans. still got plenty of other surprises!

I really hope you utilize energybending in this story. Most others with any other kind of bending just glaze over the idea without any prior thought.

I’d like to. But there isn’t enough information about it. It would just complicate things considering it’s extremely similar to kings disaster

hmmm a black dagger name normaly i would say shadow fang but fangs are a rase there so i will say Shadow Strike or shadowfall

Hey good work so far keep it up and have a good day or night depending on what side of earth you on my name for them is either abyss knives since it's a dark blade or maby call them void daggers idk really but good luck hope to see more chapters soon

Short, precise, elegant.

And edgy.

A name for the dagger.
Oh, right. Ignore Logo.

I'm right here, you know.

As I said, ignore him.

nice you took my suggestion but now im wondering the dagger is from dnd so does he get more Stuff from it i want to see him useing the wish spell to see what will happen

Nice chapter.

Oh, he's in trouble!

Quickly, Luna poked her head around the door and said, "Oh and also, you've been given the title of Baron and now own Ponyville."

Say what?!

(End of description. Hope you enjoyed you sadistic fucks)


Is this inspired by Star either because it feels like it is but that's just my opinion

Bingo. I’m a big fan of Von. So when I heard he was taking down the story. I figured it was a good time to right one of my own, and hope it can become the next big adventure story like Star Eater

I hope that you succeed in your goal and now I'm still mourning the loss of Star Eater

I began to let all of my earlier locked up thoughts into the forefront of my mind. Is this world just as twisted as the hell hole that was earth? This place really did need saving. I can't do this. Not again. Please god not again! They're just kids!! I can't save them all!! "I can't make a decision like that again!!!"

misterious past and secret keept form him i wonder how that will play out. one thing is clear luna and celestia need him for

"Well Phoenix, you have some Princesses to meat so lets be off."


damn. might keep that one in there

crystal gem as in steven universe ? if yes what will happen when that gem cracks or shatters will his immortality kick in sins its part of his body ? and as for rarity didn t she say and i quote "i don't swing that way" when she measured him for the new clothing?

I have watched the first through third seasons of seven deadly sins numerous times. I know bans voice intimately because he is hands down my favorite character. I physically and mentally can not picture those words coming out of his mouth without it sounding joking or sarcastic.

Not criticizing or anything. Just saying.

Yeah that’s a plot hole that I need to fix

which part that with the gem or rarity?

Did rarity ask him out because of his gem? I guess we’ll find out later..

The start of this story is suspiciously familiar

This is A Very Good Story So Far I am Loving it

Lol I first watched an episode of it out of boredom.

boy rapping him in a hug


I turned to the curious creature and patted her head before speaking. "The grownups are talking Twi." This earnt me a pout and a fake punch to the chest. Celestia, Luna and me burst into our individual laughs, whilst everyone else looked on at us confused. Well, excluding Shining and Cadence who were attempting to hide behind their long locks. "Aight, one more won't hurt." This reverted Cadence from her tomato form, as she fist pumped to her self with a mini 'Yessss!'. Turning to the princesses, I began to speak. "Whelp, see you in a few weeks."

is something going on between twi and Phoenix ? :)

phoenix now sounds like the cool uncle

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