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The Cutie Map has called Rainbow Dash and Applejack to Blue Mountains for a friendship problem.

When they arrive, they find a small family of herbalists in the forests at the mountains base.

And one very, very angry mushroom.

Disclaimers: Coverart is NOT mine. I take no credit for it. Credit goes to 001jester100. Haven't found a solid link to them aside from Redbubble, which keeps linking to a shop that I am not certain FIM would like me linking. Will keep looking for other profiles of theirs that I can use for a link to them and their beautiful work.

This is a crossover of Dark Souls 1, mostly for mentions of a certain item and for the Mushroom People enemy, but also for mentions of famous player-made characters.

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Twilight was not ready for this day. Nopony was. Who could be? When a veritable tide of Dwarves invades Equestria, it's up to her and her friends to try and figure out why they're here.

But you don't reason with a drunk Dwarf.

Much less thousands of them.

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"If thou seek'st the sternest of steel, the finest of iron... If thou seek'st the hardiest of armor and the strongest of arms... Come to Everhoof, and be tested."

These words drove many to the tallest mountain in Equus, Mount Everhoof. Words from a tome of ancient days, its texts contents passed down among many prestigious families. Today, a certain young mare goes to this mountain, alone, in search of answers.

And an apprenticeship.

EDIT: Cover art is not mine. If anyone can find the artist, please let me know so I can give credit.

EDIT: Some sex has been requested, and I am allowing it, but it will be very few and far between. Gore will also be present in the makings of some darker weapons.

A Displaced that I am very much excited about, as it will combine, in the future, multiple aspects of different genres. I only hope it will be just as exciting for all of you.

Now, to explain a few major things. This story, well, it will be quite crossover heavy. HOWEVER, none of those crossovers will alter the story itself. AT ALL. Why? Because each crossover will only ever be made for other Displaced to make orders for weapons or armor from this story's Displaced. That's it. Period. End of of story. As far as I'm concerned, this Displaced will NEVER go to another Displaced's world unless it's to get more materials, and even then it won't be him doing it.

I know you all may think that simply because this will be crossover heavy, it will be bad, but trust me, the crossovers will be managed with the UTMOST care. Not only that, I'm making sure to have at least two or three pure story chapters between any actual crossovers, if not four or more.

Furthermore, this Displaced of mine, while he may build relationships with other Displaced, he will NEVER, not even ONCE, engage in any fights, or adventures in any other world but his own, and even in his own it will be limited as all get out.

To put it plainly, this is almost entirely a slice of life story, as the tags above suggest.

Now, I hope all this ranting hasn't turned you lovelies off from reading the story. I just hope you all will give this story a chance. I also hope you all enjoy this, even if only somewhat. :twilightsmile:

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Gleaming Shield was just a recruit in the Royal Guard. She wasn't a greenhorn by any means, she was an elite. Not yet a captain, but still elite. And yet, here she was, in a realm not her own and gazing around in wonder just like a recruit would be.

A little too much curiosity had sadly caused her to get dropped off into a completely new land, filled with things she'd never seen and more violence than she'd ever want.

A land, called Skyrim.

Let me explain the tags here.

The Anthro tag only applies while a pony or, really, anyone from Equestria is on the other side. This is because I've decided the Mirror does what it did in the movies; It changes your form to suit the world on the other side. And, since Elder Scrolls has Khajiit, Argonians, and some other Beastmen (most of which haven't been seen quite yet), I thought it only logical for ponies to become anthros in Skyrim/Tamriel.

The sex tag is there only for implications and mentions of sex, there will be none shown, only bits where a character is in their undergarments.

The gore tag is pretty self explanatory. You do commonly see decapitations and stuff in Skyrim, plus, think about how you always get pelts in the game. I figure it only makes sense to describe just a bit of the process you do it in.

Also, narcotics goes without saying as well, since Skyrim has booze and Moon Sugar as well as refined Moon Sugar called Skooma. (Think of it as heavily refined Crystal Meth turned into a liquid. Yeah. Shit's crazy.)

This is set before even Season 1 of the show, before Gleaming would meet Cadance.

Anyways, I hope you will all enjoy this spiritual revival of my character, Black, formally known as the Black Statue. :twilightsmile:

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A 19 year old boy was simply walking around his neighborhood at early morning, as he had done for many years. Imagine his surprise when a woman gives him a pencil in return for a hug. Imagine his surprise when he suddenly finds himself in Equestria, where every word he writes, becomes real.

Well, nearly.

The amount of gore will be light in as many areas as I can manage, but I might make mistakes. Sex will not be shown in this story, it will be hinted at and implied at some points, and all that jazz. But again, it will not be shown. The crossover tag is for things that may or may not be shown later in the story.

This story is one I'm likely going to focus most of my time on, no matter how many new stories spawn from me in the future. This one just provides so much opportunity that I simply couldn't pass it up, and I doubt I'll be able to resist writing it for any overly long stretch of time.

Though, of course, it being me, a lot could happen to hold me back, but hey, I'll try to keep a schedule with this one.

Also, yes, I'm sorry, but this is a Displaced story. I really have gotten hooked on the idea of Displaced. Can't seem to get the bug out. :applejackunsure: Ah well.

Oh, and don't worry my friends, this won't be one of those super OP Displaced that many dislike. If it becomes OP, well, that will very likely be pretty far down the road of this story. And don't expect a cut-and-paste adventure 'Hero defeats villain' either.

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A lonely boy. Originally, he thought he had no friends. No real bonds. A dire sickness changed that for him, one day. Now... Characters from a certain show are egging him to reach out to the few he realizes he has. One... last... time...

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An outcast. That's what most called him. He worked alone. Lived alone. Slept alone. Ever since his old friends were lost to the Darkness in a raid, he's been alone. Grieving. One day, as he is traveling through the cosmos on his way to the Reef, his warp drive malfunctions, sending him to a new planet. Or rather, a new universe entirely. Being a part of Dead Orbit, he didn't mind it much. At least, until the ponies started hounding him.

HOLY SHIT, FEATURED AS SOON AS THE NEW CHAPTER WENT UP?!?!? OH MY GOD! Thank you all so much! Fucking hell, this is amazing!

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Frytke Hvile has been alone for most of his life. Sure, he had his family, but most of his friends were all adults save a few peers, and every attempt at love had ended in heartbreak. He used to cry a lot, too, but the tears were long gone now. Now, he's in his third year at Canterlot High, and he still hasn't found anyone to hold, to care, and to love. But then, a chance meeting with an abrasive, rash, and hot-tempered girl changes his life.

Sex tag is for steamy moments, (lots of) innuendos, and implied intercourse.

WARNING: Guts, blood, and gore ahead.

EDIT: Huge thanks to GodofBBQ for the major help and for agreeing to cowrite this story with me!

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Sorry folks, but I just can't continue this story anymore. I don't get the same feeling I used to from writing it, so, I'm making a sort of revival for it, with a completely new direction.

5 years have passed since the world was saved by the Dovahkiin, and peace has returned to the citizens of Skyrim. But one day, when enchanting a mace with a new table in his manor, the Dovahkiin accidentally opens a rift that transports him to a strange and colorful new world.

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Did you ever look at that battered old Knight in the Forest and wonder, What happened to him? Ever wonder what his history was? Or how he ended up there? Well my friends, this story should tell you all that and more.

Cover art is not mine, it is SharkAlpha's.

FEATURED ON JULY 6TH OF 2016!! Oh my gosh! I...I have no words! I never thought this would happen to me! Thank you to everyone who supported me! Thank you so much!


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