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What's my name? tell me yours and lets be friends! I love action games, guns, gore, and sharp steels. Used to be a hater of MLP:FIM but now I am in love with Princess Luna. 'nuff said

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I thought this was conversion bureau when I saw the title for now tracking

I read the story and now tracking it

What NorthStar The NightGuard said. Also, what does any of that have to do with what the story's about?

Ooh hoo, shit! This is gonna be epic! Faving and tracking this!

Sup amigo? Welcome back to the land of the living.:ajsmug:


To answer both of your questions, I did that to help people to be more familiar with the story of Overwatch. So they know what they are jumping into.

And as for NorthStar, that is okay. I know my story is not for everyone to enjoy. But nevertheless, thank you for stopping by :).

Stick with me man, I am updating reaaaall soon :ajsmug: Oh and also, thank you very much for reading!

Hola! Yeah, I've been busy with a lot of things lately but here I am now!

Of course! Updating ASAP. Thank you for reading :ajsmug:

Updating ASAP! :pinkiehappy: thank you for reading!

Wow, nice work.

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Oh boy two of the top ten worst fanbases combine. Fucking christ I hate humanity


Well, anyhow I thank you for reading this.

I didnt read it, i can comment without reading.

Then I thank you for taking your time commenting :twilightsmile:

Damn, this dude all positive as fuck. Its impossible to insult him or his stories. Hehe good day to you good sir

you, my friend, are really cool. Nicely written. Keep the positivity. Your story has a really solid foundation and I'm positive you can build a magnificent castle.

Thank you very much for reading this :twilightsmile:. I highly appreciate your support:twilightsmile:

Please give us a sneak peek on the next chapter please


Are you almost done the 2 chapter

Can't wait for next one and worth the wait

But they are all just puppets on strings that are control by me

But that would be a weird story plot

Loved the story

Overwatch is in the series tages

Uh oh... Wonder what just tripped the alarms...

Prepare the internal defense turrets!

Hey guys it's nice to have y'all on the ride. Stay tuned for more!

Edward charged through a swarm of Talon operatives advancing towards the Watchpoint's launch pad, laughing loudly at the sight of humans being hurled aside after colliding with his massive and heavy armor. He grabbed an operative by his head, scraping him against the floor before tossing the barely alive man into another crowd of operatives firing behind cover, successfully knocking them down and smashing the last one with his rocket hammer, turning him into a puddle of gore like other Talons who were unlucky enough to face the punishing weapon.

I started playing this song in my mind when I read the paragraph.

However, it is a beautiful chapter.

That's Italian translation for the first few bits of the chapter right? :rainbowlaugh:

LSD apparently.

He asked what was in that coffee.

Nah, I am saying magic mushrooms:rainbowlaugh:


Oh relax, relax. You'll see:trollestia:

I may not know Overwatch as well as I know the rest of Blizzard, but I am really liking this. As far as I know, you're capturing the characters perfectly. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for reading my friend. :ajsmug: *tips hat*

When is the next chapter

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