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FRICKIN' IMPORTANT!! · 6:08pm Sep 8th, 2016

There have been issues with notifications for this story, and after consulting with one of the site developers, I know why. So I have three easy steps for you all to follow:

1-Open the folder you have this story saved to (favorites, read later, crappy stories that for some odd reason I can't stop reading, etc.)
2-There's a tab with three dots on it on the right. Click that, and at the top of the panel that opens there should be an option to edit the folder. Click it.

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Comment posted by hoodieninja447 deleted Aug 4th, 2018

2160097 No, it's fine, haha. :ajsmug: Actually really needed that. So thank you again.

2160045 My pleasure.
Also, just keep in mind that anyone can earn popularity from parodies or stories about someone who's already famous. But it takes genuine talent to make a story that's 100% yours.
You should be proud of yourself mate.
Also, forgive my sappiness. I was just forced to sit through Happy Feet. Again.

Thanks so very much for adding Stroll to your favorites. Hope you've enjoyed so far, and I hope that you'll stick with it until the end. :heart:

I've got a lot planned out! Glad you decided to check out some of my other stories again!

1928713 I meant to a while ago just realized I hit the wrong button

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