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"There was that whole weird thing with the horses." -- Craig Finn, "The Weekenders"

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Interesting idea, given her fate in the orginal story


Yeah, this is obvs a prequel and somewhat different continuity -- like if you read closely you'll note a change in StableTec upper mgt from the original, for instance. Plus. Like. Cars. That being said, if I do sequels, as I might, I still might try to get her onto that park bench in Canterlot.

There's a whole reason this is Lyra and Bon Bon but it's OOC and I haven't written my blog about this ye.

Sounds good to me. Just got my attention, as she's one of my favorite background ponies, that I am aware of her fatein Fallout, and the fact I did a few stories focused on her, having planned a few others with a friend of mine

You know, I always find it funny how grenades are portrayed in games. The pin doesn't make the grenade ready, it only secures the handle, who is the actual trigger.


This is correct. I did this for the funny. It is a deviation from reality. Maybe Lyra doesn't know this? :trixieshiftleft:

Yep and could be. Also, had to chuckle at the "cameo" of little PIp

Well, imagine this would be canon and she "meets" herself.

Also, what got you the idea for this story? Just cirious

A story where Lyra isn't gay and partnered with Bon Bon? I'm impressed. Those stories are very rare. Please respond to this comment.

Here's another one, and it's very very good. Altho it was written before Amending Fences, so it's out of sync with current continuity.


I can't say much -- spoilers -- but I can just drop that the author is a bisexual male in a successful (knock on wood) heterosexual marriage.

NIce work! And non-lethal being lethal, really?


Yeah, I'm kind of stacking the deck against Lyra, but most magic attacks in the show seem fairly harmless. Taking those away from her.

Another of the many inspirations for this is 'okay, Littlepip and Blackjack can only do telekenesis (which is actually the best power even at low levels but whatever. But what if FoE antihero is a CSGU grad?'

Fair Point. Reminds me, the Comment on your User Page, sorry, old Habit

I’m liking it. I’m interested to see where this goes.


I'm glad you like her! She's my favorite OC I made for this. :raritywink:

What can I say, I have a soft spot for foals, thus that idea with Tootsie


My daughter reads super fast too. I'm always stopping to think in the middle of my reading session. :facehoof:

Welp one thing i know that will happen is is that I'm gonna feel sad when Lyra gets on that bench. Fallout Equestria endings always make me cry


I have changed a LOT of canon character's fates. But not all of them. And sometimes I'm just taking the long way around.



Your parkbench calls.

I get that it’s based on the original, but spark reactors always made more sense to me than spark batteries. Maybe spark fuel cells? Jump starting a battery doesn’t make sense.

That’s just a pet peeve of mine. I’m really liking this reimagining of the whole fallout equestria genre. Lots of it had been getting stale to me. This hasn’t felt stale, so uh, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?


Hoof waving gestures.

Spark batteries are magical energy batteries. If they run dry, they can be restarted by another spark battery much like a car battery (however that works). When operating, they remain charged off of ambient camaraderie, making them ideal for military applications and passenger vehicles. In old Equestria, there was enough ambient friendship to keep a spark battery going nearly indefinitely, even if, say, the occupants of the car had a really big fight. In the wasteland, not so much.

This is why even though the materials are available, there are so few cars in the wasteland, and why power armor tends to be limited to armies rather than individual mercenaries.

Also: Thank you!


Crispy Apples: Keith David. Smooth and deep.

Paneer: She has an Apple Bloom feel to me; so Michelle Creber doing a slight Indian accent.

VIndaloo: Angry Indian Salma Hayek.

Blue Note: Not sure, but thesrals have Romanian accents for some reason.


Thanks! And nice work reading ten pages in a little longer than it takes me to write the blog update! :twilightsmile: Twilight approves too!

Well, such short chapters are fast to read, plus I get email notifactions on my phone app

Good stuff, and it’s all logically consistent. Paneer is deformed because her mother was super irradiated. Threstrals had an advantage for surviving the bombs... and so on.

I can’t wait for more.


Thank you. I hate plot holes; if you see anything that doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll fix it if I can.

Nice work, as always!

You know, I find it odd that most games with perks use health bars and pers in percent. I mean, sure, it's modern, but how are you're supposed how much 10% less health is?


One thing I honestly never decided with whether the level up perks are 'real' are not. Is Fallout: Equestria a litrpg, or not? :trixieshiftright: I tend to treat them as a running gag/commentary on the story.

Sure, what you got what I mean with perks in games that go by percent?


IDK. I've never gotten into game design, but the abstraction of suvivability is an interesting topic. I'm playing a lot of Battletech right now; that had a fairly exacting model to show when various mech components are destroyed, as well as a basic HP system for pilots. Works well for the setting, but not sure how well it would work for humans, since if a human's left torso is destroyed its' pretty much over for us. :rainbowderp:

Okay, Me, I play RTS games and I got one, where controlling a certain are gives your infantry 35% more health, but all units got health bars, so how should you how much much 35% is?


That would totally depend on how the devs did the math. Like Fallout 4 -- which of all the fallout games is the one I have most recently played -- the extra damage perks add to the base damage of the weapon rather than it's current damage with all other mods and perks, making for very disappointing results.

I hear ya. I just mean, since you don't see the numbers in a bar, how should you know how much 35% is when added as bonus? Either showing the health as numbers or things like a plus sign would make it esier, know what I mean?

You're welcome! Keep up the good work!

Great job! You know, it's kinda the ooposite of the Lyra story I did


Is that the Tootsie one? In the WWII Pacific. I haven't read those yet; I'm so unfocused. :raritycry:

Yes, that's the one. You might see what I mean when you get to it

Alright, what is the deal with Lyra's whole nudity taboo? It doesn't make a lick of sense for it to be as strong as it is. For goodness sake she grew up and lived most of her life without one, so nude ponies would be a return to normal, unless the war went on more then one generation. It's really pulling me out of the story every time it shows up.

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