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Bits of Skyrim, Fallout, and there will be some Star Wars, Starship Troopers (the book), and some other simple stuff later on. However, arc 3 will be a surprise. The story is going to be mainly an MLP story, with aspects of other things. I will post an official Google Doc tomorrow, and post it in the description.

Great work! Really interesting story so far
My attention is on you
Keep up the awesome work!

I can already tell when this Gareth gets to Equestria he's gonna get hated...or prisoned. God I hate that when they think all Humans are evil but they are not.

I like this story write more please. 2 Thumbs up. like and followed.

This is good keep it up. Is he going to fight any drow like humans?

The sudden change of perspective is somewhat confusing.

one set of legs and conjoined forelegs and wings like a drake.

One set of legs with conjoined arms and wings are actually wyverns. A drake is a type of dragon with no wings, and two sets of legs.

Thanks! I'll fix that right away.

Your gonna have a bad time *one eye goes pure black one eye glows purple* your gonna have a bad time *points at celestia* your all gonna have a bad time (I need new to things to put my mind in...)

Why should the questions be in PMs?

a world where nothing makes scene

Sense, why does everybody makes this mistake, those words aren't even close.

Welp, are these guards retarded or something?
He wasn't even attacking their princess yet they instantly fired. Not talking about the fact that if he dodged, Luna would have been hit.
No wonder he changes into the warlock.
Don't make him black out though. Having him taken somewhere when he was asleep was already enough.

Great story! When is the new chapter coming out?:rainbowhuh:

I try to write two thousand words a day, but RL has been kicking my ass.

Always find it sad and lazy when human was hated because they were enslaved by some demon.
They were hated because they were enslaved...seriously.

A society sees an ally turn on them with no warning, and sees them killing your people in droves for milenia, any rational being would fear and dispise them. Regardless of if they were enslaved or not.

7517577 And throughout the years, they knew about the Curse but did nothing. They spend time pulling off the petals and not cutting off the head. They spend time painting humans as some sort of monster when instead, they should have created a new name for the mutated and enslaved human like the various fantasy worlds. When one species seize to be itself, a new name is needed.
Hell, it was not even the human fault that they were that way to begin with. It was a Zebra that was too curious for his own good.
It's like we hate rape victim because they were raped. Or in this case, mind-raped.

Also, the music to get me in the mood of this story.

The curse was not known to more than only a handful of people world wide, and they have no clue as to how to cure the humans even after a millennia of searching for a cure, and Z'ant is a human himself.

So he's going into dwemer ruins? Hmm. This changes things.

RL is kind of kicking my ass. I got a shitty job, and I have to get in shape for BMT in October. I will rush a bit for the next chapter, though.

badass levles are off the chart

Eventually he broke the silence. "Who do you think you are?! You don't just address the Princesses like that! Not even the Princesses' nephew addresses them by name! Do you have no respect for royalty?!" I simply smirked and kept on walking. A shimmering magenta barrier spring to life in front of me, halting my advance. "Oh no you don't! You are going to answer me, right now!"

Ugh, shiny, how unprofessional. :facehoof:

Good luck flying planes or fixing planes or something to do with a plain plane playing paean pain plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane plane

Fuckin' aircraft & shit, sounds cool

Thanks. Im trying to get SERE specialist. So lots of jumping out of planes.

7574558 Sounds terrifying/fun, hope you get in
then jump out :trollestia:

the war story reminded me heavily of "this war of mine"

but don't expect anything new from October until 2017 at least.

20th Sep 2016


Why do I get the feeling that the mare at the end is someone we know that is very close to Twilight? :trixieshiftright:

I would prefer a long chapter every week or so, it makes the chapters feel more substantial and I personally believe that it would be better for you, I imagine if you tried to hold yourself to producing a quality short chapter every day or so it would get really draining after a while. Not to mention I selfishly think that the rush could make the quality suffer :pinkiecrazy:

There have been rumors that he is starting to lead his people from the background, using his personal assistant as a proxy.

If the Emperor had a Text-To-Speech Device is fucking hilarious.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7742136 One thing that always got me in WH40k lore was how the Imperium was so against warp users and magic, while the emperor pretty much shits out warp storms all the time. But then again, there's so much wrong with WH40k lore that it really is a minor thing. Not saying wrong as in not-right, but wrong as in not-right.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7742196 Honestly though, I'd probably be executed for consorting with xenos or something... dat hot eldar ass after all...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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