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Let us fail

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That guy's an idiot and in denial

This story has caught my eye and I wish to see more.

This got my intreste i want to see more

This caught my interest and hope to see more

This can only be described as beautiful; I desire more for my personal comsumption!

That's a rather extreme case of sexual dimorphism, Mr. Author. Any explanation?

Interesting yet funny so far.

Well, this is interesting, a Celestia/Mac shipping, kind of surprised that he doesn't have have the name Golden Apple for a name, still I am not sure that this could count as a couple with the state of mind that he, poor fellow must have hit his head really hard on something. I wonder if Sugarbelle ever was a thing in this universe.

Works for me!:pinkiehappy: Just didn't see it coming. Keep it up, I'm loving it!

You're setting a hell of a pace, putting out these chapters. It's always good to see a story update, but take care. This chapter needs another pass for editing. There's a few misspelled words, a couple places you needed to finish a sentence. For example:

If I ever met the baker, would give her a kiss.

Other than a few minor errors, daaaamn! It's great to have a fun, funny story to look forward to. I'm lovin' it and can't wait for more!

Yay for double uploads.

More boobs!!!

out of curiosity what are the males of other species like in this universe, , are they as simple as pony stallions? for example what spike like

Yes, all the males will be primitive creatures, except Gold Coast. Spike will introduced in the next chapter.

You repeatedly switch back and forth between hands and hooves. Since it is supposed to be an anthropomorphic story you can see why some readers might get confused. This is a great story! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Well, only the females are anthropomorphic. I could have been getting confused while writing it.

yet more boobs now.

When will this party end?

When the fat lady sings and I've milked it for the exposition I can get :rainbowwild:

Ok I've read all the chapters at this point, and I have made my opinion. This fic is the weirdest, most well written, and most hilarious displaced/old soul new body story about boobs that I have read in a very long time. You sir are a champion and a scholar, I shall be awaiting the continuation of The Different Prince.
Sincerely yours,

Glad you like it so much. I've been enjoying writing it too. There'll be more than boobs later on.

Woa u were busy dude/duddette

okay we need backstory for this worlds sombra, how he become king did he somehow become more intelligent ?

You know it would be cool if when they do his Birthday Cake and he is told to make a wish and blow out the candle it would be funny if his wish was.....

"I wish all males of any race were also anthropomorphic like their female counter parts."

Of course he would have to think that in his mind as he would blow out the candle.

Well, this is an interesting turn of event, Will be looking forward ti see what else is different in this Equestria.

With the mention of Sombra, how do villain males work?

If every male is on some measure, an idiot, how did any of them get villain status? Discord would be like some sort of clever chimera, Tirek is what, a magic eating bull? A Pony? What would a male centaur look like? So how would Sombra measure up, an unruly and aggressive male with rampant shadow powers, doesn't seem so bad when the female populace should already trump him through intelligence alone.

His circumcision is drawing near, and I don't think he's ever taken an active effort to talk, maybe laugh or giggle but I guess he probably assumed he's also mute like other males. It would be funny if he could.

"Alright sweetie, we're about to nip off your sheath" :twilightsmile:
"No" :ajbemused:
"Whaaaaat~" :rainbowderp:

You know, it's always speculated for alicorns among fans, that going by their apparent hardiness from damage and seemingly long lived or immortal existence, this must also factor in an equally impressive regenerative ability. If so, wouldn't this procedure be in vain? He's already an alicorn, a big boy at birth and would undoubtedly translate as being large in proportion later in life. Tradition or not, it seems it'll be more of an inconvenience for partners later if all of him is free, and he's already huge by then...

Doesn't the theory imply or state that they regenerate because of their immense, magical vitality? As alicorns are close to the level of minor gods, magically, wouldn't that explain it? (or, is my headcanon popping up again?)

It's mostly a cycle to answer both, an immense magical reservoir and a strong vessel capable of containing it, both in mutual tandem to support their part. Being powerful enough to have the magic to single-handedly influence/wield an aspect of the universe (ie. celestial bodies/concepts: love,friendship) and not die from having that much in the first place, to the point that the body uses it like a shortcut/cheat material to supplement bodily functions in place of simple biology. It's already seen even in the other Element bearers and side characters, that when their magic potential reaches a certain point, they're capable of alicorn-esque feats of strength/magic but in the end, aren't immortal.

True, but just because Gold Coast is a foal doesn't mean that he isn't already using small amounts of magic to fuel his growth.

"large for a his age... uh, comparative to his birth measurements. His progression is... faster than normal."

I don't think that Gold Coast's appetite alone could bring in enough food to fuel a growth spurt that would place him so far ahead of the expected progression of a colt that the nurse hesitated when informing Celestia about it, especially not with the activity that it is implied that Gold Coast did.

With there being no mention of Gold Coast being taught how to use his magic and no mention of any issues with built up magic, (which, with the high magic ability of Alicorns, is unlikely) I suspect that Gold Coast has instead been using the magic as a supplement to fuel his growth. Which means that, while it may not be as fast as an adult Alicorn, Coast's regeneration ability is active.

Which in turn means that while it may take a while, Coast's sheath will grow back. Which is a very good thing considering that Gold Coast's implied adult size would make him so large that he could hurt a lover if he wasn't careful even with his sheath limiting how much he could deliver. I shudder to think the damage he could do if he got careless with the added length he would have without it. Worst case it could be life threatening.

One thrust and she's crippled...

Comment posted by Black Spot deleted May 30th, 2018

Maybe now he'll act like less of a perv.(not getting my hopes up)
Also I think Winona is a Collie

Just waiting for when he starts to talk

Is he aware, of the slight regression in thought processes he's having? A grown man wouldn't go all "Mommy, Daddy!" to his parents. I understand he's in a foal's body but has he realized the childish nature that has taken hold?

Oh well, as long as he's having fun, it doesn't really matter

Did I call her something else? I just referred to her as 'dog'

I thought I saw something about not knowing what breed she was, must be hallucinating again.

Well, that was interesting. That stallions were capable of having such violent confrontations with each other really brought home their true nature. A nature that brings up something else.

Laws are constructed around the nature of a sentient species. With all the various species on the planet, each with their own word for the female of their species, the laws regarding them would most likely use the word "sentient" when outlining the protections of individual rights. Since stallions cannot speak or reason, they would not be considered sentient, and would thus fall under a different branch of the law designed solely for them. What is more, despite the claims of love concerning husbands and the like, between the geldings, withering, as well as a few other things, I get the feeling that stallions are in some way, in the eyes of the law, property. Add in the very different nature and the laws that apply to stallions would be very different then the ones applied to mares.

Which means that the moment that Gold Coast does speak, he will be at the center of a legal crisis, as two different bodies of law that were never meant to interact are applied to him: the stallion laws that would apply for him being a stallion, and the laws that were intended too protect the rights of the sentient members of the species.

For example, under the laws for stallions, circumcision of a colt would be considered an acceptable practice. Under the laws for the sentient members of the species, it might be classified as child mutilation.

All my son will have to worry about in his life will be mating with his herd to produce blood ties to allied nations.

I could tell mom was resisting lashing out when one of the fat hippos suggested clipping my wings, or horn. Because no male should have so much power.

Between the resulting legal crisis, Celestia's own expectations for Coast taking a hit, and the mares that believe that a stallion should not have the kind of power that Coast would have even if his mind was a other stallions, and would be absolutely incensed to learn that he could talk, I would not be surprised if a shocked Cadence finds a surge-teleported Gold Coast on her lap, brawling his eyes out.

The fact that noblemares would even have the gall to openly suggest such things in the presence of their diarch, is in itself very troubling. Considering he's basically being seen as a political bargaining chip, and nobles don't even care for him despite his title, it'll also be troubling if this flippant attitude carries over to his future wives.

I think it's less about him being what he is and more about who his father is. If his dad was was from one of the noble families, then they would probably be less open about their more negative opinions.


I could tell mom was resisting lashing out when one of the fat hippos suggested clipping my wings, or horn. Because no male should have so much power.

I'm going to have to disagree with you there, the exact wording suggest that it was sexism.

True. However, I cannot see Celestia as being unmoved by the situation, once she wraps her mind around the fact that her son can talk and all of the implications. Which to be honest, could be a while. It will probably take a while and a great deal of heated arguments before she understands that Gold Coast might have ambitions beyond being merely a stud. Once she does though, she could probably use the legal conflicts to her advantage.

For one thing, with all of the clauses that would have gone into the marriage arrangements, there would probably be things that would conflict with the law as written for the sentient members of the species. In which case, Celestia could declare them, as currently written, null and void. A letter severely lacking in detail to lure the foreign royals to a meeting to see Gold Coast, say that they have no choice but to rewrite some of the agreements, and remind anyone who balks of the laws for mentally disabled family members, and they'll own sexism would bring them to sign the new agreements, as they would believe that it is all merely a legal maneuver and nothing has actually changed, as they would be unable to accept the possibility that Coast would develop mentally to be on par with an adult mare. At this time, she could slip in causes that would help Gold Coast, such as a way for one of the princesses to be expelled from the herd if she behaves in such a fashion.

The trick here is that to do that, as well as prepare her own movements to aid Gold Coast locally, Celestia will need time. A well behaved colt that could carry a conversation would help her cause far more then a foal that was just learning to talk. She will also need time to quietly research the legal ramifications and decide on how to handle them. Time that, if the "fat hippo" and friends find out about Gold Coast, Celestia will not get. I could actually see a scenario where Coast is taught in secret as Celestia tries to keep a lid on who knows he could talk. Such a scenario would include keeping the number of people who interact with him on a regular basis to a minimum.

Critical thinking to make what should've been a simple, yet straight forward AU, overly complicated.

Isn't this fun? :pinkiehappy:
It's like when the RGRE genre came out, so much to consider

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