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Just a guy writing fanfics. I also draw and make music, which I try to include in my stories as well. They/them.

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Y'know, I never realised how bad the original was until now. This seems so much more professional!
Might I ask how different the plot is going to be? Already there have been quite a few differences, though none too major yet.

Look forward to more, as is the polite thing to say.


It's not going to be too much different in terms of the events. Though, even major events might go differently, but it will all eventually arrive to the point from which the sequel starts.

Hey you did it! Looking forward to awesomeness! :pinkiehappy:
This will be the first new story I read for 2019. Xd

Fancy rephrasing those first few words? "It's it going"? Do you mean it is or it isn't?

Ooooohthat was AWESOME! really like the nightmare art. Xd
Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:


I meant to say "not" instead of "it". Whoops. I think I need sleep.

Is Heroes of Might & Magic 5 a real video game?


It's weird that you ask. It is a real game from around 2005.

You have my attention. This could be either great or horrible depending on how you play your cards. I will enjoy it either way:pinkiecrazy:


I will try not to disappoint!

I'd actually tried to read the old one when it first got posted. Didn't make it more than five chapters in because of the grammar and such.

I did like the idea though, glad to see you're rewriting it.

Also had no idea there was a sequel.


Honestly, right now, I can barely read the original. It's so... bad. That's why I knew I had to rewrite it sooner or later.

This was a huge jump in quality, the little changes and things that stayed the same are just so we'll written now. I'm excited for the next chapter now, from the little of the original I've read it gonna be fun pickin out the big and subtle changes made to the flow and charcters untill it meets up with where I left off. Great job on the rewrite.

I cant wait for the next chapter!

Looks interesting. I'll bite.

What about original story's sequel?


I will do some edits to it once I'm done with this rewrite, but that's it. The sequel is of decent quality, it only needs some polish.


It's not going to be too much different in terms of the events.

Different from the show, or different from some other story?

Having read a number of stories based on this premise, following along the same path as the show is usually what kills them. It very quickly becomes boring, following the same path, doing the same things, with everyone knowing full well what's going to happen next. Generally there comes a point where the author is just quoting the show for entire chapters with an "oh by the way my OC is tagging along." A character in a story like that can't do anything, can't affect anything, because the events and the path through them are all known. It becomes boring fast, and these stories generally end up abandoned.

If you're going to do this, I recommend you diverge from the beaten path.


No, it's not what I meant. The story won't diverge too much from the original, but it will diverge from the known MLP:FiM canon.

Now I'm going to read the original...


Well, I warned that it's not really that good, but if you like it, go on!

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Ще sнац sее :ajsmug:

A rewrite?
if not should be good to read
Any ways have your 64th like my good author

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im of the personal opinion that this story didnt need a rewrite, but ill still read it if your gonna make it :)

your a dam good writer so keep up the good work and never give up
if you ever need help just ask your fans they will try to help even if it's just Writers block, Life or Something else
so stay happy, and keep fighting (writing) the good fight (stories) (Fallout 3, Three Dog for the win)

I may be good but what is this
p4r71(u|4r 1n73r357 ?

"Some... Cryptography has always been an area of 'particular interest'. "... I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t, yup.

*takes 12 shots of whiskey*

Buck it you're probably better at writing now, maybe this time I won't decide to drop the fic before I can finish it. Also, you're older now, so hopefully half of this won't read like an edgy teen bumbling through what he thinks sex maybe is like half of the original one did. Got my hopes up for this remake. I'll give it a look once it has more than a prologue.

Solid start, and my interest is piqued. Having read a good chunk of the original, the writing on this is massively improved from the original. You're doing good work here, keep it up!


Thank you, and I will definitely try to keep the quality up and improve it along the way!

Having not read the original, this is great.

This seems like a good start for a re-write story, keep it coming.


Good start with the rewrite. I only have a few questions. The fact that this being is portrayed as so powerful as to even make the qeen of the night fearful, only just to be so easily pushed aside by the elements is rather disheartening. The fact that he could have maybe been left standing and walking a bit before falling might have been a bit more believable. My 2 cents.

Well I loved the original and I am currently reading the sequel and I am excited about this rewrite.


The thing is, the Elements are portrayed as all-powerful in the show. They can take down anything, and they managed to hold Nightmare Moon in the moon for a thousand years, keep Discord in stone for more than that, keep Sombra in ice for around a thousand years as well, and... I might've forgotten something, but still... No one could stop the Elements of Harmony. And yet, all they did to Mike was knock him out for less than a day. Comparing it to all the other outcomes... the Elements didn't do much at all.

It's not that Nightmare Moon didn't fear the Elements, she just thought that the Mane Six wouldn't be able to get them.

how is your day going? (5 am for me and good)


I'm not sure the comments are for this kind of conversation, but I'm good. It's around 6 in the evening for me, and I'll go to bed fairly soon.


Yes, and I do agree. But those that the elements attack are of evil intentions or selfish motivation. Luna mentions of him not being evil, just lost. Now is it his form the elements responded too or?


Truth be told, we don't know how Elements would work if a good person was their aim. They could consider Mike dangerous since he wanted to protect Nightmare Moon. But in any case, he was only knocked out. Why it happened instead of anything else is hinted at, plus his intentions were indeed not evil or malicious.

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