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From the Vault #1 · 7:07am Aug 23rd, 2018

A brief interlude I wrote for after the pirate fight, pulled when I ditched a subplot in favor of our main one. It's unedited, meh (my opinion), and definitely not for everybeing. Thought I would clear it out of my files and give everybeing a idea of what the gods are like in my universe.

Next real chapter is almost ready, enjoy in the meantime:twilightsmile:


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Report TheAuthorIsSick · 228 views · Story: Saving Equis · #Saving Equis
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Not dead, just really busy:ajsleepy:

Are you dead yet.

One story with a good description... But is it good?
Only time will tell.

Do you need a tissue? You're looking a little green. :pinkiesick:

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