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After being defeated by Sonic and Rookie, Infinite is teleported back to Dr.Eggman's Empire Fortress Tower, however he's send to Equestria, where the Royal Sisters found him.
Unknow to everypony a new threat rises below the horizon, which Infinite's powers maybe come of great use to the Princesses for what's about to happen. Will he agree to aid them?

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I can’t tell if the cover art is official from SEGA or Photoshopped. I’m gonna check it out anyway because Sonic.

I nearly thought because of the picture he didn't had his mask.

"I don't trust you like my sister." This time her tone was aggressive, which Infinite darkly chuckled.
"You shouldn't, princess."

I like it that he is someone who can get back at luna or celestia if they behave like that.

I know, that's why Luna and Infinite will get along quite nicely :trollestia:

I'm certain its not official from Sega, but I like it.

All right. You BETTER continue this story until it's complete. The first chapter is AMAZING

Liked and followed, but Mania was better than Forces.

Ya know... You don't have to post the same comment on every fanfic you read. Both were good, just that Mania did better.

But I want Sonic fans to think I'm cool.

It's cool to have opinions, but throwing them at others faces doesn't make you look cool. It more like makes you look like you are forcing your opinion on everyone. If you don't like Forces, fine. If you like Mania, fine. It's personal preference.

I'd be forcing my opinion on you if I mocked you personally for not sharing it. As it stands, I'm just using my free speech to tell you my favourite game is better than a lame one.

Let's just stop arguing. Getting out of hand

I'm going to assume you're an alt, and I'll block you. That way, whatever you want this to turn into won't happen.

That was a pretty good chapter!!! I'm definitely interested to see where this goes.

It's good to see a story about Infinite around here. He's honestly one of my favorite Sonic villains.

"Alright, rest well, tomorrow we shall talk more." As the Solar princess made her way out the room, she glanced behind her. "You coming dear sister?" Luna's blue eyes stared into Infinite's yellow eye, and spoke in a calm tone way. "In a moment." After her sister left, she returned her attention to him. "I don't trust you like my sister." This time her tone was aggressive, which Infinite darkly chuckled. "You shouldn't, princess ."

Looks like Infinite and Luna are going to have a rivalry in this story. I wonder if Celestia really trust him as much as Luna says she does. She may be more open than Luna, but she isn't stupid.

I wonder how Infinite will react to Rainbow Dash and her similarities to a certain "blue saviour"?

Would also be pretty interested to see him meet Tempest.

I wonder what his plan is right now? He might be in trouble since Luna can go into dreams. I doubt she would like what she sees in his head.

Real good start hope to see more!!!

There's a lot of things I wish to write before getting into the looming threat. Not only that, but let's just say the Phantom Ruby improved a bit. And since the 'Phantom Infinite' didn't appear in the game, I'll make him look as menacing as possible for when 'who' he cares is in danger. I'll try to add some Sonic references here and there. As for Infinite's plan there's only one thing in mind. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, I'll slowly keep updating since I have a job that requires a lot of time and Tô rest, but I will try my best since Infinite is and will ever be my favourite character.

Understand about the job. Sucks but you gotta do it.

Definitely interested in seeing "Phantom Infinite". Would that be his equivalent of a super form?

Infinite may not be my favourite, Sonic holds that title, he's definitely in my top 5 favorite Sonic villains just below Eggman, Metal Sonic, Chaos, and Merlina. Would definitely love to see him get a better ending than he did in Forces. Let's hope Sonic Team isn't with him yet.

One thing I'm unsure about this fic is the possibility of Infinite getting reformed, because I like him as a villain. We don't have too many reoccurring villains in the Sonic series that aren't Eggman or metal sonic. Not totally against the idea, but not totally into it either. I'll just see how it goes.

Don't worry, in the end Infinite will still be the ultimate edge lord that hates Shadow, a bit less. As for 'Phantom Infinite', I found a really awesome artwork showing that, which I immediately liked, and it literally says 'I don't care of any reality because I will end you, no matter what!' Also Infinite *coughs* Zero *coughs* was kinda fused with the Phantom Ruby.

Is that the one where Infinite surrounds himself with rainbow Infinites?

I do like the fan headcannon that his real name is zero. It's honestly pretty fitting.

So basically he might change slightly but he's still essentially the same? Sounds good to me.

I want to ask this question. Where did you get this idea first? I’m doing a Infinite-Displaced story and I remember someone saying that they were going to do it but I beat them to it. Was it you or did you not notice my story and just made one based on an idea you had?

Its based on my idea. It was something that just popped in my mind.

Neat. Great job on your first chapter.

Totally worth the wait. Just a question. Is a new chapter coming out like monthly? Not a complaint, just a question. I know you are busy half the time. Amazing chapter. Keep working on it 😃

I don't really know to be honest. I'll just write when I feel like it and have time.

A good chapter. I do like that Celestia isn't completely trusting him and has ponies watching him. Too bad the guards are as useful as they are in the series. I also like the nightmare especially since it seems that losing the Jakal squad affected more than he let on.

Though I saw a decent number of grammaristakes in the chapter like: "Even though he remember some of the hallways that he went by, it was a bit difficult, they all seemed the same."

"He remember" should be remembered and I saw other mistakes like this in the chapter. If you ever have time I would suggest going through the chapter to fix these mistakes.

I also thought the confrontation between Luna and Infinite ended abruptly.

Still interested in seeing what happens next.

Yea, those mistakes are a bit annoying, I read three times to make sure I didnt messed up anything. Didnt work.
As for Luna and Infinite, I did mention a fight, that in this case is for the third chapter. I wanted to make the meeting short because Infinite wanted to be alone, but this also helped escalate things between them.

I haven't said it before, but I like it that he was mean to her in her dream or at least from what I understand when I take a look at the end. I mean Luna often doesn'T respect other creatures wishes to stay out of their mind.

i hope she isn't beating him Sonic style, or giving her to many ways to defeat him.
I admit I'm dissapointed that it was him loosing and in such a way, it looked like she was way better than she should be the whole time.

Not that Infinite would be so much stronger, but as far as I understood his powers this should have given him something like a suprise moment.
From what you showed us she didn't even used much magic, I haven'T forgotten he probably lost a part of his power but I somehow expected this to end in a way which makes her respect him more and him at least nearly winning. The way it was described it felt as if you gave her to much of an upperhand.

9084328 Luna from my point of view is a fighter, besides she had fought more battles than Infinite.
There's a particular reason why Discord did what he did, after all he likes to bend the rules a bit. Infinite's main issue is the lack of the power generator, mention in Sonic Forces. But that won't be an issue.
Infinite will respect her, I have other ways to show.
I really appreciate your comment though :twilightsmile:

I actually meant for Luna to respect him i think, well I know about his lack of power, but i thought it was a bit to much that she had that much of an upperhand and that it looked like she beat him the way Sonic did it.

I had this with a story where Vergil (devil my cry) was already in it, they practically all knew "or at least the reader" that he wasn't at his full power after having a big battle and then Celestia was able to defeat him. the point is everyone acted as if he wasn't able to hurt a fly to begin with.

I understand and partly believe in what you said myself, but it is still a bit annoying.
I kind of want them to notice such details.

I'll try to work on that then. Thanks for the advice.

On one hand I’m glad Luna wasn’t easily defeated, but on the other hand I felt infinite could have given her a bit more trouble. I’m guessing though it’s do to the Ruby not being 100% yet. Nice Battle still and I did like the Discord appearance.

My boy was did dirty. I guess you could say, he was too weak

Kind of surprised Infinite is getting along so well with Luna.

Sometimes 'bad guys' have to play the 'good guy' role in order to achieve their goal. Infinite knows his stuff well.

"Alright, rest well, tomorrow we shall talk more." As the Solar princess made her way out the room, she glanced behind her. "You coming dear sister?" Luna's blue eyes stared into Infinite's yellow eye, and spoke in a calm tone way. "In a moment." After her sister left, she returned her attention to him. "I don't trust you like my sister." This time her tone was aggressive, which Infinite darkly chuckled. "You shouldn't, princess ."

“Well, excuse me, princess!” Sorry, thought of that on the last sentence. :rainbowlaugh:

"Is Infinite your real name?" He took a second to think before answering. "Yes."

Yeah, we all know you’re lying, Infinte.

"Unfortunately, yes. Several ponies have gone missing for the past few days." - the captain explained. Another guard stepped forward. "We even doubled our patrols."

Okay, that’s pretty strange. I’ve got a hunch Zero has nothing to do with this.

Oh well hey, an update is always worth a wait with a story like this.

Keep it up

Yep, and Im already working on the next chapter.

Aaah nice nice. Hope to see it very soon. I'm curious to see Infinites true motives.

Cool i love this story the chapter seems a little short but its still good

Thanks, I suppose so, there was one part I was going to add but I decided to add in the next chapter.

So Infinite is going to ponyville? It will be interesting him seeing the mane six especially a certain blue Pegasus. I doubt he’ll like her too much.

me:please be a new update
my dark sided mind:the story was cancelled
me: crap

This is actually the best story I've read on this site and I hope you continue to update it so frequently. Keep it up 🙂

Thanks, that's nice to hear that. I already started making the next chapter. I'm having a lot of fun writing this one.

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