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Meh. You are being awfully gay lately aren't you?

Marshal-senpai, you're too awesome!! :heart:

Read and review... later. :raritywink:

5562304 why do you keep showing up but never consistently enough to seem a regular


Well, I was gone for five months, but before and after, I would say I'm a regular. Or, at least, I procrastinate enough on here. :twilightsheepish:

Hey, standup123! What's wrong with gay people?
Try NOT being a dick.

“For me to ride you like a bull,”


God. Fucking. Damn. Marshal.

You fucking brilliant bastard.

This was much more than I could have imagined... This was... Holy shit. :heart: :heart: You captured Applejack's perspective perfectly, and that's what made it so damn hot. Dat sexy Cherry Jubilee. Dat sub perspective. Dat riding. Dat spanking. Dat tribbing. Dat fucking. :heart: :heart:

Even if you hadn't had written this for me, it would be going into my Top Favorites regardless. Thanks for the awesome gift, my awesome friend. :twilightblush:



I came :heart:

*-* moar pwease *-*

Yeehaw, ride that cowpony.



Glad you liked it! Repay awesome with awesome, right? :derpytongue2:

:heart: ya Babsie you da best lesbro.


Try NOT being a dick.


Now that's just crazy talk.


D'aww. :twilightblush: :heart: you too, buddy. :) Now I"ll have to repay your awesome with awesome...

This could use more anal, if that thing's as big as you say it is... Then again, everything could use more anal. Nevertheless, I did thoruoughly enjoy this.

Oh baby

5563087 Crap, I didn't even read the story but already have a boner from your comment

Tags: Bondage, D/s, Spanking

How about yes?

This greatly remind of Atryl he-....ahem...I mean 'comics' that he made.

I was thinking the same thing!

I can't find the cover image anywhere. Anyone have a link?


This was awesome, no doubt.

The world needs more CherryJack.


Second place at the rodeo, huh?

any link to see more of the works from the author of the cover art?

https:// derpiboo.ru/ 194265?scope=scpe7d3fb52c9d830b50e750674646c70fcd52e9ebff

I think that as long as it's no direct link, this is allowed

Firm flanks, muscular legs, muscles rippling across her back with the slightest motion, and a subtly proud, confident stance. Oh yes, this was a working mare.

Best pony for a reason.

Cherry smiled, and to Applejack’s surprise there was something almost… predatory to it. “It’s my pleasure, Hun.”

She wants those apples.

She might’ve made second place, but bucking trees was something she knew inside and out.

I like how she's beating herself up. I bet she was doing that every waking moment until her friends comforted her, and it sets the stage for Jubilee's scheme.

“And… All my friends and family back home, well, they were expectin’ me to bring back the gold, you know? Ah don’t like lettin’ ponies down.”

It was not an Applejack episode, but it could have been much more emotional and even better if it focused on her.

“For me to ride you like a bull,” Cherry said, giving Applejack that dirty look again.

EVERYONE wants to ride Applejack.

Did she actually like being spanked?

Yes. Rarity should spank her more often when she gets home.

Applejack was no stranger to penetration, but she could tell that the toy Cherry intended to shove into her was ridiculously big.

To make matters worse for Applejack, it's the Big Mac.

Applejack only barely stopped herself from snapping at Cherry. Instead, she sighed. “I want you to stick that tree trunk of a dildo into me.”
At this point, Applejack was more desperate than she was angry. “I want you to rut me!” she shouted, hating the need in her voice. Her pride melted away with her inhibitions as the words began spilling from her muzzle.

Great escalation here.

When Cherry gave her the hardest thrust yet, Applejack surprised herself when a squeal escaped her throat, a loud, girlish noise that could’ve come straight out of Rarity’s mouth.

All mares do the squeak.

It would tighten back up at some point, but Applejack sure would be sore for a while.

The best kind of sore.

At some point she’d removed her golden headband, letting her long red mane hang freely around her face. It gave her a wild and more youthful look. Applejack’s hat was firmly on her head, something that might have rubbed her the wrong way if she hadn’t been so distracted.

Okay, Cherry Jubilee is almost Best Pony now.

Applejack’s breath hitched just before she felt Cherry’s clit brush against her own,

Best scene.


There was one. The second-place winner got a silver medal and three consecutive orgasms. :moustache:

Black Ultron approves.


You are correct in that there was no safeword, and that in real life bondage situations that would be a big problem.

From a writing standpoint, though, I find that things like safewords can be... disruptive, at times. Interrupting the flow of the story to say "Oh, by the way, this is consensual," as opposed to demonstrating the consent throughout.

Cherry did ignore AJ's request.

Are you referring to the strap-on? Because Cherry specifically did not use the strap-on until AJ said she could (or, rather, begged her to.) At no point did Cherry do anything Applejack hadn't agreed to with the possible exception of gagging her, which is not a sexual act in itself. Even then, whenever Applejack would show any form of distress Cherry would give her a chance to speak. At one point, Cherry even said that, if Applejack didn't want to take the strap-on, they could just call things off.

Regardless, I do thank you for your input, and am happy to know that you found it appealing despite the occasional hiccup.

5572818 I've seen it spelled both ways, myself, and I'm from Memphis, Tn. The only difference seems to be the individual doing the typing.


“For me to ride you like a bull,”

How do you think I felt?



:rainbowlaugh: Considering that it's this kind of story... I think I know. :raritywink:


There was a "safe word"(Stop) even though it was not expressly articulated and Applejack could have used it anytime. You did create Cherry to be attentive at all times when Applejack tried to speak through the gag. Applejack was willful enough to have stopped it long before it sapped her ability to think clearly. Well done.

5573096 lol this is one hell of a birthday gift eh? Ultron wishes you a happy prosperous birthday but don't tell the other villains that itll ruin my cred.

this is a great fic for best AJ ship

5569102 you can try her tag on derpibooru. Unfortunately, Stoney-Pony passed away a while ago, but for the sake of seeing more of her great art, I'd recommend giving it a look anyways.

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