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To Infect and Corrupt

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Uh oh.

This will end in heartbreak, won't it?

Oh dear, that cover image, let me guess, Twilight is in love with Celestia......

Well if i does ended up in a heartbreak, I hope its Twilight's.
Not to sound mean but that is my true feelings. :ajsleepy:
Celestia and Luna belong to each other especially in this story in relation to Sogni Infetti.

Hey, wasn't I supposed to preread this? I don't want to have to put flaws inside the comments because that probably turns people off.

Anywho I'll read this later today and send the errors I find to you via PM. :yay:

4776902 Look closely at the heart on twilights flowers to find your answer hehe.

I vote for polyamory.

Because yes.

[Warning the Third: Contains Ickle-Diddy-Widdle-Tibble-Kins]
...... feck it, I still read it later.

*Glances at tags*

These fellows, 4777016 4777330, are correct.

4776936 4777468
I make no promises, save that feelings shall be had.

Actually, that was something different. Feel free to do so however, and if you are interested, I will provide you with the g-doc as well.

Everypony Loves Tiberius!

“I’d rather something a little more sweet anyway.”

rather have

Please say that this'll end in TwiLunEstia! Even if there is a bit of heartache and relationship stress along the way.


Who says it has to end in heartbreak? They could have some TwiLunEstia. That'd be nice, they can both have each other, and a pony they both admire ... in different ways.

Obviously you didn't get a very good look at the cover image.

4777493 Ah, I couldn't make out what was written on the heart. Thankfully, Twiluna is my second Twi ship.

That's debatable, I think. Yours is more grammatically correct, I'm sure, but I prefer the way mine sounds when I say it.

As before, I make no promises how it will all turn out. However, there would be some serious obstacles for TwiLunEstia. Not the least being that I am capital 'E', Evil.:moustache:


But even saying it sounds weird. Since it's not a complete sentence [even without the have, 'rather something more'] is just verbally and grammatically weird. Nonetheless, if it was intentional. Then ... well, I guess it falls under artistic liberties.

And you're as evil as Pinkie in a frosting factory ... Okay that can be pretty evil. Still I'm going to enjoy what you come up with ^_^.

A great start to what promises to be another excellent piece!

[Warning the Third: Contains Ickle-Diddy-Widdle-Tibble-Kins]


You don't like Sir Tiberius?

“If I should live twice again as long, I shall never understand how you stomach that dreck.”


Love it... enough said:twilightsheepish:

Darker Shadows will be watching:trixieshiftright:

Yay sequel and dear author , i must say this is the first time i have read of the horn being magiked away for the down goings.
Personally i always wondered why none of the authors i have read had not done that.
Romance clop is best clop and this is pretty damn good. Getting me to say that about anything with celestia is impressive as twiluna will forever be best in my heart.
Now....the waiting game.

'Oh baby. Oh baby. What color is your kitchen?':duck:

I'm glad you're enjoying it. As to the horn, it was mostly a matter of spacial necessity. Either the horn went or the bed-tray went, and I liked the idea of Luna not being able to see what Celestia was doing too much to go with the latter.

This was even better than the first one (which is how sequels should be). Bravo!:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::twilightsmile::heart::yay:

Da. This will work.

Also why it's sad? 'Tagged for future chapters'?

That's most likely the reason why.:fluttershysad:

Who is Tiberius?

I hope not.

I wait for the next chapter to know what will happen.


Tiberius is Luna's opossum from the IDW comics.

4777800 Its a thing done quite a lot in English speech, especially when the accent is RP, much like Celestia's within the show. Having never been abroad, I don't know if this is done in other dialects, but its used in English, especially in the southern areas.


Few questions:

1) English are we talking UK English, or American English?

2) If the former, then that's new. If the latter that's even more confusing, since I'm from the southern parts of the US [lived most of my life in Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, and a stint in Georgia] and I've never heard that phrase before well word for word how it was structured. [note I've heard it with "have" between "rather" and "something"].

If it's the former, then well. "The More You Know". Although I've never heard that exact grammatical structure from my aunt or cousins.


3) RP, you did mean Role Play correct? And what accent?

Here in the northeast US, that usage of "rather" is definitely in use, though it's not terribly common and generally seen as slightly archaic.

4782172 UK English, around London / Hertfordshire. RP stands for received pronunciation, it is the accent spoken by upper middle and upper-class men, an even more formal version is spoken by the Queen, called RRP (Royal Received Pronunciation). I've lived in England my whole life, born and raised. I've never been to America so I don't know if the have this sort of thing.

ti is nice to see more of this.



That was informative thank you both for that tidbit of knowledge. Although I'll admit still sounds odd to me personally, knowing it's a structure that's actually used in the world makes it alright, and now I know about that if it ever pops up in the future.

A glance at Tiberius revealed him to have fallen into a quiet snooze. He’d never tell.

After Celestia leaves the room, Tiberius runs off to tell Fluttershy everything.:fluttershbad::trollestia:

As long as Discord isn't there... Fluttershy would probably suffer selective amnesia the moment her brain started working again.

This story is a perfect prequel to this.

I am, perhaps, a little biased, but I belive this is a perfect prequel to this story.

Comment posted by Tenth deleted Aug 4th, 2014

There was already a prequel?
That's why you pay attention to the Description...

I swear your message said sequel last time and not prequel.
Alas, Editing is Magic.
That could be a pre-prequel then?
Like way back?
Its a good story of them as fillies, anyway.


I swear your message said sequel last time and not prequel.
Alas, Editing is Magic.

I have no idea what you are talking about.:trollestia:

My work here is done.:derpytongue2:

Wow. I felt the slap from that "Betrayal" remark from across the cosmos.


:twilightsmile: I never betrayed her.
Me: I don't think a facehoof will cover what I just read.

...Oh my... I... so beautiful....
I love this story so much. That description of magic...

No words, well done.

I... can't put my finger on it, but something about this chapter just felt off to me. Perhaps it was the fact that we ran through so many emotions at such a rapid pace that I got left behind somewhere. I think I felt things just went too fast, as if I had skipped a chapter somewhere halfway. Luna arrives, then suddenly she's laughing at Twilight's cherished memories of happy times with a pony she cares for, then suddenly they are arguing, culminating in that vicious (but not quite undeserved) stab of Twilight's. I don't know, it just felt off to me. Luna shifted through a dozen faces in this chapter, and it just made her feel not quite like Luna, almost out of character even, nearly bordering on being mean-spirited to the point I was almost glad Twilight put her in her place with that cruel remark. She felt needlessly condescending towards Twilight, despite her earlier claim that they were equals. It was strange.

I'm not saying it's bad, mind you, I was just left scratching my head not knowing how to feel when I finished reading.

4810570 I don't think a thousand facehoofs could cover it. That actually physically hurt

Wow.....so much to comment, where do I even start? Awesome chapter.

4810531 4810570 4810893
Yeah, I'm not entirely sure if these are positive or negative....

Thank you, I spent way too much time on that so I'm glad that they are appreciated.

My only real defense, other than things that will become apparent in subsequent chapters, is that Luna is not well acquainted with being not 'Princess' Luna. The only pony she's let her mask down for in a great many years is Celestia and poking at each other is just what they do. So why shouldn't she do that around Twilight as well?

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