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To Infect and Corrupt


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Instant featurebox. :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: If you put in a sexy picture of Celestia or Luna as the cover picture, that is.

EDIT TO THAT OTHER EDIT: This one should work fine. Just send the artist a request to use their picture and they'll probably say yes. :raritywink:

Yes, a picture would be useful. However, that particular one would not... invoke the proper mindset for the story. Something with a little more gravitas would be preferred.

Google image "sexy Celestia and Luna" like I did... or something that invokes the emotion you seek. :rainbowlaugh:

You need a sexy picture to make a sexy featurebox feature, though. I haven't seen a story without a picture featureboxed, at any rate. :eeyup:

what about something like


Loved the first chap!

Definitely better, but do you have the artists contact info?

This was funny.

Fra parentesi, sei italiano?

Funny? Not really what I was going for, but okay.
My grandfather was, I'm learning... slowly...


Seems to be a old picture no artist contact that I can locate.

Okay, since this doesn't seem to be a shameless smut fic so far...I'll bite.

While I have not been above the consumption of (and see some value in) such... less-than quality works, this will have more to it than random, wild sex. The sex here is just a catalyst for the real story about two sisters who love each other and the struggle against their own ingrained feelings, social expectations, and the fear of losing the single most important person in their lives.
Edit: And thank you for giving me the chance.

I do believe this might be what you're looking for.

One thing I'm bewildered on - did real Luna join in at any point, or was it all dream-Luna? The perspective seems to shift, but it's hard to tell for sure.

I always appreciate a Lunestia story that offers more than just some (good) clop, though I do hope that that dream sequence is not an indication of how any real intimacy is going to be between the two. I'll try not to step on any toes, but I hate the submissive-Celestia / Dominating-Luna thing that so many Lunestia fics feel the need to have. If you like that sort of thing, that's perfectly fine and alright, each to his own taste and interest. I can't stand it, however. I'm hoping for a more normal (well, as far as princest can be normal) relationship with more loving intimacy that doesn't rely on one inflicting pain on the other.

Curious to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

I make no promises for anything. Their relationship will develop or collapse as feels right in the moment.

Dreams being what they are, yes she found herself drawn into it without realizing what was happening.

It's so weird that there isn't a single dialogue in this chapter... makes me feel uneasy for unknown reasons...

The lack of dialogue disturbs me, but the way you use the words suffices enough. Keep going you glorious poetic bastard!

In the original draft, and during the writing process, there was more dialogue. As is evident, most of it got cut. For the first chapter, the lack of dialogue came from a lack of necessity in the beginning and the general nature of dreams as they exist in this story[1] at the end.

Much the same can be said for the second chapter as well. For most of the chapter, Celestia lacked a partner with which to engage in conversation, when one was finally presented, other things got in the way.

Rest assured, there will be more dialogue in chapter 4... chapter 3 I'm not so sure.

[1] Dreams operate in a special nook between sub-conscious thought and emotion. This leads many dreams to lack in both solidity (the constant shift and change that the dreamer never notices until waking) and a general lack of definition (blurred faces and images). What this means is that anything that is not important will be left in its raw emotional or conceptual state and never get translated into words.

Is that a statement, or a question?

I still don't understand how much control Luna and Celestia have over their respective dreams, but I suppose that's the point

I had a long post that really explained a lot... then I decided this was better.

Sub-conscious trumps dreamer.
Sub-conscious X2 trumps everyone.


wut? Does this mean...we have to go deeper? *badum-tss*

Outside Luna’s own door, Soft Whistle bid her a good evening and left for her office as the two guards took up their posts on either side.

Soft Whisper

So was it false Luna that was eating out her sister? Or real Luna? If the real one, where did the false one go? If false Luna, then why did Real Luna taste her sister sopping marehood?

I think you win the award for 'dirtiest, technically clean cover art for a story'

To your first: DAMN IT!
To your second: The point of transition shouldn't be too hard to spot, right about when Celestia is pushed onto the bed. The false ceased to exist the moment the real took her place. Why? Because dreams, Son.


1) You're welcome
2) Awww! Snap! Thanks for that clarification. I'm so going to follow up on the next two chapters tomorrow when I read them now that I made sense of that.

Awesome fic btw.

Yes, Luna. Come to the Princest Side! You are loved here.:trollestia:

Has anyone mentioned that this story is awesome?

Because it is. Faved and followed.

>tfw I found this story before the cover picture was added... and now it's immensely popular
:ajsmug: It's like I know when a story is destined for the featurebox.

How... Exactly, is that cover image SFW?

4693711 How is it NSFW? They're just walking away from each other, from the looks of things.

Regardless of what you 'think' is happening in that picture, 4693749 has it right. It's just two sisters too embarrassed by their own thoughts and feelings to even look at each other.

In all seriousness, I was iffy on using it, so I contacted one of a Mod first and got the O.K.

4693864 Oh, I thought they were being scissor sisters in some way. My apologies.

Aww, that was sweet. I'll be looking forward to more.

I think this is the best compliment I've received. Thank you.:raritystarry:

Hopefully, the next, and final, chapter will be no less sweet for its added sauciness.:raritywink:

Dreams Infected? Not a bad title, but it sounds more like a psychological horror story than a princest story. I'm just saying.

The proper translation should be 'Infected Dreams'... because noun/verb order... because language is weird. Also, I probably should have gone with the original 'Sogni Infettive' of 'Infectious Dreams' but I didn't... for some reason or another. :shrug:

It kind of is a psychological horror... if you choose to look at it that way. I don't... but whatever floats you ship.:moustache:

4694844 Oh yeah, i forgot that foreign languages have backwards translations.

This is touching and erotic, very well done sir :moustache:

Well, I guess believable would have to be on a scale from 'Shark-nado' to 'The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.'
Thank you both for responding.

Could've sworn this had a teen rating last I checked. :applejackunsure:
Either way, it was wonderful. :twilightsmile: Can't say I got off to it (or tried, really) but I did just get a little teary eyed at the end. The dialogue was all interesting and easy to follow and the situation as a whole does seem believable in a twisted sort of way. Only thing I could recommend doing is reading through maybe one more time, 'cause there are a few small errors that don't really break the flow but kind of stand out here and there throughout this part.

I liked this. I've read a number of stories with a similar pretense and I've liked each one. There's a saying in the fandom, 'princest is wincest', and it's been true every time I've come across this pairing.

No, it was mature from the get go, but I'm glad that you still enjoyed it despite the erotic bits.:twilightsmile:
I'm glad I managed to touch your heart a little. Thank you.

I may go through it again (editing on my phone may not have been the wisest decision).

Rather cute and sweet, could use some cleaning up here and there, seeing as there's some words littered about that don't seem to belong. I've always adored this pairing, so I would love to have seen this portion drawn out, the confession of sorts. Luna growing to accept it and Celestia admitting it is so rich with potential emotion. Maybe a bit quick this time, but overall very enjoyable. As for the sex scene, remember, horses only have two nipples (technically, teats), and their privates are furless~ though with our cartoon ponies, that's a free for all.

In addition to this sometimes it was a bit hard to follow their positions, especially the wings had me wondering about Celestia's position. It was a bit difficult to visualize considering the stiffness of wings, and has me a bit unsure of- how to imagine it. Either way, enjoyable read~

Guard standing at the open door: DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE........

Strangely enough, I was a little too invested in their emotions to actually get off XD (you did a really good job of it IMO)

Maybe I'll go through it a second time and I'll see. This is very well written, and I eagerly wait for more from you :)

epilogue please. :pinkiehappy:

damn fine story.

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