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I'm an observer brony you might say. Dark and mysterious sometimes... and sometimes hyperactive. I'ma cool guy so don't feel shy ta chat with me. My bio is located on my DeviantID on Deviantart.com.


Life as an OC - Short Story · 1:07am Jun 28th, 2012

Ever wondered what OCs are to you? Well, a single OC has made it upon himself to make a personal video blog about himself... and explain the reason why he existed.

Apparently, this story failed the moderation test thingy... so, I'll provide these links below so you can read it. Let me know what you guys think OCs are to you. This short story is rated everyone... so yeah.

Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n6dnecg_cUM5yskS2xa0Ajmz8Suh4cQaEiPHsv-qQGk/edit

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Quick question. Are you still working on "the siege on equestria". I'm a new follower so I just had to make sure that you are.:twilightsheepish:


Thanks for the gay pones x3 Do Shining Armor and Double Diamond next :D

Thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:

I fooouuunnnddd yoooouuuuuuuu......................................................

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