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Writing stories, playing games, and fooling around with CAD programs. Curator of the futuristic series-- Magi Chronicles. I also seem to have a niche for writing short stories out of the blue.

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A belated (and future) 'Thank You' to all you FiMFiction readers! · 10:01pm Apr 5th, 2014

Heyo, everypony.

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Tales of the Wild, Blue Yonder -- About the Writer

Shameless Selfie

Xeadin (Zackary), at the time of writing, is a 23-year old freelance writer and amateur artist. He lives in the quaint suburb of Washington state, graduated with a Certificate of Proficiency as an Engineering Graphics Technician at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT).

He has a desire for the Remote Control (RC) hobby, and enjoys flying planes and driving cars for leisure.

He takes great pleasure in delving deep into mesmerizing daydreams, and sparks his motivations from such embarks. The world of Magi Chronicles is a result of one of those daydreams, which has become an alternate universe inside his head.

He is an adventurer at heart, and will, mainly, write stories that pertain closely towards that genre. He will enjoy reading other stories that stretch out from his comfort zone.

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Thank you for the favorite AND putting my story on that list of your favorite stories!

Seriously, that is so cool! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch! I hope that I can entertain and entice with tales of emotion, growth and adventure! (maybe also some sad things too)

thanks for the watch:pinkiesmile:

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