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Writing stories, playing games, and fooling around with CAD programs. Curator of the futuristic series-- Magi Chronicles. I also seem to have a niche for writing short stories out of the blue.


Princess Celestia cleans out her safe of scrolls to make room for more of Twilight's and her friend's observations. During the clean-up, her spell goes awry and accidentally sends them all back to the original sender.


Artwork on cover is done by Underpable, and is what inspired me to write this short oneshot.

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With Discord still on the long track towards reformation, he decides to poke a little fun on Canterlot and, more importantly, Celestia. His little spell goes out of control quickly, and Canterlot becomes swallowed in a heavy thunderstorm, which forces the princess to use many different counter-measures to ensure of the castle's safety.

A short comedy fic inspired by a short scene in another story of mine.
It is NOT a sequel-- neither story's plotlines are related to one another in the slightest.

Image for cover art by ZuTheSkunk

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Fluttershy takes a stroll through downtown Ponyville to find Pinkie Pie serving leftover pastries from last night to the denizen ducks. Fluttershy warns Pinkie Pie about her actions, and Pinkie heeds to Fluttershy's words of wisdom.

Being Pinkie Pie, though, she always finds a way around a sticky situation, but perhaps she shouldn't have found a loophole this time around...

The following day, Sugarcube Corner is surrounded by a mob of hungry woodland creatures of all types, and it only gets worse for the rest of the town.

Figured I should write another family-friendly fic, focusing more on Ponyville's resident element bearers.

I wrote this story as a challenge for myself to write as close to canon as I could. I think I did alright, for the most part-- at least for my standards.

I got inspired to write this from a sign hung outside the local bakery in a nearby community mall.

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Princess Celestia employs her personal top scientists and engineers to create an apparatus that could teleport whatever she wanted, or whatever existed in the known universe, to her. What follows could be the best discovery in the history of Equestria, since sliced cheese.

Decided to step out of the norm and my comfort zone, and focus my mind on other things. This is my first shot at random comedy, so it might not be the best thing that you've ever seen. However, I do hope that you enjoy this delectable oneshot of mouth-watering proportions!

Celestia vector by red-pear

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In response to a growing civil war from an empire that had, once, kept the Magi Civilization tied together, a young Precursor guardian is forced to flee from his home world. He seeks refuge from outside the edges of the civilization's grasp, attempting to answer age-old questions-- questions that began with the disappearance of a powerful entity, since the early years of the universe.

Finding himself upon a strange, and unspoken, world without the safety of the elemental forces that governed his home, he faces new trials and tribulations that may yet endanger this new world, or perhaps teach him about the values and lessons of the 'Magic of Friendship.'

Equestria's magic and the civilization's elements collide in this gripping sci-fi tale of survival and enlightenment.

Proofreading done by OkemosBrony

Celestia vector in cover art by The3javi

If you enjoy reading lore, take a look at this Blog post

Disclaimer: The story is set after the events of "Magical Mystery Cure." The story may, also, contain brief bits of comic mischief, violence, and suggestive/ sexual themes throughout the story.
[E] -- Edited chapter (denotes a chapter that has been rewritten, in part or in whole)

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