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Hello to the person who has made it here and welcome to the out of the way group that would be The Amateur's Guild. This guild is centered around the bases of helping new authors to writing fanfiction get a good feel for writing in general. This is a place to hone your skills, in both reading and writing. Veteran writers are welcome as well, we need experienced writers to help us out sometimes and make sure we don't make the same mistakes. Proofreaders and editors are also welcome, don't be shy, we need all of you too.

Forum and threads are open to all, my only request is that everyone doesn't go nuts with them. Threads with little to no attention will have a two week life then will be deleted. Other than that, everything else should be pretty chill.

Well, that's all I got for you right now, so go ahead and join and post away!

-That Hooded Fella

Before You Join, Be Sure and Read Over The Rules of the Guild.

Mini-Feature of the Week

"Hey, I know magic, spells and fun!"
"No, you don't!"
"Yes I do!"
"No you..."
"Wow, this place is funtastic!"

What happens when a strange colt with magic, magical wings and a crown meets with her Majesty Princess Twilight? An imbroglio that will draw a clear line between two worlds forever.

The story was featured on Funtasia Daily. Is that good, no, no and no!

Crossover between MLP and Filly Funtasia, prepare the bleach for your sorry eyes!

Want to be Mini-Featured? Post a link to your story and a small description in the Mini-Feature thread and it will be considered!

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Welcome to one and all! I do hope you join and, of you already have, well then welcome again!

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