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All that I wanted, were things I had before. All that I needed, I never needed more. All of my questions, are answers to my sins. All of my endings, are waiting to begin.

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I will admit that I like this story so far... Except for TwiLuna... I hate that ship with a burning passion. I will try to endure it though for a Nightmare Moon romance fix though.

6465313 Do not fear, they shouldn't been a large part of the story. And hey, Nightmare Moon doesn't like it either!

Although I think it would be better of they were Anthropomorphic, I'll give this story a go. The plot is interesting and the idea is one you don't see often or at least told in this way. Also I fucking hate Shining Armor.

This fic has really caught my interest, fics that have Nightmare Moon being "sort of" reformed tends to be interesting, as in, she's a better Pony than Before but keeps her mainly dark personality.

6465313 Me too, though I reserves those thoguhts to myself since some people out there are inmatures or just blind. The arguments that they use for that ship are lame and poor.

even though ive never read this story i took the time to find the artist for you

so here

all i did was google image search "nightmare moon blush" and i found a link to equestria daily which had a link to the deviant art page

6466764 I found it in passing, and followed it back as far as I could.

6466743 eh... If people want to waste their time arguing with me with that ship, let them I'll just ignore them. As evidenced by 5 dislikes on my first comment, we have found that some disagree with me but I'm actually surprised that I haven't gotten a reply of someone flaming me for not liking the ship.

6466789 Probably they are the kind who barks but not bite

I'll admit that I'm a big TwiLuna fan but everyone has their own opinions. Down voting and or flaming someone just for voicing their opinion of something is shameful.

6467040 you are right of course...but not everyone can be as mature as us now can they?

Are you sure that Nightmare Moon is reformed? It didn't look like it except how she felt about Luna. It looks like she is forced to play nice or get banished or something like that. I do like how she described the other Element Bearers:

a sissy seamstress,

:duck: I beg your pardon.

a pink spaz,

:pinkiecrazy:That's me!

a dainty butterfly,

:yay:I actually like that...:fluttershysad:if you don't mind.

and two dykes

:applejackconfused:Say wha' now?

She a Tsundere of course:twistnerd:

6467583 nooooo not werewolves again, i always lose.

I would like to say that your story seems to be off at a good start and seems to have a lot of potential and I am excited to see what's next

and two dykes

Dyke/dykes is such a modern term, I'm not quite sure where she'd hear it in the company of nobility, who I can only assume make it a point to not curse in front of a princess.

Another story that takes years to update! Yay! :yay:

love this story so far

Looks like he should have paid more attention to what Celestia said about the garden. Plus, he probably should have waited until after dinner and after he asked Celestia about the garden before visiting it.

Well... that was uncalled for.

Dude/et, this is fan fiction, don't feel pressure, and don't stress(I know, easier said then done). If you want a successful fan fiction, just do you and don't worry about the rest.

Calling it now, he's going to snap so hard he gains her respect.

Awesome story, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Wow, the mistress of the night has some attitude problems.

Wow Nightmare went from 0 to 100 instantly...

6528828 That's the only way to go

Win the heart of the fainting princess with love's kiss; win the heart of the (semi) reformed arch-villain with a boot to the head.

"Did you just strike me?!"
"You were being bad. Now stop it, sit down, and let's continue eating."
"No! I will not-!"
"You...! But...? I...? How...!? I..."
"What did you learn?"
"That I get to keep you now..."
"Exactly. You get to- Wait, what?"

Celestia to Luna: "Awwww! They're adorable!"

she should reform her speech, just saying!

Looking okay, but a bit of a writing tip: If a character's explaining something long enough for more than one paragraph without interruptions, you don't need to add the end quotations and just start the next paragraph with another starting quote. If you're still confused, let me know.

I know it's only been three months, but any idea when we will get the next chapter?:twilightblush:

6773480 Lol, now that I'm on winter break for a while hopefully I can get my ass in gear and actually update my stories instead of sitting at my laptop blankly like a mong like I have been for the past couple of months. So, probably another three months. :twilightblush:

Ok, I can get into this. Also, bout damn time you updated!


Good chap. Nicee Stone Sour reference.

Looking forward to what happens next keep it up.

I have to say I'm super stoked about this story. Everything is gripping me in the right way. Seriously keep this up, it's awesome! :twilightsmile:

Why do I get the feeling Celestia doesnt truly wish for Nightmare Moons reform, content in watching her old nemesis wallow in the torment of her defeats and emotions...:trollestia:
Also her peculiar way she handled Joseph's subsequent encounters with Nightmare Moon
almost punishing him for his actions and warning him against trying anything else towards her...
Either that's some serious reverse psychology or she's getting a kick out of watching these two beings, both alienated from the worlds they once knew, silently suffer not caring either way cause she's a bitch :moustache:
Gotta give ya props Pvt Caboose this story has pirked my interest :heart:
Have a Star cause I wanna read MOAR :flutterrage::yay:

my interest has been peaked:twilightsmile:

First, I would like to say thank you for updating and sorry for making you write this three in the morning.
Secondly, I am trying to figure out what did he do to get Celestia so pissed at him. All he did was show up. She was the one that invited him to the same room at Moony. If Moony just showed up, have one of those guards that are always around wait for him outside the door to tell him to return to his room until summoned because something came up. Finally, I am so glad those two (the human and Moony) finally had an actual conversation. I look forward to the next chapter.

So did NMM never actually hate Joseph? I'm a little confused at it going from hate and attack on meeting in a garden to listen to inspiring speech and blushing. It just seems like quite a jump so quickly.

I don't think she actually hated him. She thought that he was like everyone else, treating her like the black sheep of the castle while claiming that they wanted to help her.

Just my two cents.

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