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YO! I write stuff. Primarily comedy for now but I will experiment with other genre's. some will go better that others.

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I already am sold on this XD

You keep up with the amazing work on both stories brah XD

This story looks interesting.

This is AWSOME please keep going!!!!!:derpytongue2::heart::derpytongue2::heart::derpytongue2::heart::derpytongue2::heart::derpytongue2:

It's not very often that I find a story with grammatical errors like this that still has good and natural feeling dialogue. An editor or a second run through of this would make it fantastic. Please keep it up.

Why do I have a feeling theres gonna be gamer Luna in this fic eventually

I beg of of you to continue this ,please the beginning is so amazing and i like to read the reactions from each of the princesses about humans and the technology,astronomy,and horror for Luna so please continue the story

I'm liking the premise, although there's one thing you should watch out for.

While you do want your description to give enough information about the story for folks to be interested, you don't want to give away too much. Stuff like how DJ feels about each mare and how they interact with him should be saved for the actual story and told through their words and actions.

Here's an example from one of my stories:

I never thought that this day would come; the day that my dad would finally find someone to be with after being alone for so long. Not only that, but the one that he found, the one that he's decided to spend the rest of his life with, was none other than Princess Celestia.

I do feel happy for Dad, really I do, but I still didn't like the idea of my father getting remarried.

The thing is, though... I have no idea why I feel this way.

See? I didn't say much, but you still get the gist of the story: a human is dealing with having Celestia as his stepmother, and feels really conflicted about it. Sure, I could've said a little more, but by withholding information I kinda tease potential readers into at least looking at the first chapter.

Just a little tidbit to keep in mind. You've got something that looks pretty good here. I'm interested to see where this goes.

Awesome start. Hope he stays human in this one.

Luna: 'HUZZAH!! The human has games'

aaaaand I'm hooked on this story already :pinkiehappy:

Well I'm sold, I like the guy's more realistic approach with the ponies. He is kind to them, but doesn't let them walk over him, and he's not afraid to be strict when necessary. Especially when he scares them on what might happen if anyone sees them. After all, humans aren't famous for kindness towards whats different.

5873971 indeed... I catch your drift I think I'll revise it.(or just cut off the part where he talks about them all)

This looks like a good story, nice start! :D

This chapter was awesome! Nice Work!

Comment posted by Xenomorpher deleted Apr 29th, 2015

i like the way the store is heading. i really hope to see some really hard choices to be made for when those four ponies have to leave.

really great chapter and awesome story and I think them finding the "wonders" of our world is realy funny:rainbowlaugh:

This chapter was hilarious, especially the groin attack, the Molestia incident, and the girls' excitement about Derrick being a baker.

Every time they ask if they should heal him this guy comes to mind
Anyway nice lol inducing chaper cant wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Wow, Twilight is so unfamiliar with the concept of romance that its like she doesn't understand it:facehoof:

This was great.

Loved the part when Celestia acted like a Filly. It was hilarious XD

Always below the belt. Ouch! Also we know Tia loves cake, but wow! I'm looking forward to more.

5919252 well...wait till Twilight discovers the Internet...

This was a great chapter and made me laugh a lot.

5919901 oh god... :trollestia: nan i'm kidding let the dark side of the internet come alive. if you know what i mean?:trollestia:

Oh lordy luu, this won't end well.
I think DJ is, overreacting a bit in the first parts... but that's just me talkin.
Ouch, nutbuster! XD haha

And dang, Celly and your obession with cake... nice.

Aside from some spelling errors, this was a nice chapter, good going man! :D
Keep it up!

(Or some crazy bitch broke into my house to make me breakfast.)

HA HA please continue this story it's starting to sound hilarious

im talking about your

Capital "I" and apostrophe is needed

A few seconds later I saw Celestia ninja grab her away from the window comicly.

favorite line right here!

5919901 Oh God, if she finds Wikipedia she'll never sleep again:twilightoops:

Oh I'm following this story :pinkiehappy:

DJ just saw a glimpse of Molestia




One of two things could happen when they take their first drink of cola.
1. Addiction.
2. Sugar rush.
Or maybe both. Truthfully the first one happened to me and I regret nothing!

Once twilight discovers the internet, she will never leave... That is until she also, to her misfortune, discovers all the naughty pics of her and her friends and I can't wait until cadence finds dating sites. Also my favorite parts when he said that maybe a crazy bitch broke into her house to cook breakfast,
their discussion about erections and the whole Molestia part.Well now I'm rambling, so I'll cut to the chase, good job, you sir have a favorite! I'd love for you to keep it up and I can't wait for more. Ps: if you're in need of an editor I'd be delighted to assist in your literary efforts.

Heh, not that I don't like this chapter; but it feels alittle soon doesnt it for the ponies to start showing interest in him this way? Also in chapter 1, didn't Luna dislike him intently for little reason? How did we get to this state? O-o. Not saying I hate this, just curious.

Nice chapter, a few mistakes but its pretty good.
And, well... it seems like things are going a bit fast, but eh.

Good job.

I have only one thing to say

6095064 hm...I actually agree looking back now... Next chapter I'll tone it down a bit or something. Then again I didn't plan for this story to be particularly long

Your icon, is gorgious.

Yeah, it is a bit. But then again I know where you're coming form.
I've had that problem. Best I can say is, good luck bro,

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