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I am obliged to call you a faggot for calling greentext meme arrows.

On a more serious note, this is amazing and hits all the best aspects of smut with Nightmare, looking forward to more.

You sir, deserve a like. This is one of the best romance stories I have seen in this site.

Jedi Master Quan Chi was seriously the best part of the entire Ride to Hell LP. Also what happened to the Mane 6? Are they dead? Zambamboes? On indefinite vacation in the shadow realm? Truly these are the mysteries.

Meme arrow bullshit will earn you a dislike. You better have a good story to make up for that. :twilightangry2:

For now I reserve my judgment until I read the extent of your HF. :trixieshiftleft:


I deliberately left that ambiguous. Consider them "defeated" in some nondescript way, whether they be banished, on the run, or simply sulking in Ponyville, stewing in frustration over how hard they got their asses kicked.

I'm sorry that you dislike le epic joke pointers so much that you'd dislike the story over it, even though I went through the trouble of REMOVING all of those, and properly rewriting the story into prose form.

I'd say everything good about, it but all you have to do is re-read the story. Nice work.

Poor Nightmare...:rainbowlaugh:

"Ohoho!" You cast your head back, chuckling heartily, then wipe away a figurative tear from your eye. "Oh, Anonymous, dearest... If We may make this hypothetical comparison, We do not read an erotic novel for the 'immersive story', now do We?"

You beautiful bastard.

This is actually really good. The title could have been more creative, but the writing style is very pleasing; minimum grammatical errors, too. The character perspectives and development are smooth and delivers the intended emotions well. I enjoyed reading this and would definitely like to read more. :twilightsmile:

Also, you deserve the condemnations for referring to greentext as meme arrows. Even though I giggled at that. :rainbowlaugh:

When I was thinking of the title, I kinda wanted to make it comically simple.

What's wrong, don't you like meme arrows? What about the triple meme triangles?

▲ :^)
▲ ▲

So.. Is it still the same six minutes?

The same six minutes you gave me.

It was the least I could do for a friend.

Lol. Anon has left the ever-stoic Queen stumped. :rainbowlaugh:

6680206 I said you had better have a good story to make up for it. I have not read it, and have reserved my judgment until such a time as I do read it. So I have not down-voted it. I just get angry when I read the term meme arrows.

To put it in perspective; as a judge, I'm starting you with a score of -1 instead of zero. :pinkiecrazy:

For the record, I called them meme arrows to be ironic.

Gosh darn it Anon...! Heh... I'm gonna wait for a sequel that probably won't ever happen...


Well, there's still one more part coming up with more horse sex.

The title's actually fine for me, given how comically hilarious and serious the story is at the same.

yer a faggit lel for ze meme arows
Just kidding. It's obligatory.

I've been trying to find a small romance between anon and another character of MLP without clop for a while, now....

....still haven't found it.

> Writes a storing featuring Anonymous
> Doesn’t use the new Anonymous tag
> Calls >implying “meme arrows”

On a scale of 1 to 10 you’re literally worse than Hitler.

Short non‐clop romance featuring Anonymous? Good fucking luck.

>Anon tag
Oh shit, that's a thing?

>meme arrows controversy
But I refer to it as greentexting both in the description, AND in the author's notes in the first chapter

I was only pretending to be retarded!

I believe we humans pronounce it albecoikee not albequerqee

You've more or less tuned out the loud moans and shouts to focus entirely on your work. "OHHH YES! YES!!"

Damn, she gets real loud when her motor's running... Maybe it's just a side effect from not getting laid in over a millennium? Still, if she doesn't keep it down, she's gonna-

"Your Highness! Is everythin-"


You don't even have the time to bring your head up from out of her crotch to visually register what just happened, but from the sound of the doors being kicked open, and the voice of the guards being quickly drowned out with a loud explosion of magic paints a pretty clear picture. Shit, you hope you didn't just indirectly kill a poor guard via angry, horny queen cunnilingus.

At the beginning of that, I was like :pinkiegasp:

And then I was like :twilightoops:

But then I was like :rainbowlaugh:


That was equivalent to a max level Fus Ro Dah

"I'm just thankful that we stopped Magical Mystery Cure from happening..."

"Hmm? What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing. Well, Celestia may not have a grave for you to dance on, but will you accept sex in her bed as the next best petty substitute?"

That made my day.:pinkiesad2: So is Celestia dead in this story? You didn't really go into detail on what happened.

I so want to see more of this world and these two ruling it, you must make a sequel. Maybe have a scene of Anon having physical sex with Nightmare Moon. The Luna scene was good, but there so many Luna clopfics and Nightmare Moon ones are rare.

Nah, Celestia's just banished to the sun as poetic justice. Didn't mean to imply that she was dead without a grave with that line, just that her current situation lacks a grave to be danced upon, because she is instead imprisoned, and not dead.

The previous chapter was about having sex with Nightmare Moon, though.

I don't count that scene because it was all a dream. I did say physically, and that was basically a wet dream.

I rate this chapter 4 U's out of 5.

:twilightoops: It never feels right for me to step into Anon's shoes. I'm just way too different from him. :twilightoops:


>Anon tag
Oh shit, that's a thing?

Apparently not. …despite the site post implying that it was. I’m a little pissed off, to be honest.

>“pretending” to be retarded
A likely story. :trixieshiftright:

(Nah, you’re alright, most of us ragging on you were fully aware of that, we’re just giving you shit because it’s obligatory. Camaraderie between channers.)

Yay! Happy-together ending! :D

I wish it was longer, but it's still enjoyable, nonetheless. Nightmare confronting Anon and the ensuing shenanigans are adorable as heck. :fluttershysad:

continuations pretty pls

I always said
al be koer kee

wait, albert? Maybe she is also mis-remembering.

No one cared who We were until We put on the mask."

That's where you nearly choke right there. It takes every fibre of your being pulling in the opposite direction to get you to not ask her that since she pulled that mask off, if she'll die, if getting caught was part of her plan, or what the next step of her master plan is. Moony had already threatened you multiple times for making references to stupid shit from your world that she wouldn't understand, so now was definitely not the time.

I love that, I had to stop and laugh for a bit :pinkiehappy:

So... the princes of the night throws a hissy fit because we forgot a dream? You'd think the princess of dreams would realize not everyone remembers their dreams. You lost me right there. I can't even finish it now.

Well, my explanation is that Nightmare Moon assumed that human dreams didn't work any differently than how dreams work in the "cartoon world", where dreams usually have a bit more relevancy to the dreamer's conscious mind, and the dreamer usually remembers when they wake up, hence her confusion when she arrives, and why she asks Anon if any of the things in Chuck E. Cheese have any particular meaning to him, to which he responds that the dream is as random it gets.

She also didn't understand that humans don't retain dreams like cartoon characters usually do, to which she was incredibly frustrated that the intimacy they shared in that dream was so simply forgotten like it was nothing important.

...A shitty explanation, I know. It was the best I could come up with at this very moment, but it seems you've made up your mind anyway. Sorry that this plot hole ruined the rest of the story for you.

Ha, well, that's what I was thinking too. Maybe ponies remember almost all their dreams? I'da been fine with that, but it was never addressed in the story so it's not cannon, meh. Being blamed for something you couldn't possibly control is one of my biggest pet peeves, which is why it bothered me so much, being an anon story after all. If I were there I'da thrown a shit fit instead of apologizing.

I stopped being a brat and read the rest of it. It was good. Have a green thumb, may it grow you many verdant gardens.

Huh. That was really good.

Nice one, Horsefucker. :3

I like this already. You'd have to really nosedive in the next two chapters to lose my favoriting of this story.

Yep. Definitely getting a few spots in my shelves. Favorites, comedy and clop, for sure.

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