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This made my day, I loved it. :heart:

Comment posted by Cereal-Killer deleted Nov 10th, 2015

I require more Queen Umbra.


Good story :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... Yep Still Like This Pairing.

Queen umbra is such a fun character to read.

So... okay. Interesting.

Ending was priceless.

Does that mean Umbra count as "redeemed"? I mean, she got some "magic of friendship" (with benefit) right there. That should satisfy Celly, right?

If not, she knows the other ways.

And she didn't even corrupt him. Much.

Wonderful! I can only hope you intend to do more of these!

If you ever made a long-fic about these two I would not complain.

I am aroused.

Just... wow. Not many fics like this focus much on the emotions of each party during the act, but when they do it well, it makes quite the difference.

Just give me a second-no! A minute to breathe.
Very heated. Very well done. And mostly of all,
Umbra is such a troll.

Best fucking sequel ever!

Would not mind to see this as a series.:eeyup:

Long fic now please?

It was...nice.
I wouldn't mind a full length story.

I can safely speak for everyone here, we would all love a lengthier, more romantic fic involving R63 Sombra/Umbra and the human.

Does anyone else think that the picture looks like a sexy Ms. Piggy?

Soooooo, did Umbra lie about all her "adventures" with Celestia and Luna? They seemed awfully embarresed for two rulers that have defiled countless stallions and mares.
That aside, awsome fic, i do hope you will make more fics with John and Umbra.

I would assume that the magic nullifying ring barely did jack shit against Umbra cause she was able to magic the ring and the collar off. That and we must have a full length story! The audience demands it!

Love it. Full long story NOW, with cuddly times, sexy times and awkward times. Also, fave'd.

That ending. Dayyuum. Full length fic is now required. No less than 10 chapters please.

Loved "To serve a queen" and this one is even better.
I'd read stories like that all day long.
There isn't much room for improvements in my opinion.
The plot is good (better than many, many other HiE stories anyway), the character development is really good, John doesn't feel like "another beta-anon in equestria" while the Queen is well written and feels like a Queen (maybe not tyran-y enough to stick with the canon but who cares, we're here for the femdom cuddles, not to sacrifice virgins and drink blood), the pace is perfect...
Just give us a paypal pls.


Loved it.

Needs a full story (or at least additional chapters) this very instant.

...Please. :heart:

I'm a little curious about the aftermath of this situation. Sure Umbra is powerful, but how is she going to get around three armored princesses who are equally as powerful, if not more so. They are not going to look kindly upon her, she did rape him.

Though given the previous story, I guess the poor guy is in this situation more often.

The R63 was good.

Too bad John was defeated so easily.

Some good fimfiction could come from this.

And Now, don't tease us, and do Full Story now!


I expect more Queens and Princesses in the bed.

An interesting read, Umbra seems like a progressive character in my opinion in both stories. Earned a like and fave.

Full story please. I'm apathetic to clop but I love the dynamic between John and Umbra.

I was hoping for a sequel to "To Service a Queen."

I hope they'll be more :pinkiehappy:

The cover pic of the first story is oddly hot. :twilightblush:


Full story please. I'm apathetic to clop but I love the dynamic between John and Umbra.

What this guy said. Except for the apathetic to clop part.

Comment posted by Ephemeral deleted Nov 12th, 2015

I kinda thought it was a low class felony everywhere in the States by now. Unless you aren't talking about the US.

Needs more anal.

Nonjokingly, though, this was very well written, and I definitely enjoyed it. I'll definitely be anticipating a sequel to this sequel. 4/5 and a recommendation.


And that ending was perfect! Umbra, should have been canon, instead of, Sombra, because you made her so bucking HOT.
Amazing job!:moustache:

P.S. Sequel?!:trollestia:

This was genuinely excellent. Just about everything was absolutely nailed here, from the pacing to the way Umbra and John interacted with each other. The sex scene was also great, especially since it managed to capture the passion involved in it so well - most stories that try this end up having vapid porno scenes, this here is the exact opposite.

Honestly, a substantial multi-part story continuing Umbra and John's tale would be absolutely amazing if it manages to keep this level of quality throughout.

Hmm..Okay, i liked the first one, so im going to have to read this later

I came
I read

Good job, dear Sir.:moustache: better than the first.:raritywink:


I'm satisfied in more ways than one.

Looking forward to the final one. Because there will be a final one, right? Right?

This was so much hotter than the first I feel.

6626700 Nope, not a final one becuase....This must be a SERIES! I like this umbra and her love for MC.

6627320 EVEN BETTER!!! hop to it squire!

That was fun, may I have another? Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

This isn't a proper full length story. This is too interesting to be a stand alone story.

Why is it not a full story?!

A lil big pony fic? All aboard the train at Masturbation station! Keep up the great work man ;) :trollestia:

10/10 really fucking solid. :yay: Hope they'll be a sequel story of some kind.

Also I'm going to find a way to get a Umbra plush made because of this.

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