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Give me one reason Celestia isn't best pony. Pro tip: You can't

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This story, it interests me.

molestia represent the "dark side " of the sun , th "heat" . she has the effect of being in "heat" 24/7 .
the fact that her maregoodies cause orgies is hillarious , she is the sex goddess.
good begining carry on

Woohoo! Lets do this!

Interesting. Never thought Anon would be used as a flu carrier that would get ponies sick on approach.

This is amazing. Fukin funny. Like, favorite and follow.:heart::derpytongue2::heart::trollestia::heart:

so if molestia is the sex goddess does that mean she is cadance mother? they are both pink after all

That makes a scary amount of sense.

7535768 kid, you are in for the ride of a life-time :scootangel:


Oh, you poor naïve bastard...

Story is complete

Really hope its a 50 chapter epic.

7535768 I know this is probably too late by now, but if it isn't. Run! Run and don't look back. Don't let the internet do to you what it has done to us.... Unless, you know, you want it to.

I admit I was reading a bit faster to understood what this story is going to be about.

I think it was funny at how Molestia was trying to understood how he didn't wanted to have sex already (at least that was what I understood, since I forgot to translate a certain word).

It would be actuall nice to see if Molestia would have a real relationship, sex or not I'm just interessted in a character like her having real feelings.

Dammit now I really wanna see Molestia in a exclusive relationship xD

7536758 Interesting, you even gave them a fire escape so to speak.

7535768 You will be well educated in the art of pony porn.

WEll so far you have my interest however I am a little confused with this sentence structure.

Once Molestia is asleep does Anon leave her alone.

Did you mean
Once Molestia is asleep, Anon leaves her alone.

Anon...lulu and Molly ;)

Molestia may talk a big game but she'll be no match for the One Pump Man. :trixieshiftleft:

Nice to see a serious story about Molestia that isnt based around hijinks or all about implied sex.

Molestia on title picture have wrong cutiemark, Celestia's.

Story is really well writen, but I'm not one for Anon-Stories.

Poor Molestia...one of these days, the big fish in the small pond is going to get dumped into an ocean filled with sharks.
Where the ocean is Earth.
And the sharks are humans.

Molly and anon pairing I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

*<>* plz when it gets to the clop ...eventually ... Let anon last longer than a sex addicted demigod can handle ... Wanna see her break ... And beg ...but he just laughs and keeps going ....haha .

accidentally plays Barry white

its funny great and really likeble
next plz

This is not an anime m8, you are allowed to use company names like SAMSUNG, or SPOTIFY.


His dry spell is making him feel like a teen that’s popped a boner in class.

does he actually has magic?

It feels so nice to be taken care of. To not be used for sex

It looks so nice that especially she has those thoughts.
I`m actually kind of happy that this is more than a copfic, or at least looks like that, because it looks so much better if character like her notice something much more important.

ahhh I just like it, don't want to ruin it with trying to describe exactly why.

“Wanna hear human music?”

This song plays.


It ran out of batter a long time ago.

You dropped thi --> y

Made up names just sound funny to me.

"Dry spell" means he hasn't had sex in a long time.


"Dry spell" means he hasn't had sex in a long time.

Okay thank you, I try to read it again and well to understand the sentence the right way, now that I now that word too.

thats so sad! i feel sorry for molly already :raritycry:


You dropped this --->s

standard tia, she's a bitch. Only this time she's open about it

Poor molly. I feel bad for her.

Rest and lots of fluids

even the most harmless contagious disease we have will be deadly to a being who has not encountered it before. It might even cause the end of a civilization if a proper cure is not found.

whoa, that was unexpected. now i feel sad

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