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I love this story I'm glad you write anon and Barb together in hope you make more of this pairing soon .Question will there be a sequel? Just curious. :twilightsmile:

that was cute, and had a really cute ending. good work sir

7258479 I hope you're not serious but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. This story's warning has Rule 63 Spike. Take a wild guess.

Fan-nickname for genderbend Spike

I've been dying for a great barb fic. Not only did I find it, but it's from one of my favorite writers on here. 20/10 would clop again.

Reading tha pun is tempting me to say another pun!!!!
This is sexnificent!

A couple issues here and there, but the one that struck out at me was the hymen break.
If Barb is as big as I think here, then it is highly unlikely that her hymen would be damaged. The hymen is not a wall, and does not always break even in conventionally proportioned human sex. The larger the woman is compared to the man, the less likely a break is.

Hey, mama, how's it going?

Uh, would it be possible for a sequel? Something slice of lifey misadventures kinda thing?

:rainbowhuh: I don't know why, but I keep thinking of Adam Sandler in place of Anon. Maybe it's because a lot of the stuff he does in this story is the same kinda stuff Sandler often does in pretty much any movie he stars in...?

:rainbowlaugh: Then again, it certainly ups the comedy factor a few dozen points!

I'm not sure if I should say this here or someplace else but one error caught my eye:

She slaps his hoof away with a scoff.

I'm sure that should be "hand", right? I only caught this one because it was by itself. Even so, I'm not sure how I noticed it, since grammar stuff like this passes my glance easily.



Now imagine Barb lays an egg...

Anon chuckles a bit at what Twilight said.

"An egg? Dragons do live birth, right?"



That was....Awesome. :yay:

Love the characters, story, setup, everything:pinkiehappy::heart:

Good job sir:moustache:

“I just wanted to ask if... I-If you would you like to be my best mare?”

So...who asked? Or did they ask at the same time?

Great story.... I wish every story was this good!

Great story. Sequel please?

Wow, this story went up in the featured box pretty fast.

I usually don't like stories that use "anon" as a name, but this was cute.


Now this is well written good job. I'll check out your other stuff hope there's as good as this. :pinkiehappy:

This was pretty good, and plenty of other people would agree.

My main dislike (I still gave a thumbs up) was the fact that Anon was used in a third person context. Anon, and the essence of greentext story usage, is 99% exclusive to second-person. The only reason Anon was used was because of 4chan, and being anonymous. We put ourselves into that situation.

Normally I tell people to sod off when they say "oh anon sucks as a name" when it is second-person because of that reason.

However Anon in third person is weird. We are not placing ourselves into that situation, we are watching another person do these actions. The name could have been Bill, Alex, Jacob, Damien, or any other name and it would have been more appropriate.

Some of the story was sappy but it is pretty much pure romance then sex so that isn't a big thing. I thought it was pretty funny too.

I'm not a green text writer. In fact, I've been writing Anon stories before I even knew what 4chan was. At this point, Anon is just a character to me with many different faces depending on what the story needs him to be. So, yeah. I write him in many styles. Funny enough, the only style I've never used is second person for Anon.

Trigger: Rule 63 Spike

As a guy who has written a few Barb clop smuts. Fucking sold.

I kinda relate to this story.

Barb reminds me of a lot of people on this site I really get irritated by, and Anon reminds me of myself when I see those people I don't like and have the urge to annoy and leave bags of dog poo on their doorsteps.

I approve of this story. Two thumbs up!

you've done it again dude! :twilightsmile:
you've made another great fic!:moustache:
more pls!:yay:

This was sweet. I don't even know if I want to read the clopilouge.

It's just as sweet and completes the story. Just for you, I'll add a clop skippable option. Check A/N at the top of the chapter.

Felt quite cliche towards the end, but it was a solid ending. A classic ending with a minor spin on it.

Heheheheeee!! Another satisfying ending! Barb is such a tsundere. :raritywink:

7261907 A spike is a sharp pointed object, so is a barb.

I feel a bit bad being a nay-sayer, (or neigh-sayer I suppose.) I just don't buy the romance through adversity and I didn't find myself drawn in. However your writing is good so I'm not gonna downvote or anything.

7261656 Well thank you.

just wanted to ask if... I-If you would you like to be my best mare?”




Oh my gosh glad I read through it! Thanks for the labels!

Thank you for brightening my day!

Haven't actually gotten to the second chapter yet but I gotta say this is one cute ass story. I like this a lot.

7261298 omg it's that guy!

Jesus Christ, this is hard to read, Salsav. It's like you've made an art of making the composition of each sentence as distracting as possible. Never once did I get lost in the story because I kept being reminded I was reading a story. This is the written version of obnoxious special effects and bad camerawork.

This was seriously amazing. I was pretty indifferent to Barb, but this made me fall in love with her. Thank you. :heart:

Too good to be so short...moar plz! Great fun and feels. Now I gotta find more quality Barb fics...after this, it ain't gonna be easy!

Gotta say, never thought I'd like a r63 Spike, but ya proved me wrong.

So your making a sequel right??:pinkiehappy:

Your Anon was highly entertaining.

Solid fucking gold. Awesome set-up, good pacing, well-written clop. A few typos here and there, as well as some wonky grammar in a couple sentences, but it all fades away amidst the story. Also, the marriage is such a huge tease. Little Dragonites running around... Sequel about these little rascals perhaps?


I'm hyped for a possible continuation, but this stands alone as a very engaging short story. Bravo, Sarcastic.

"The man with no face has everything to say."
-Some anonymous dude

You can never go wrong with Vodka.

I'm curious.. why Anon? Name wise that is. Anon's usually reserved for 2nd person stories isn't it?

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I see great potential with this. Do not fail me, you beautiful bastard.

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