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Interesting, I'll be tracking this to see how it goes. I'm glad that you didn't do the whole anon thing with the 2nd person perspective.

Great job so far, I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

I did not realise this is not a 1 shot until I finished this chapter. *fist pump* This is great so far. and everyone that has read it seems to agree since it currently has no dislikes. :twilightsmile:
I look forward to more.

7144694 I dont understand why it makes such a difference, Since the human has no name and no physical description he is basically an anon in all but words.

7144935 For me, it's just the thought of the character saying "anon". It doesn't feel as personal if they do, which is why I wrote it this way.

I do love a good tsundere story. Wonder when the first dislike will appear. Prolly by some new hard core spike and ember shipper. :/

Oh man I was laughing my ass off at the image of Garble in a Tutu. :rainbowlaugh: that was a good bit of comedy there.

7144938 that's fine I actually prefer nameless humans in second person stories but I never understand why people get so angry over the idea of anon stories, some of the rage comments on other fits are mind blowing and it's all over a 4 letter word.

Incredible first chapter. Keep up the awesome work :eeyup:

They ate beef.

Beef comes from cows.

Cows are sapient.


Murder everywhere.

That chapter title. Going for a Friends theme? You nerd.

(nice featured, btw)

I really don't see the difference between sleeping in a stone bed or in the floor.

I love it so far, but...

“Well you’re already a pretty great leader,” Spike comments. “I mean, that whole ‘Garble has to hug everyone’ rule? Classic!”

Wasn't that Spike's decree? Before he handed over the scepter?

7144938 Exactly. By saying 'Anon' it feels like an external character. It should feel more like the reader instead, which is what 2nd person should be aiming for (in my opinion).

the steak fully cooked

How cooked exactly? Cause I'd rather not be eating a fried boot.

“Anyways, what do you wanna know about friendship?”

Then remind me later to teach you of a little concept called "Friends With Benefits."

7146110 Went back and watched, and you're right. I'll go ahead and edit that spot, thanks!

7146559 Somehow we've made this sound worse than the floor

7146676 I'd honestly love to hear your explanation for this being foalcon, considering

A: There is no sex, kissing, or even romance of any kind in the posted chapter.
B: Ember is easily twice Spike's age, if not more, and he's gotta be at least 10 or 11.
C: If I considered her that young, I would have written "foalcon" in the trigger warnings.

But hey, you do you, downvote what you want, I guess.

Because it's a lazy terrible writing habit that sticks out like a sore thumb. Might as well just literally name the protagonist "Nameless". It takes a little more effort to just leave out naming the protagonist, but it usually turns out a lot better as the reader can much more easily visualize themselves in the story.

The only reason why "Anon" is considered an acceptable name is because of imageboards. You'll probably notice looking back that almost nobody named their main character "Anon" until around 2010 where greentext stories started popping up.

Horeses, and most herbivores, can and do eat meat on occasion.

7146834 Yes, but they can't digest it well due to having the specialized digestive tract of a herbivore. The occasional bit of meat is fine for them, but it's not considered healthy. Of course, I'm sure you know that already, heh.

I see that I failed to describe that in the story though, and I thought I did, so thank you for bringing that to my attention, I'll be sure to edit that when I can :twilightsmile:


Spike's age kind of just depends on how old you think Twilight and them are. It varies from person to person, but either way, it can't be foalcon.

Also, cool story brah.

7146685 Well personally I'd like to think she's sweet 16 or 18.

7146110 I'm actually laughing pretty hard at that, because originally, he had it as her dad that did that. And I went, "Nah, Seven, it was Ember!" because honestly, I don't know.

I know what I'm doing, I swear! :rainbowlaugh:

OK I had to favorite this story! It's a really good start! One of the biggest deciding factor was the Human NOT named "Anon"... honestly they got ANNOYING so quickly when you see 2nd Person MC x Canon Character the human or whoever they have as the MC is named "Anon" and I dislike seeing it almost on every human fic I read. I greatly prefer leaving the character's name out to help really immense the reader into the story and visualize themselves as them.

Also I greatly enjoy the new character Ember from the show (though I prefer Spike x Ember more, but I do like some Human x Dragon story as well and Ember is so Tsundere and I love Tsundere characters) and I hope she appears more often in the show. She's such a great character.

And the writing and grammar is well-point together as well, I haven't seen any errors yet, but I like this well-written story and I look forward to see future chapters of this story. I might make a one-shot with Ember and a Human, but more of a friendship story than a romance one.

Keep up the excellent writing dude! This is VirusChris signing off! Sayanora my nakama!

Whelp.... Let the shipping train begin!

Great story so far, favoured it

7147269 And i see you on a ember fic. Then again I suppose you have to be, I ordered the featured box filled with this stuff.
Just to spite you.

I literally just finished the first chapter when this one was uploaded.

I can't believe someone would make such slanderous accusations .... The nerve ... How dare they ...:twilightangry2::ajbemused::flutterrage::duck::rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp:

For anyone who actually thinks this is foalcon, I will say that if this dipshit ever wrote that, I'd go across the country just to kick his ass.

That said, I like the touch of this character being a total book nerd, even if it's for one book. Better than being lifeless and boring.

7148339 You like it so much that on the Google Drive doc, you commented the following:


I hope Spike takes this opportunity to learn more about his kind, or perhaps his type of specie. He is in the land of Dragon's, he should at least ask some questions.

I will officially give him is Dragon Species name: A Spell Dweller -- A breed more affiliated to the arcane and other magic.

Yay new chapter so soon! Loved all the interactions between the characters, also i look forward to any questions Spike might ask about his species and such.


From what I have seen its more of a human x Ember fiction

Plus dragons grow slower than ponies or humans so by the fact that she is about twice Spikes hight she is at least twice his age and HE is close to the same age as Twilight

And the human is very obviously an adult

If your going to pull crap like your little post at least read the content before complaining

OK I'm done hating on the hater I like your story keep it up

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