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I was just doing my imitation of Mystery! Weesnaw! "Well, keep working on it. That was terrible."

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Goddamnit stupid kinky brain. The read-y part of my brain hates 2nd person. The kinky part of my brain is going "this guy is going for the full kinkies dubcon with affection to make up for the dubious. SHUT YOUR BRAIN HOLE."

So congrats, while I will be mentally going back to AYSTR and inserting Hotrod and some tense changes everywhere for you, this has been interesting enough on the hotness scale (NOT Scoville, jalapenos do not belong there!) to get me to ignore my literary tastes.

7165156 Thanks. And my apologies for the 2nd person and tense changes, it was a stylistic choice made to make me step out of my comfort zone. If it's any consolation, I wanted to bash my head on my desk for "ignoring" literary rules of "No 2nd person, use past tense."

If you're looking for something more along those lines, hit up Samael's Mercy. Full on third person and I'm treating that a lot more seriously and dramatically. And it'll have polygamy. Beautiful, beautiful polygamy. :pinkiecrazy:

7165164 Nah, I understand completely. I don't like poking people for their literary choices unless it's something eye-burningly stupid or "Christ there's something wrong with your head" fucked-up. That's why I haven't complained about 2nd person on most of the "you" fics out there, and I'm not -really- complaining here -- I think it's funny and sexy, so I figured it'd be as good a place as any.

And, yeah, that's the weird thing. IRL, I am relentlessly monogamous to the point where I won't even RP nonsexual romance, but I have a hnnnnngh huge thing for harem fic-- hell, Hunting Season and Twilight's Thrones are basically about... uh. This, kind of, establishing a "royal herd." Just in an anthro universe where every alicorn is gigantic, heavily muscled, and horny in more than the usual sense. I'll flag SM (hurr) for later reading.

Man, it was good. :ajsmug:
Though I little sad as another obviously very talented writer is going to spend his talent on clop stories.

Man this is good, Samuel Mercy and now THIS, he this author really knows how to write great stories, can't wait to see who is next, and what kind of things will happen. I will not be surprise if Twilight start calling him master too.

P.S: Is twilight an alicorn or a unicorn in this story?

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart: YOU HAVE MY FAV. AND IM TRACKING THIS!

Aww it turned into sex with everyone :/

That is not true, he reject the maid, and it technical terms, they are using the medieval times move where royalty slept with as many as they wish, thing that is confirm base on Celestia acclamations if anything he in a way put a stop to those moves

Hot damn, this does not disappoint. Except perhaps that there will only be one other chapter. Can't wait for RD hate-sex and Luna.

7165247 To be fair. That will have clop eventually. It's just not pure clop. I'll try my hand someday at a clopless story, but for the time being, I'm a foul-mouthed fuckhead with a boner for murder.

7165243 My ways are manifold.

Also, yeah, can't believe I forgot to mention that more overtly. Unicorn. I thought it'd be obvious by the way she didn't introduce herself as Princess Twilight and both she and Celestia referred to her as "Celestia's Personal Student" rather than "Former Student". Unless I'm dumb and the episodes after the point where I stopped watching continued having Alicorn Twilight still be "Personal Student"? I don't even know.

Celestia tell her former student but Twilight refused to let go of the student tittle, she is a bit stubborn in that department…although recently she has being more open to the tittle princess

Question though. Outside of sex, are there any feelings between reader and Celestia?

My thoughts exactly. Not. They where. Some amount of short stories in 2-nd person and, to my surprise, I don't give a shit about it anymore.


But..But..Sharing is caring. :fluttercry:

Besides, there'll rarely be monogamous storytelling for me because I have a hard time accepting that ponies are like that. Yes, they're civilized, but they're still equines without human influence (Aside from HiE). Feral horses in the wild operate much the same way.

(Editted to remove opinions that I really should not be having when writing about demihorse butts)

I was just talking about how you said it was supposed to more serious is all

7165398 She's his main squeeze and he's hers. I'll make that more clear in Part 2 once I start writing it.

Still. Doesn't stop her from wanting to share and doesn't stop him from going "Man, that ass is great. I'ma tap that."

After all, nobody turns off their instinctual lust when in a relationship. And anyone who says otherwise is a dirty, dirty liar.

7165437 I think the response I'd have gone with there, if that didn't lead down a relatively pointless road, would be to point out Kushiel's Legacy and similar series with fantastic plots, premises, and writing that don't just include sex but focus around aspects of it as major parts of the plot. Though you're just as right that a writer can do something that's pure sex alongside other work that only integrates it or doesn't include it at all.

I mean, I understand that there's a knee-jerk group out there that has problems with the mere existence of porn, but the idea that it's some black hole that sucks everything into it, swallowing down the seeds of greatness, that's just silly.

I'll be in my bunk.That's what puns are for!

That's essentially what I meant to say, just better than I would've/could've done. Thanks.

Point taken and there ARE polygamy couple or open relationship couple, and as you say if the rate of males is lower than female this kind of things are actually very logical. And now that we are in the subject, I thank you for make the respect mutual, some stories they go with 'men are precious so they have all the privileges' or 'men are just tools and inferior because they are so little of them' each one I think is wrong, so is actually very nice to have mutual respect, in this case.

Some joke here, some play there, but in the end Hotrod and Celestia seem to be starting a very stable relationship. Hell he didn't even need to go to court with her after she announce him as consort, but he stay why? because he really wants to start a relationship with her, and after all the green flags she is giving him, I don't blame me for starting to fall in love with her…hell, I will be more than happy too and will accept some sacrifice.

I just can't wait when he introduce some of his cultures and trying to be nice, invite her to a date, nothing fancy or expensive, just the 2 of them…and perhaps some mare, if he was happy in the morning (GIGLI) to know each other and had a good time.

That is something you were aiming for right Myyyyystery?

7165505 I'm very equal opportunity. And I'm trying to have a balance in Samael's Mercy as well with "OMG, you dude, me no hurt" and "I don't care, I'll kick your ass if you come at me." The story I'm planning on having next after this one with the body-swapping will have a fair amount of "stallions are pure, but they can be sexual creatures" going on.

And that is what I was going for there.

And yes, there will definitely be more cutesy lovey-dovey stuff in the next chapter.

Comment posted by Troublesome Beast deleted Apr 27th, 2016

7165491 Eeble! No worries, you had the virtue of brevity going for you, and I babble. :)

Thanks, dude, I'm not sure I will follow the body swap story but I certainly will follow Samael one

Comment posted by Myyyystery deleted Apr 27th, 2016

7165587 Nah, man-- not criticising the majority of what you said. Like I said, for poly folks who work at it, it has its benefits, especially for people who have been burned. I just get tired of biological deterministic arguments on a professional level. (a) you have written the awesome. As a purveyor and conoisseur of fine horse-buttry, I applaud. (b) It's your space (beneath mod/admin blah blah), throw out what you want, you totally should.

You should write more horsebutt poly, is what I'm sayin'.

7165555 In fact, I hope you don't mind, but I'll be editting my previous statements to not be quite so polarizingly opinionated and I respectfully ask that you do the same as I concede your point to the point where I will firmly state that my points are purely opinion and yours are scientifically backed.

I'll opt for succinctness over verbiage. Discretion is the better part of valor and all.

7165600 All is chill. I'll cut down what you want, if you wish, or delete the posts; they got past the point of relevancy to the story anyway. Whatever would make it easier on you.

7165598 Will do. More horse butts all the time :pinkiecrazy:

Horsebutts! Horsebutts everywhere!

Or for a more sci-fi butt,

My Faust. It's full of horsebutts!

7165630 That's no moon. :trollestia:

(Why no Luna smiley? :pinkiesad2:)

7165635 I don't know why your Luna-iteration isn't smiling, Pinkie, but mine isn't smiling because she's the more matriarchal (only slightly, Celly's working on her), and more aggressive Warmistress of Equestria, and she works damn hard to get that muscle tone back there. Now excuse me while I throw distracting pictures of Twilight doing reps at her and run for my naked ape life.

7165715 Also, there was her whole "I'ma spoil you rotten with affection" speech in the first part that should at least give you some idea of her feelings on the matter. :trollestia:

7165438 I do Nothing else but the one I'm with is on my mind everyone else is ugly for me and the though of being with someone else is disgusting
Edit: got no problem with polygamy if it's a committed relationship

What do you mean with only ONE more chapter? There should be live 7 more chapters. Each one having our main character fuck each of the remaining mares silly and begging for more like a good whorse,:flutterrage: especially RD if my extensive research is correct she problably cums faster than any other mare, so that means our hero will make her reach climax like 10 times before he does so she will be the one begging the most, not so cocky now donchya RD huh, HUH! You little cute and sexy whorse :pinkiecrazy: plus the chapter with Luna and an orgy like the cherry on top. :trollestia:

Sorry, I got carriles away :twilightsheepish: Great chapter 20/10 :pinkiehappy: I loved it.
One question:
Is Twilight a unicorn or an alicorn in this story? Just curious.

This story is 'Eh'

I liked the first one because it was funny and I thought this one would be as good when I read the description, but it just turned into casual sex.
I was fine with Luna and Celestia sharing one person occasionally but just giving your lover to anyone who asks is too strange for me.
Not going to fave this one, but I'm not going to downvote it.

7166060 Like I said a few times when people asked for a sequel: I knew I'd be unable to live up to the original seeing as how my sleep schedule is more or less fixed now.

And that's fine. This and Yellow Sun Turns Red were both for funsies while I worked on my more serious story.

7166029 Well good because I was about to start ranting again. I have been in a committed polygamous relationship and those were the best years of my life. Sadly, it had to end and I'm not going to go into details, but my main partner was a little mental.

Either way, if you can truly do that, more power to you. But in my experiences and what I've observed, those who can are very few and very far between. Even a celebrity crush can be cause for fantasy. As long as it's understood that you wouldn't act on the impulse, finding others attractive is just natural.

7166051 But. But I have other things I want to do. More things for funsies and once this story's done, I'll be having fun again. Don't you want me to have fun? :fluttercry:

And yeah, she is a unicorn. I think I made a passing mention of it once in there. And the fact that she doesn't say "Former Student" and introduce herself as "Princess Twilight Sparkle".

7166090 Yeah polygamous relationship's are fine I just don't like the idea of sharing yourself with everyone loyalty and commitment is my thing I guess

7166095 Go and have all the fun you want my friend and enjoy it as much as you want :rainbowkiss:

You definitely should keep going.

For such a short couple of stories, I'm getting a surprising amount of laughs.

Also, Applejack talkin' all dirty, like...yeeeaah. That thar's hot.

7166546 Glad to hear. I loves me some comedy.

And no love for Celestia's dirty whorse mouth? I'm shocked and appalled. :trollestia:


What can I say, it's just not as surprising coming from a socialite. ;)

Pillsbury doughboy's asshole

gotta write that one down...

Shut it, pride parade! At least I can ruminate the complexity of circumlocution without hurting myself and articulate multisyllabically without a reference guide

that's about how i'd react to rainbow.

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