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Two stories done, two should be done too. (Luna and a herd).

Yeah, i liked this story a lot to. Gonna have to ask for a sequel. Hopefully others agree with me.

Agreeing. Want to see more.

Truthfully, I always want to see more writing. But that's beside the point.

"OM NOM NOM NOM!" Into the Archive with you!

Comment posted by ARTL deleted Jul 10th, 2016

Please, do continue. :twilightsmile:

Now we have star and sun. But we can't complete the set of celestial without moo , right?

More please and I'll give you a killstreak weapon on tf2 LOL

Hmmm…this sounds promising, we only need Luna, and perhaps an old fashion sister combo

Yes sequel please

7379237 can you say synced heat cycles?

I would recommend a sequel with Luna, then a finale with Twilight, Celestia, and Luna.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Funny thing that everyone forget that this story is a sequel to a story where August is already in relationship with Twilight.
I hope to see a sequel with Luna and a sequel of sequel with a foursome to show that all mares love him and he loves them, and it is not the one time thing.

can you say synced hest cycles?

Three horny alicorns in the bed, hm....

Put in 100 votes for a sequal please

Clop for the sake of clop with no real emphasis on the story?

...Next time, SMEX ALL THE MARES!

Hey I just remember, Celestia didn't ask him to eat her…oh well, maybe next time

A sequel would not be unwelcome.

What a lovely human x Celestia assworship fic. I never get tired of these, for the sun can't be praised enough.

Great story :twilightsmile:

All you need now is a Luna fic

next time put both halfs of the story in the chapter and not one half in the teaser text ?

I have a bag of doritos here. If I give you said doritos will you give us a sequel?

Such a great story! I need more!

I never thought you would acutely make another one XD 8/8 m8t

I like where this is going! Another!


I wound love seeing Luna getting a good rutting

Great job. :coolphoto:
Only Luna, Cadence and Crysalis to go *hint hint* :duck:

Huh... this is the first time I've heard of the idea of Heat and Love tying into each other, and yet... I feel like I really should have expected it at some point.

Regardless, it's a nice bit of clop with a backstory behind it, though your grammar tends to slip a few times. Nothing big, just instances where a sentence or phrase would have been better with a different word than what was in it.

And now, I descend into the murky depths of the rabid fanboy. "Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!"

You... should probably get this edited. I got half way through before I gave up.

Grammar, punctuation, and the arguably boner-killing descriptions (at least for me) of each character's genetalia. After that, I just couldn't get into it, sorry.

7382836 *sigh* I can't really argue with the grammar problem, I mean, I did publish it the moment I typed in the last word. I didn't even reread the thing once.

But then again, I'm guilty as charged, can't really use the stated reasons as excuses for producing bad literature. :ajsleepy:

As for the boner killing descriptions, I guess it all comes down to preferences :applejackunsure:

Hmmmm…3 lustful alicorns and a disguise as Cadence Chrysalis?

Je I could imagine, August finding out about her right away, and she offer him a satisfaction of be with Cadence without any regret while she experience what exactly is the secret that the other princess had experience that has help her be more alert, and refresh, like the energy of the first years ruling has return to them.

Ah…maybe not, but perhaps it could work with some adjustments

Just a hint...you might want to include that bit in the description in your story...

So the sequel would be with Spike, right? :trollestia:


I love this and a sequel would be awesome. :3

A sequel would be awesome by all means please write one :twilightsmile:

A sequel or every reader riots... Up voted!

So can't I

Nor can I.

Luna is best pony, sequeal please :)

Sequel:pinkiehappy: and I would like to see some impregnation you know like him getting Luna in Celestia pregnant:twilightsmile:

I would like to see a sequel. :twilightsmile:

Who is the source artist for the cover art?

7563235 I just found it on derpibooru so I just sourced it the- oh crap, I forgot to source the pic all this time.

But yeah, it was just a random image I found while surfing derpibooru

"Don't worry, I asked Twilight if I could borrow you for the night" Celestia blushed, she kept her grin hidden along with one of her eyes beneath her colored mane.

Celestia didn't say what Twilight's answer was...

Nice story.
Say, who is next?


Once again, sequel (with you know who) if demands are high enough.


That good enough?

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