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Popped the molly, I'm sweatin', wooo!

I.... kinda want this to continue... I mean.... Yea. You make a one-shot... but I swear this would be funny to see the aftermath over some period of time... (hell a wedding wouldn't be out of the question)

Oh boy. I can't wait to read another generic human fucking a pony story!

I don't usually like Molly sex stories, but this was pretty well done. Molly never went too far overboard and I quite enjoyed the take on her as sort of a mix of inner craving and schizophrenia. The sex was well varied, and the responses to actions were nice, but could have used more variation. However, much of the action tended to lack description.

she shuttered, her eyes rolling in the back of her head

Unless Celly turned into a window or a camera, this should be "shuddered"

He heard a little giggled from the bathroom.


which had just enough fat to give it a bit of a giggle.

jiggle (doing a ctrl+f to get back to this one made me realize just how much giggling is in this chapter)


I've been seeing you everywhere lately. :ajsmug:

4343822 I... can't tell if sarcasm. I really hope it is.


Naughty 'Mare on Man' Action are basically the only Stories i read.:eeyup:

4343872 Yeah, you can join him on my list of people I'll never like.

I'm a man, you would never have liked me anyway.:trollestia:

Also, if you despise those stories so much...why comment on them?
Just downvote and leave.:eeyup:

4343908 Because people deserve to know when they're writing generic crap.

Sunbro approved.

Then why not comment on your own stories?:trollestia:


Isn't that what you do? Just longer?

That was fantastic!:pinkiehappy: You do not fail to deliver when it comes to a good fic, no denying that.

This was me for most of the story;

The laugh of an angel, yes?:scootangel:

This made me lol:rainbowlaugh:

He does have a point though, the whole "generic human fucking a pony story!" tends to be played out for those who read a lot, it is as stated generic and the one-shot fics almost all have the same feel to them and its hard to have a unique flair to each of the stories that makes it stand out.

No, better cut off the entire Hand.:eeyup:

Its the same for every other Ship- and Clopfic too.

"Nightmare Moon suddenly appears in Fluttershy's bedroom and fucks her with an 2 meter long Dick."

Female Pony fucks another Female Pony.

So, yeah...

It is, and it applies just the same, other things being generic doesn't make things like this any less generic.

4344370 They're not written to be unique, they're written to get the readers off.

4344534 They're written for attention, not to get the readers off. Otherwise, they would have a bit more flair to them.

4343931 Huh, thought I replied to this on the Toad comment. Dafuq. Either way, was gonna: :rainbowlaugh:

Made me lulz


That was my reaction to that burn.

But seriously, what do you put on a burn like that?

good balance of comedy and serious sexyness.

you did say to report any errors, so:

and I’d be great if she could, ‘pleasepleaseplease send help’.


4344852 Eh
Got me off
guess I'm easy to please :rainbowwild:

4345447 Not saying it can't get your rocks off. Just saying it ain't done to please. Also implying low standards. :raritywink:


Oh SHIT son. Imperium bringin' it down to the court tonight. Straight out of Commissariat, we've got Lord Alexer, he must have been wearing a Power Fist folks, because that bitch slap was shocking!


Commissar Holt, what have you to say about the BLAM brought by your fellow Commissar? Are the heretics feeling it tonight?


Doesn't have a point. All he said was "It was generic." in a condescending, offensive manner spread out over several posts. Had he said "I've seen a lot of this and it feels generic to me." there would be no problem, because it's true (though honestly that's not criticism it's just an opinion and a somewhat negative-sounding one either way, so it didn't need to be said in the first place). Pretty much every concept worth writing about has been written about by at least ten prominent authors in the community and dozens of smaller ones. Or just one really famous one and no one else wants to touch it for fear of being called a shitty copycat. You don't have to write some grand epic better than everyone else's in order to write a story, and you aren't being held to the standard of others who've written about the same thing you are. It's fan-writing, not a contest with gold ingots at stake. Comments like Peppy's are why many people with promise quit writing before they can get better, or at least change fandoms to write in. If you don't believe me, go sit in on the comments for all the stories in the "new stories" column for a week and see what I mean. To established authors, it's a slap in the face rather than a dealbreaker.

Besides, he was being insulting when no one else was to him. That automatically disqualifies him from having a valid point, which wasn't valid to begin with.

Putting a point up on the Imperium's scoreboard.

SFC #41 · May 6th, 2014 · · 46 ·

The amount of horse porn in the Feature box is too damn high! Please do me a favour, and stop wanking to ponies. Honestly, you people are creepy as fuck. I am ashamed to call myself a brony; we have received too much violence because of you wankers.

Agreed. At the very least, this was better than the average, that's for damn sure.

4346455 Just clopped to your comment. :twilightsmile:

I can see if Jake can hug you too if I'm not enough. :fluttershysad:

4346455 There is so much horse porn on there now :rainbowlaugh:

The horse-sex gods are pleased with your offerings.

4346455 Holy shit, a comment by you that doesn't have a fuck-ton of downvotes?! :pinkiegasp:

The heretics can always feel it when there's a commissar on the field.

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