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Princess Celestia X Human OC. Enjoy and tell me what you think :)

My name is Samuel Higgott. And this is how I met Princess Celestia...and how we fell in love...and how we fell apart.

In a moment of weakness, all it can take is one person to break two hearts. And in this case...I broke hers.

I decided to upload this onto FIMfiction because I feel like it would be appreciated :) I may be wrong, but I might be right and you'll hopefully enjoy this.

Off we go then!

Sex is only mentioned but I'll chuck up the warning just to be safe XD

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Aww shit this has been worth Staying up all night.

Saw this on fanfiction.net and I love it.

okay continue this this another good story i want no i must see continue

yessssssssss everything is going according to plan :pinkiecrazy:

does this have anything to do with Come back to me? If so i'm lost as hell, if not then great story, totally not confusing.

i'd rather you get on that sequel :unsuresweetie:

conclude this story, please!


Cliffhangers are going to be the death of me someday, but please continue this story.

MOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR :flutterrage: :flutterrage: please :fluttercry:

Come on no more cliffhangers please, Im gonna die because of it!
Continue it NOW

2598395 he certainly references the story but no foalsville higget Crystal justice are the only things that are even mentioned but in his world come back to me is just another fanfiction he read

As for this story I liked it :3 a bit rushed but when you start that sequel or whatever this is a good story to update if your not updating the sequel  so ya continue!

After writing such an interesting intro you damn well better continue! :twilightangry2:
*Fav* *Like*

Yes please, do conclude, most certainly!

You better conclude this! It needs more! MORE I SAY!!! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... Yes. This is acceptable. Do continue on this work as well as your others. The companion piece to Immortal Lovers featuring Luna and her Human companion really interest me, but this tale you've got started here is also pretty good.

Please continue, I want to see what is next. By the way, when you said, you are saying a mare, you mean like she is just best friend or that you and her are going out?

Uy, well I suppose he manage to get over Celestia…or is what he is trying to convince himself. Poor Celestia, she must be destroy into a million pieces.

I wonder if in the 6 mounts, of solitude Sam has stop to love her? He said, he never allow himself to forget, and I hope that means that he just can't forget her


Trying to forget, to move on, to move past her...How hard do you think that can be my friend? :fluttercry:

WE DEMAND MORE!!!... please? :3

Told you that the readers will want the second chapter.
Congratulations on having another popular story.
So, are you going to put up some chapters of HTLS before you give the conclusion?


Might as well. Although I'm not sure when it'll be approved by the fimfiction staff. It took them forever to approve this one. :twilightangry2:

But anyway off I go. HTLS is about to arrive!!:pinkiehappy:

It could have been that they where in a different time zone, and where asleep.
Should get up faster now. Well, assuming that the approvers are from the U.S, and are awake right now.

I have no idea, Its that hard? For you portray the guy is breaking in pieces, each and everyday, almost to the point that he feel extremely ill


He is breaking into little tiny pieces. With everyday he tries to move on...he still remembers her.

Ask yourself this. What do you think Bluebell is?

Please sir, can I have some more?

Ah sister, or perhaps a psychologist, someone he try to guard himself to stop feeling hurt, someone that can help him, got back together in one piece.

Or I'm wrong?


You're completely wrong.

He and Bluebell are dating as was said in the chapter.

So what is she to him?


Yes Oliver you may...in a little bit XD :twilightblush:

……A replacement? No that sound cruel, a special some pony? A mare friend?


More like a anchor

How do you think he's stayed away from Celestia for so long?

Drinking, turning into a workaholic or possible start become a player (thank god he didn't do the last) Basically finding ways to occupy all of his time, something that he hope can take his mind away from her.

By the by, in what he is working? He afford a house in less than 6 mounts, so it must pay well. In what he find a job?

And it must have be difficult, play low in the radar, he was Celestia assistance and I bet he assist (and possible solve) more than just one meeting. So the media, must already now about him


His job isn't actually mentioned in the conclusion. But we can all safely assume that he had a LOT of money left over from his job. Seeing that he lived in the palace rent free and spent most of his time with Celestia either working or just having a laugh :pinkiehappy:

The conclusion...will be argumentative between the two of them.

There will be SHOUTING and lots of it!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

Normal shooting or royal canterlot shouting?
Well he said himself, he is weak, and can deal with the pressure that is being with the princess, but is touching he is not thinking about the title that give him, but the pain of the though of leave Celestia when he die


Normal shouting.

And yeah. He couldn't bear the thought of knowing that he would eventually leave her alone...with nothing but her memories of him to keep her company whilst she grieves for however many centuries :fluttercry:

Immortality is a curse, not a blessing

Tell me about it, only a hermit or an antisocial can will be able to bear that burn


Immortality entails giving up your own personal emotions so as to survive such a lonely existence. Unfortunately, when an immortal allows those emotions to come back, they often learn the hard way of what happens with time...

leave it alone, it adds the the mystery tbh, :trollestia:
Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to prepare myself from the bombardment of comments. :rainbowderp:

There should be a conclusion. This is a great story.:pinkiehappy:

Have a stache or 5 staches.:moustache: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I loved it. This needs a conclusion :D.

My reaction?
I proceeded to slam the door, walk up to my bedroom and fall flat on my bed with my pillow over my head.

Probably the best reaction I've seen in any fanfiction.

"You're in my house." I said needlessly.
"You're in my castle." She replied, a small but noticeable smirk on her muzzle.


So... does his house count as a little piece of his own property or is it void since it's in her castle? Laws, why u so confusing?

And then Luna slapped me.
"Ow! What was that for?" I asked, rubbing my sore cheek. The mare can really pack a punch.
"The Nightmare does not love! She ruins everything in her path!" She all but screamed at me.
Hmm I took a guess that she didn't exactly approve of one of my particular stories.
"Hey it's just an idea, a story. Chill out." I said, trying my hardest not to wither at her angry gaze.

...and enjoy hot chocolate love! *cues music*

Why so serious? :trollestia:

"Mare or Human it doesn't matter Celly. Besides I always preferred personality over looks."

If everyone thought like that, this world would be a lot better. Also, what a suave move...

The next day both of us woke up to the feeling of stickiness, a headache and sweat.
After that it was an awkward couple of months.

That sounds like the premise of a comedy skit xD.

I stopped writing as I heard a knock on my door and sighed before I quickly saved it and closed the laptop. I walked down the hallway and opened the door, suspecting it to be another bloody preaching pony.
But it wasn't...
"Hello Sam." Said Princess Celestia.

I laughed at the preacher joke. I know that feel. Also, I have a feeling he's going to slam the door again.

is this like a prequal to that other story, come back to me? just wondering, cus that story rocks and this would clear a ton of stuff up... also i recognised his last name. i know the guy from come back to me is named chris but still, what's with the same last name? i could be wrong, my memory sucks, but im pretty sure...:twilightblush:


Hehe. This is in no way related to Come Back To Me.

Samuel Higgott...is me, my name.:trollestia:

This story is based upon what would happen if I went to Equestria.

Me and Celestia? That's just a great plus :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp:oh, that clears a ton of stuff up... thanks!!:pinkiehappy:


Continue eet.


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