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Written as a self imposed 45 minute challenge for originality. The aim - Write a one shot in forty five minutes or less, with two thousand words or less (Though a little over is okay too) It must be as original as I can make it!

They came from nowhere, claiming victim after victim with no regard to their species. Dragonkind fell first, and Changelings were never heard from again.

Now all that remain of Equis stand frightened and unprepared as the army of gaseous creatures, one's akin to living shadow float on up towards Canterlot Castle to find their 'child'.

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Random Alert! Don't take this story seriously!

Welcome everyone!

Ever wondered what would happen if Ponies took over the world with cuddles?

Ever wondered what Celestia and Tobias got up too after the chronicle ended, or maybe even Richard and Chrissy in-between the Acts?

Then this should probably satisfy all of those desires. So if you're here to read about warm, soft, loving, tender and affectionate snuggly goodness, then you've come to the right fic!

Enjoy, and stay snuggly!

Requests are accepted. Some chapters will contain some dark elements, but not enough to warrent a tag

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This story is a sequel to The Royal Break Up Chronicles

Teen and sex rating is for swear words and sexual comments

A What-If to Luna's Original Break Up Chronicle.

Instead of lying and continuously chasing down Steven after their break up, Luna chooses to leave him be. This however has unforeseen side effects on Steven, causing him to see, hear and feel the Lunar Princess wherever he goes.

Cover art 470032

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Adam is a good friend of Princess Cadance, and has been for the past year.

But when the Crystal Princess finds her request for snuggles denied, her mind breaks and she quickly kidnaps him for nefarious reasons.

He never stood a chance.

Uploaded at 10.20 AM. Written in about twenty minutes for April Fools, Enjoy!

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Dark Tag is for Black Comedy and slightly morbid situations!

A young man wakes up in Equestria as a very adorable Alicorn colt, gets forcibly adopted by Luna, and tries to find his way home. It's a shame that a certain Night Princess won't let him.

Rated Teen for suggestive scenes and the occasional bit of colorful language.

Cover art done by the wonderful Shadow Bolt.

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This story came from an idea I blogged about a while back. Some of the details will change and have changed, but it has the basic gist of what I have planned.

Go check my third latest blog to find out :D

Celestia was betrayed by Discord many years ago, tricked into believing that Equis's doom was nigh.

The result was each and every sapient inhabitant on the planet moving to an uninhabited world, but Celestia being left behind as a consequence.

And yet as the years pass on by and nothing changes...something does.

Read on as the mare recalls what she can, whilst fighting her gradual slip into a false reality.

Where a young human is her son.

Where the impossibility is explained as a gift from The Great Mother herself.

Where memories fade and delusions take their place.

Or have they already?

This story is a small prologue of sorts to an upcoming story simply called Mother?. It's just a drabble I magicked up in an hour or so, hope you enjoy it.

If anyone has a better picture then send it my way please :)

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'Caught' has been edited slightly. Re-read and try to spot what's changed XD

The crime rate in Canterlot was hitting an all time high, which was perfect for a young thief like Chase.

Unfortunately his fellow thieves started getting caught. And everypony knows what happens when you get caught.

You're taken to Celestia and interrogated in ways so horrible, so demeaning that the one caught is never the same again.

Chase knows this and refuses to let it happen to him.

For even if he is caught, he knows in his heart that he will never give up his life of crime. And nopony, not even Celestia herself can change that...


This story is just a bit of fun that popped up in my mind. Mostly because I wanna write Celestia in a good way for once XD

No possessiveness, no darkness, just a gentle, motherly Celestia.

I'm not sure about the tags, so if I'm missing something then tell me XD

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This story is a sequel to The Alicorn Instinct

Set after The Alicorn Instinct, but before The Endless Nightmare

Isn't it strange what one little argument can do?

Well as our Human and his pink Princess come to discover, one argument can cause so much more than a little heartache.

Cover Art done by the brilliant Shadow Bolt!

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This is honestly just a random drabble that has nothing to do with my other work.

It was just something that helped ease my writers block, but then turned into a short two thousand word story.

The Goddess Of Shadows.

Who is she truly?

Even she doesn't really know...but at the same time it doesn't really matter anymore.

Names rarely do to one as old as she.

So come, come take a seat and listen as the Goddess herself bestows upon you the story of her, her Human friend turned mate and the love that spanned many a world.

Try not to take this too seriously. It's just a little bit of fun that my fans convinced me to upload after doing so on Fanfiction.

Enjoy. Love you all :)

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Princess Celestia X Human OC. Enjoy and tell me what you think :)

My name is Samuel Higgott. And this is how I met Princess Celestia...and how we fell in love...and how we fell apart.

In a moment of weakness, all it can take is one person to break two hearts. And in this case...I broke hers.

I decided to upload this onto FIMfiction because I feel like it would be appreciated :) I may be wrong, but I might be right and you'll hopefully enjoy this.

Off we go then!

Sex is only mentioned but I'll chuck up the warning just to be safe XD

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