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*havent read it faved anyway* :rainbowdetermined2: dis gonna be good

Awww yeah, baby! This is gonna be fun on the bun!

But not in space, awww! :raritycry:

Shall read soon, and say something better.

Ooo, Cadance going all Terminator on this pony's plot. I can't wait!


Damnit. I've just figured out what I'm going to make Cadance do to the mare...

The Dark tag will definitely be needed here!





2890663 :yay:
I would have followed you now, but I can't because I already am.


They're all fantastic. But I needed something that showed her despair. The black background was the closest thing I could find that would represent her inner darkness.

Good pics though.I probably use one in the future :twilightsmile:


I don't normally enjoy romance, much less clop, but your stories have caught my eye and for once I want more

another excellent story bravo and t.qkme.me/3uhcom.jpg

Need new chapter now and hopefully this story doesn't end after this personally I think its to good to stop after just a two parts

man, in really have to tell you that i don't like your stories, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! i am still waiting for luna's story but i can wait but this!!!, i have to read the next chapter soon or better NOW!!, but i think i have to wait.

You sir, are a cruel, cruel man.

Alex is the only one who could beat my aunt in battle!

Well besides all the other things that have beaten her at some point in time, or have the potential to do so, like say, Nightmare Moon, Discord, or Chrysalis hopped up on 100% Pure Love. But even with Alex being a Magical Ground, he's still only a teenage human. Against a thousand year old magical sentient horse. There's really only one way that fight ends, and its with the human drowning on his own blood after a double hoofed kick to the chest.


I'd never felt rage that intense before in my life...and that foolish mare payed the price.

For this was the day I lashed out in rage, in jealousy and self proclaimed protectiveness.
This was the day I struck to kill.

Well.... fuck.
:twilightblush: "Well, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hoof fast."
:ajsleepy: "Yeah it jumped up a notch."
:twilightsheepish: "It did, didn't it?"
:heart:"Yeah I stabbed a mare in the heart."
:twilightoops: "Yeah I saw that. Cadence killed a mare!"
:applejackunsure: "Did you throw a bunch of flowers at her?"
:heart:"There were timber wolves, and a pony on fire, and I killed a mare with a flower bouquet."
:facehoof: "Yeah Cadence, I've been meaning to speak to you about that. You should find yourself a safehouse, or a relative nearby, and lay low for a while. Because you're probably wanted for murder."

Also on a more serious note, I love how you're apparently going to be depicting the more negative sides of Cadence's aspect as well, not just the bright and cheerful stuff.

Great to see a sequel. Crazy Candance :pinkiecrazy: Oh well, she's underage and a princess, she'll get off with a fine and community service, maybe 2 years of house arrest. Then she'll write a book about her maiming of said pony and then get a film based on it, solely designed to work as Oscar bait.

Based on your previous fics from this site and fanfiction.net, I'd say über-jealously to extremes is a reoccurring theme.

I can imagine how much much funnier it would be in other scenarios

Alex: "I really love this new diet Crystal cola."

Candence then murders everyone at the Crystal cola company.

It also reminds me of this song by Billy Joel


Holy shit...a review that is more than two sentences! :pinkiegasp:

And yeah don't worry. If Cadance only had one side to her then she'd be dull...and on dimentional.

Like every other "I am a Human with superpowers, a dark past and everypony want's my D...EVEN SPIKE!"

...I'm gonna go and write the second chapter now :twilightsheepish:



You know what's funny in the next chapter?

Cadance doesn't actually do much more than make her bleed slightly.


The mare who tried to kiss Alex still becomes...hmm what's the word I'm looking for?

Terrified of Cadance :pinkiehappy:

Oh I'm looking forward to writing this now!


Actually I think thats probably one of the longest reviews I've ever written for something, at least that wasn't a school assignment or something. Even if like 50% of it is me making a thinly veiled Anchorman reference.



Yep! I'm trying to decide which one to use XD

I just went to get a drink, that's why I didn't reply straight away :twilightblush:


2890882 Ok. Your choice. And thank you.

Stuck at work, so I'll read this later tonight. And from seeing the descript, you'll need a better cover. So I'll see if I can find one that goes with this story.

... no... give us... more...


THIS IS THE SHOUT FOR MOAR!!! MORE I SAY!!! One last chapter to finish it off!

Strick to kill? Oh no she is going to force her to be Blueblood new servant!! AHHHH!!!

Jejeje, I knew Celestia will had a hand/hoof…whatever in his relationship…I just knew.
Boy did it will be a intense talk with his son. And I see what you did, foreshadowing of My little colt, I have the felling that there is a paper sigh with Alex state as his son and they are just waiting for when he is ready to share that to the world. Now the only thing missing is know what will be of Shinning Armor now that Cadence is no longer his wife…Oh no, if Cadence marry Alex…Shining Armor will never be born. Oh the horror.

P.S: So after everytime Alex make love to Cadence she will be sore the next day? Wow, he really IS Celestia son

teaching your niece on how to suck your son's dick? that's some freaky-ass shit, but in a good way. :trollestia:


I'd like to think that Celestia was just teasing her...even if it ended up being good advice :twilightsheepish::trollestia:


And just when I uploaded that bucking brilliant picture too :pinkiehappy:

I haven't read it yet and I still want more :rainbowlaugh:


Get reading Private! :flutterrage:

Damn it! I was just about to send you that picture.

For this was the day I lashed out in rage, in jealousy and self proclaimed protectiveness

This was the day I struck to kill.

Damn... Never piss off Cadance. :twilightoops:


Too late :pinkiehappy:

But thanks for considering it. It makes my day when I know my fans are that interested in my stories :twilightsmile:

I was kinda hoping that it would be an alternate telling of the door scene: Alex doesn't respond, and so on.

Still, pretty good. I'm guessing that the pony Cadence kills is Chrysalis?

There's always next time. I forget is NSIS separate from the Immortal Lovers universe or is it in da same universe?


Separate, although you may find some amusing names, words and places subtly put in for the hell of it :derpytongue2:




Cadance doesn't need to kill... :pinkiesmile:

Sir yes sir!

Edit: Okay I read it now so, *ahem* MOAR!!!!
Damn good story, can't wait for the next part! :pinkiehappy:

This fic finally tiped me over to give the other one this is from a go, just so I wouldn't be completely lost on this one. Seriously, that cover image is freaky.

The darkness and pain amuses me.

Everything changed when Cadence attacked.

2891131 That joke is so old it has a beard.



Cause I'm an evil bastard :rainbowlaugh:

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