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Richard Vs The Lightning Queen · 10:48pm Jul 26th, 2021

"Use it, Pearl?"

The corner of her mouth quirked upwards into a dry smile.

"I don't use lightning, I own it." Her eyes began to crackle with electricity, the low thrum of power within her suddenly rising to levels I had never felt before. "Perhaps you'd like a demonstration."

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Been a Bit, so here's a Mated For Life Snippet! · 7:45pm Jul 20th, 2021

"I'd be lying if I didn't say both, my Queen," Pearl replied, gritting his teeth angrily. "She's scum, plain and simple. I'd love to be the one to finally put her down."

“And how exactly do you believe we’d be able to do so when your clearly trained unit failed?” I asked, glancing down at my small baby bump. “Not only do I not think it’d be wise for me to expend my energy fighting, but more importantly I have no desire to put our baby in harm’s way.

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It's My Birthday! · 5:42pm May 12th, 2021

Twenty Eight years old, two years to thirty.

Whoop :ajbemused:

As a birthday treat to you, I shall endeavor to work on the next chapter for MFL.

Cya, Stay Snuggly! 😁

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Mated For Life Snippet · 9:19pm Apr 28th, 2021

"Absolutely not!"

"But my King-"

"I said no, Fleetfoot," I snapped, unsure whether to feel anger or disbelief as she continued to try and sway me.

"But imagine how many we could be saving from Celestia!" she cried, stopping my next refusal dead in its tracks.

I took a deep breath, ignoring the small grin Chrissy hid as I caught her eye. "Explain."

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What Are You Afraid Of? Mated For Life Snippet · 8:45pm Feb 9th, 2021

'NO, it was meant for her, not him!

I raced towards the rune system and activated the return function...but it didn't respond. The Trilume wasn't obeying my commands, how?!

"Princess Celestia is going to be so upset," I moaned, rubbing my head as I tried and failed over and over to order the Trilume to return. "Why isn't it obeying me?! What could possibly override my control of it?! Nothing is that powerful!"

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Mated For Life (Oh Dear...) · 1:51am Jan 28th, 2021

Just a small snippet ;)

I blinked as a strange cold began to permeate the room. Frost slowly started to cover the walls around us, but it was more than just that. There was a sense of something more than cold...there was something...dark.

"Hello Princess..."

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New Chapter Up! · 11:24pm Jan 25th, 2021

Forgot to do this earlier, but just in case!

Here you go!

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It's Finally Coming! Mated For Life Snippet! · 11:06pm Jan 20th, 2021

Just a short one though, don't wanna spoil too much but I've gotta admit that it's nice to finally find the time to get back into this tale.

Richard forced himself to sit up straighter on the sofa, his hand still rubbing his head tenderly.

"Okay lay it on me straight, Chrissy," he said. "What's happening to me?"

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Happy New Year! · 3:51pm Dec 31st, 2020

What a shitty year this has been.

Here's to hoping next year is better, eh?

My new year's resolution is to finally update Mated For Life. So expect to hopefully see an update in the coming weeks!

Stay Snuggly, and happy new year!

Zam x

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Mated For Life (Last Snippet) · 2:13am Dec 19th, 2020

I've been dabbling with the chapter whenever I have a free moment. So here's a little something to keep you going!

“Perhaps you know less than you think, girl,” I mocked, enjoying her anger, brief though it was.

“Unlikely,” she refuted, turning her attention to a thankfully silent and expressionless Richard. “I knew that you’d come back Richard. You’ve followed the script very nicely.”

She smirked. “Just like you did the last time.”

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