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I'm a Royalty X Human romance writer, with little to no exceptions. So don't expect me to write Pony x Pony anytime soon.


3000 FOLLOWERS! · 4:24pm Jul 2nd, 2018

Well holy shit!

I never once even dreamed that I could obtain this level of popularity. Not once!

And yet there it is, 3002 people following my work.

Thank you, thank you all for always supporting me.

Love ya,

Zam x

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As Promised, The Next Chapter Is Up! · 5:28pm Jun 2nd, 2018

Just like the title says, I stand and deliver.

Remember to let me know what you think, crit is good and I've been gone for a while so it's doubly important now.

Cya, Stay Snuggly :D

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Next Chapter Release Date! Plus Snippet! · 8:34pm May 30th, 2018

Man I love doing these blogs, almost forgot how much I used to do them XD

In any case, expect the next chapter this Saturday. I promise it'll be worth the wait, but to tide you over, here is a brief snippet.

Alex Pov

I can't quite comprehend the sensation I felt when I sat down at the table. It was like I knew without looking that she was staring at me, and yet when I looked up...her eyes were closed in quiet contemplation.

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Ah, So...More Then? · 4:49pm May 30th, 2018

You have no idea how it feels to come back after work and read all the comments that suddenly flooded my inbox. A sense of elation I can barely remember is with me now, and it is all because of you.

So...you want some more? :pinkiehappy:

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So...I think I'm back. · 8:02pm May 29th, 2018

It's been a trying few months, I've had all sorts happen to me. So much so that I guess writing fell to the wayside.

And yet somehow, today, I have written near 1500 words for the next installment in Alex or Xander series.

And do you know what, I'm going to upload it as the prologue.

So...here we go again?

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Okay, here's a little something to tide my mind. · 10:45pm Apr 11th, 2018

Thinking about this, I don't actually want to write anything new. I have too many unfinished stories left here as it is.

So how about a small tidbit within one of the many universes I created. Like say...Tobias and the good Celestia (AKA, not the one from Absolute Power, but rather the original piece.)

The Next Day

Everything feels like a dream, but I can touch it, smell it, and ever taste it.

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If I Might Ask A Question, My Old Friends? · 9:49pm Apr 11th, 2018

Recently and unfortunately currently, I had the misfortune to be blessed with tonsillitis. My symptoms upon gaining this were fatigue, headaches, an impossibly sore throat, and a very intense fever.

However, during illness I found myself visited one night by a very strange fever dream. I've had a couple in my life, most of them forgettable. But this one took me by surprise and has lingered with me for a couple of days.

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A Promise For The Future · 9:12pm Mar 8th, 2018

Heated Words

Chrissy Pov

I was floating, stuck within the land of the living and the unknown. My eyes ached, my head throbbed, my ears itched terribly. I was lost, drifting...

But then words so loud, so powerful thrust their way into my head, screaming at me.

"Seldun velmor, tavish qun, Chrysalis!"

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Probably not a suprise. But I'm here to say that I've moved on. · 2:30pm May 28th, 2017

As the title says, it's probably not too surprising given the length of time it's been since I last uploaded anything on here, but the sad fact is that I've completely moved on past MLP.

To be frank, the spark that the show once had has died for me. I don't find it entertaining anymore and trying to recover some sort of muse from the recent episodes leaves me disapointed and a little sad.

However, I have not stopped writing. In fact I have moved onto a different universe.

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I Am Back Baby! · 6:57pm Oct 21st, 2016

First of all, fuck I'm sorry about the long wait. It wasn't my intention to take another break from writing, but in truth I lost interest with it again for a while.

But I'm back now, and I'm going to begin the next chapter of Mated For Life tomorrow after my driving lesson. I hope you guys are looking forward to it, and are still interested after all this time.


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