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A somewhat well known author, who is also well known for his inconsistent upload schedule. (My Patreon!)


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  • EThe Interrogation
    A young thief gets arrested and brought before Celestia, where he is then interrogated in a rather peculiar way.
    Zamairiac · 7.5k words  ·  1,325  47 · 13k views
  • TNo One Refuses Mi Amore Cadenza
    Adam the Human refuses to snuggle with the Crystal Princess. Cadance doesn't like this, and thus quickly begins her plan to rectify it.
    Zamairiac · 1.2k words  ·  1,308  69 · 26k views
  • TWhat A Wonderful Life
    The Goddess Of Shadows. What is she truly? Even she doesn't really know...but at the same time it doesn't really matter anymore. Come, come take a seat and listen as The Goddess herself bestows upon you the story of her beloved soul mate.
    Zamairiac · 2.3k words  ·  599  29 · 11k views
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  • TCinnamon
    A What-If to Luna's Original Break Up Chronicle. Instead of lying and continuously chasing down Steven after their break up, Luna chooses to leave him be. This however has unforeseen side effects on Steven, causing him to see her wherever he goe
    Zamairiac · 11k words  ·  610  32 · 11k views
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