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Anonymous is Princess Celestia's royal bodyguard, serving to protect her at any and all instances. While always close to the Princess, events may conspire to test his convictions as threats both old and new rise to attempt to swallow Equestria.

-My second AiE fic, put in loving prose for all you FiMfictioners.

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Even though it's an adaptation of AiE, I'm looking forward to more.
Shows promise. :twilightsmile:

The real question is will Anon manage to get some PrinceAss.


Ohhh something new. I am intrigued. Looks like I have some reading to catch up to. Thank you very much. ^_^

Yes, another one of my favourite AiE stories. :yay:


yay, a new story from my Favorited author :D

I remember this. Looking forward to more. :rainbowkiss:

Hmmm I don't like Luna in how she may deal with the Thane. She just isn't a happy camper. If push comes to shove she may be the spark that can ignite an inferno.

Great job on this by the way, I'm having a blast reading it. Then when I finished the last chapter *BAM* you drop this one out of nowhere, off to read now! Keep up the good work.

:trollestia: celestia knows best.

An alternate universe to an alternate universe. I'll assume the strange force- (We will call this strange force the "Malicious And "Non-exsistant" Damnation tRolling Over Infinite Dimensions") -aimed at the sidewalk of Anon and Mous's house. Now, we meet Anonymous.

I am curious as to whether he will also be affected by the anti aging process. Only the continuation will tell.
Knowing how you write stuff, that butter knife totting stallion guy is going to make a return at some point...
But until then, I'll just assume it's an angry fan that became outraged when he saw the new guy, and not Anon and Mous.
Princess Luna seem to be more of a bitch this time around.

Yes, Luna seems more aggressive on this story.

But, I can see Luna reacting in this way judging from the beggining of the nightmare night episode, and how we're seeing her in the near immeidiate aftermath of the Nightmare Moon stuff.

So it makes sense to me her bitchiness. Now to see what trouble wll be caused by her, I daresay, arrogant behavior.

Typo Detected! The first of many... ("crowed" should be "crowd")
Find on page tested and works.
Maybe the High Thane plans to show how he's "more fit a ruler" by attempting to do something like a secret attack on Celestia or something. That'd be close enough a relation to the crazy stallion in the previous chapters right?

Which then brings the question of why you would bring up the mane 6, just to turn them back around on a course of leaving this story. Are they the victims of this sneak attack?
Pure speculation here. :rainbowhuh:
AW CRAP. I ran out of chapter! D: Now I have to wait... like everybody else... :ajbemused:

You have no idea how much I am tempted to have Anonymous hear about a theft in progress late at night, run through the streets, and then find Mous standing there with a half eaten roll of bread in his mouth and an annoyed look.

Do it Mandroid! Oh gods it would be perfect.


1436764 You should totally do that it would be hilarious, or even an epic battle in which they join in and save the day.

>I took a step towards the only other human I'd seen in years.
"Who are you? What are you doing here?" I asked.
>The boy's eyes flashed back and forth in either direction before he took the bread out of his mouth.

I will take the time I have here to say this: Grogar is my favorite character in this fic by far.


1440344 well there aren't many characters and the story has just begun so i cant say much for myself

Best character are the background guards that pat anon on the back.

Ahh a Necromancer. Ahh and a ram too. How fitting. Indeed I am going to like this fellow. Yess. Now I must go plot a way to talk to him more. Pardons

Typo Detected! (No beggining quotation mark)
I still don't see what the blindfold is for."
Double Typo! (No period to end the sentence)
bows release You push
Triple Typo! Or maybe that's just how this guy talks? ("my" should be "me")
How good of you to join my today."
Quadruple Typo! x2 Y U NO PROOFREAD?! ("ever" should be "every")
I have endured ever horror this world
Strange being to get advice from...

1442445 1440344 Also, you two are fools, butter knife Mc. Princess stabby pony is best character.

He's just the most delicious brand of a smarmy cunt and an almost helpful person that makes him an absolute joy to write.

Sweet Jesus titty cinnamon it's gonna be sweeeeet

Send in Flutterrage she'll fuck 'em up

Quick light the torches..one if by land, two if by air.:rainbowwild:

1447208 *lights three torches*

what's the third one for?:rainbowhuh:

And by comfort each other you obviously mean that they spend the night enjoying a rousing game of scrabble, or jenga.

And then they fucked.

This was extremely enjoyable, sucks that shining died.

Jenga, Jenga, JENGA!!

shining died sux so bad :fluttercry:

Ahaha oh god I see what you did there with the music choice at the end

Prince ass? o: BLUEBLOOD? HOLY S***!

We'll be seeing Blue.



the quote in the middle isn't meant to be there, speaking of Weisshaupt, isn't that in dragon age?

Yup. Needed a name.

Very touching. Anonymous has a lot on his mind. All very deserving too. I think it is probably a bit normal for the protectee to fall in love with the protector. Cadence will miss her Knight. Ohh...no Twilight or did I miss a timeline?

Assume Twi was at the funeral, in truth I just got a bit tired of writing her after BiE so I kinda excluded her from this fic.


Totally got it. Still very awesome. I really apprciate how you expanded the world. Bringing in Thanes as well as different beings. Honestly when I get down to writing I may borrow some of them as it is fitting. Ty again! *bows*



seriously though, good fic you've got here aside from that bit of heresy :twilightsheepish:

Well then, they fuck and then a funeral..... how quait.


You scratch your finger with your chin

shouldn't it be the other way around?

also, this was good :D and will you be posting on the weekends?


Yeah, probably. I usually posted every day save Sunday back in the threads.


1463907 ok, do you have an editor/pre-reader? if not i might be able to help.

The "pre-reader" was some people from the thread telling me I was a tard for making certain mistakes. But anyone can voice a mistake I made.


1463976 lol, bunch of people on a tread telling you what you did wrong, seems legit.

That's pretty much how it goes. They read it, tell you what they liked, and then tell you all the stuff they hated. If you're lucky, that is.

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