• Published 12th Oct 2012
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Helios - Mandroid

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Shit but was it cloudy today. Shining Armor had the guards out in droves, heeding Grogar's words. You were inside the castle with Princess Celestia. She wasn't particularly busy today, simply seeing to a stack of papers that needed her signature. Still, that left far too much time to think about the clouds above you.

"We could get the pegusi to clear out the clouds, ma'am. Lighten the mood."

Celestia continued to pour over the papers before her, her eyes serious behind her glasses. "Would that I could, Anon. But we need the rain those clouds are carrying."

You walked over and leaned against the windowsill. "I really don't like this."

"Waiting is always a terrible experience, I've found." She says.

"Not that. Well, a bit of that." Your gaze drifts over the city below. "I just don't know if we should be trusting the word of that old ram."

Celestia continued working. "Grogar may be mad and malicious. But he has never lied in the thousands of years he has been here."

"Then this would seem like an excellent time to start, ma'am."

Celestia sighs. "Always so guarded, Anonymous?"

"Comes with the territory, Princess."

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. No mysterious sights were reported on clouds and no feathers had fallen from the sky. With your mood lightened, you, Celestia and Shining Armor were seated in the royal dining hall for dinner. Princess Luna had taken an early breakfast, citing research she was performing.

"No way you can beat me, Armor."

Shining Armor takes a swig of his wine with a grin. His face contorts as he tries to bend his body to his will.

After a few moments, a resounding belch fills the dining hall.

"Four. At best."

"Oh come on, Anon. five." He says.

"Fine, you're still a notch below me."

A high protein diet does wonders for burps.

"That point is debata-"

Another belch echoes through the hall next to you. You turn to see Princess Celestia tactfully dabbing at her mouth with a napkin.

"So, how did I do?" She asks.

You and Armor exchange disbelieving glances.

"Uh...That's about a six."

Celestia smiles and forks more salad into her mouth.

"Princess, how did you do that?"

Celestia chuckles. "Anonymous, I have learned many tricks in my years."

"And gastric distress was covered in your schooling?" Shining asks.

"I haven't always been a Princess, Shining. I know my way around a hole in the wall or two." She says.

"Our fair Princess, sticking around till last call."

"A bit after sometimes too."

The three of you share another laugh.

"Hey, Anon. I'll be needing your help with something." Shining Armor says.

Your mouth is too full of food to talk, so you tilt your head to the side.

"I'm headed back to the Crystal Kingdom next week. I'll need you to take over the defense of the city while I'm away." Shining says.

You half choke your food down. "Acting Captain?"

"Just for a week. And only in regards to this Griffin situation, I'll be delegating the rest of my responsibilities to my lieutenants."

Shining looks at you pleading as you think about yourself as an acting Guard Captain. "Come on, Anon. I really need this and you're the only one who knows what Grogar said."

You alternate between looking at Shining and Celestia.

"Who am I to deny somepony time with his wife?" you say with a sigh.

Shining pumps his hoof in the air and Celestia smiles.

"Anything important I should know now?"

Shining shakes his head. "It'll all be delivered to you once I'm gone."

"Great. More paperwork."

You take Princess Celestia back to her room after dinner. She once again wastes no time removing her royal attire.

"Is it that uncomfortable?" you ask.

"It is the most restrictive garment I have ever had the displeasure of wearing."

"A headpiece is restrictive?"

"Not physically, at least..."

Celestia looks at herself in the mirror. "Anonymous. What do you see when you look at me?"


"I'm sorry?"

She locks eyes with you. "When you look at me, what do you see? Ruler? Goddess? What?"


"Uhm. I see...a friend of mine ruling Canterlot?"

Celestia sighs with a small smile. "To all the rest of My Little Ponies, I am simply "The Princess" or "She Who Raises the Sun". And all because of that crown I wear..." She says.

"It's hard, Anon. Hard to go through your life with everypony expecting so much of you... Never letting myself slip up. Or to...seek out the things that I want the most..." She says as her head falls.

Well...now the mood is all weird.

"I think...You should go looking anyway?" you find yourself saying.

Celestia looks up at you.

"I think...that you're a pony, just like everyone else in this city. You shouldn't be thought of any differently because of what you want to do with your life."

A smile breaks through Celestia's face. "Thank you Anon, I value your friendship very highly."

"Any time, Celestia." You point to the door behind you. "If that's all, I'll be going."

Celestia silently nods as you step out the door.

Celestia and you shared a common habit it seemed. The two of you both removed your uncomfortable attire as soon as you got to your rooms. Of course, hers wasn't heavy armor.

Your mind was dominated by the next week as you shed.

You. Acting guard captain. In charge of the defense of the entire city.

To say you were a bit nervous was an understatement.

You could guard Celestia, sure. That was something that was only dependent on your body and will, both of which you kept in the best shape you could.

But guard captain...delegating orders and splitting attention. That was something you weren't too sure about. And you couldn't just tell the city to fly off if things got too hot.

Ponies would die if you didn't handle everything in the exact right way. You sweep your hand across the top of your head and try to push your doubts out with it.

No use just worrying about it...

You drop down to your shorts and climb into your bed. Sleep had always come fairly easy for you, the benefit of an intense job.

The sounds of the city out your window helped lull you to sleep. The clip clop of ponies walking the streets... The air whooshing through the castle spires... The screaming.

Wait, screa-

A blast of sorcery blows out your window and throws you out of bed. You hear your heartbeat in your ears as you scramble to your feet and look outside.

Dark figures were darting down from the sky and clashing with the golden armor of the royal guard. Some were skirting over the city and dropping something, sending explosions up shortly thereafter.

And on an outcropping below you, a guard shouts to all of Canterlot. "The Griffins are attacking! The Griffins are attacking!"

Oh. Fuck.