• Published 12th Oct 2012
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Helios - Mandroid

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The Old and the New.

It was a nice day in Canterlot, the sun was shining and the birds were singing.

And you were stuck inside this stuffy museum.

Princess Celestia had performed the ribbon cutting earlier today, made it a real nightmare to guard her with the gathered crowd.

You did have some help, however... You passed the eighth guard in the museum interior you had seen since you got here.

Shining Armor had virtually flooded the city with them since the High Thane incident. That was probably the reason Princess Celestia had been so adamant on making this public appearance, the increased guard presence couldn't be good for the tranquility of the civilians.

Princess Celestia had been taking a through tour of the museum, stopping every few feet to examine an exhibit. Most of the time, she was reading over the plaques before turning back to you. "Now I can tell them that's wrong. Eternity's Bridge was finished eight hundred and seventy six years ago, far too late for Princess Platinum to commission it." she says.

"Perhaps you should tell them that, Ma'am?"

Princess Celestia looks around the busy exhibit floor before she turns back to you. "No, neither of us need these fuddy duddies keeping us here all day."

You chuckle. "Your wisdom knows no bounds, Your Highness."

Celestia shares your laughter as she heads back into the main foyer. In the center of the foyer was a great dragon skeleton. Perfectly preserved and re-assembled to greet visitors.

Celestia sighs next to you. "Ah...Adamai."

"A friend of yours?"

Celestia nods. "Luna and My foalsitter back when we were young." She cants her head to the side. "He always said he wasn't very good at it, however."

You spread your arms out at the building and city you were in. "I'd say he did a decent job."

Princess Celestia's face reddens as she trots to the door. "Shall we, Anon?"

"Yes Ma'am."

The two of you walked down Canterlot's busy streets.

"The new Magi tower seems to be coming along nicely." Princess Celestia says.

"Now if we can only stop them from teleporting it halfway to Haliflanks, we should be golden."

Celestia chuckles. "Oh but Anon, how can we ask them to perform magical study without that?"

"Heh. You'd know more of that than I, Princess."

The two of you continue walking, the sounds of your armor shifting over you echoing through the street.

That reminds you of something...

"Princess, may I ask you something?"

"Of course, Anon." She says.

"Dragonbone is incredibly rare and hard to get...why turn such a rare resource into a set of armor just for me?"

Princess Celestia's eyes shrink. "Yes, well...you see, we had several bones lying around from ages ago...more than enough to fashion a single suit of armor."

"That's still an immense amount of trouble, your majesty. You can't just smelt Dragonbone in any old fire."

Celestia smiles at you. "Sufficiently hot fire is not a problem for one who raises the sun, Anon."

She had you there.

Celestia looks ahead once more and increases her pace. "Besides...I wanted to make sure you were safe." She mutters.

You were about to ask Princess Celestia about what she meant when a roar filled the street.

Looking up you saw a trio of trails tailing blurs in the sky as they streaked towards Wonderbolt Stadium.

Celestia looked back to you with a warm smile. "Care for a bit of a detour, Anon? I'm sure Spitfire wouldn't mind seeing you."

Oh. Uh...

"N-no thanks Princess. I'm sure she doesn't need an ex stopping by in the middle of the day."

Celestia sighs and continues walking. "A shame. Tell me Anon, have you found another Special Somepony yet?"

"No Ma'am. I have not. But I'm also not really looking right now."

Celestia sighs. "I know the feeling..."

The two of you walk in silence as you mull over the Princess' words.


She snaps her head up in attention. "Y-yes Anon?"

"Are you...also not looking?"

The normally white Princess turns pink. "Yes, well. The people of Canterlot wouldn't take too kindly to a monarch with someone special."

"Why not?"

Princess Celestia sighs and lowers her head. "A monarch is supposed to be strong and independent when they lead, a force of nature. If I were to have someone special in my life, that visage would melt away."


"Is that a matter of fact?"

"No, but it is a matter of probability. If the public saw I had someone special, it might jeopardize my ability to rule."

The two of you continue walking.

"Well Princess, if I may say so, that sounds horribly unfair to you." you say.

Celestia releases a deep sigh. "It is not an aspect of my life I am happy about."

You and Celestia step into the royal throne room and meet the ponies inside. Twilight Sparkle had been asked to bring herself and the rest of the Element bearers to Canterlot in light of the High Thane situation.

"Princess!" she calls as she run up to her mentor and gives her a hug.

As they separate, Twilight's eyes drift to you. "Oh, and hello to you too Anon."

"Hey Twiley."

Your time with Shining Armor had rubbed off on you.

As Celestia explained the Griffin situation, you looked over the ponies before you. Twilight had visited Shining Armor on occasion and met you when you were new to the guard. The two of you had developed a fast rapport.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash had made a quick first impression when you had met them before by bickering the entire time.

They should probably just screw each other already.

Fluttershy looked to the Princess with obvious concern. Stupid cute pony, you just wanted to pet her so bad.

Pinkie Pie was listening to Celestias words with a smile on her face, brightening up the room despite the grim news.

Rarity remained poised with her friends, her almost perfect demeanor paying testament to her will.

Celestia sighs as she finishes. "And that is the current state of things. The Griffin High Thane has started acting aggressively towards Equestria." Celestia eyes the girls. "I must ask that none of you intervene unless called upon directly."

Twilight and her friends reel back. "Princess, why?! Why shouldn't we help you defend Canterlot?"

"Twilight, I-" Celestia starts.

The unicorn looks at you pleading. "Anon, you don't think we should stay behind, do you?"


"Princess Celestia knows best in these situations, Twilight. You six would have no place in a battle of force."

They'd end up getting themselves killed or something...

The girls heads drop.

"Don't worry, Twilight. We aren't even aware of what the High Thanes plans even are. This may just be one big misunderstanding." Celestia says.

Twilight and her friends are mildly placated as Celestia leads them to the door. "Twilight, you have my word as Princess. If anything comes up, you will be the first to know."

Twilight and her friends trot out of the room and back to Ponyville.

"Do you think we'll need them, Ma'am."

"I hope not, Anonymous. By the stars, I hope not."